It really is crazy to think about just how many smackers have been released this year. Between the novelties, sundae sets, Calippo pops, retro biggies, the Luscious collection, and what feels like a million others, I did not expect to see a Halloween collection. Let alone two.

Behold, 8 lovely Disney smackers:




I apologize in advance for the lack of review– I was only able to get 1 of each set and I can’t bear to tear open the packaging yet!

Despite this, I just had to show everyone the second Mickey & Friends set: Minnie the Cotton Candy witch, Mickey the Red Licorice vampire, and Pluto the Bubble Gum skeleton puppy chowing down on some Halloween candy. Really, too cute for words. I quite like the re-imagining of Original flavors that we’re seeing during the holidays, too.

You know, I think the villains set will forever be one of my favorites themes. It has such a beautiful dark design and BB is absolutely spot on with it.

13 Thoughts on “Mischievous Mickey & Friends

  1. Patricia on September 4, 2014 at 9:22 PM said:

    Oh my God, I’m jealous! I’m living in Québec and LipSmackers are rare! I have to order from the official site! Where do you get all of these?! They’re not on the official site!

  2. I have already purchased the Villians ones . . . I guess a visit to Claire’s is in my near future to find the Mickey ones!!

    • Can anyone tell me if the red licorice in either if these sets is like the retro version? I’m looking for a Twizzlers scent and flavor.

      • It’s more of a cherry Twizzler nibs flavor rather than the original strawberry Twizzlers like I’ve been wanting. Very strong cherry flavor. Wish it was more of the strawberry Twizzler flavor. It’d be my favorite!

  3. Just bought 4 packs….are the mickeys a Claire’s exclusive too does anyone know?! Cuz they’re not here.

    • I was wondering the same thing. I wish I would’ve known that yesterday since I was just by Claire’s. Either way, now I know what to tell people I want for my birthday. 🙂 Even if I end up with 10 sets, I won’t mind 😉

  4. Christine on September 7, 2014 at 11:55 PM said:

    i saw the Mickey ones at Walgreens with a 3-pack of the Villains.

  5. Pauline on September 9, 2014 at 8:00 PM said:

    Where do you get the Disney villains set if 5? I had checked my local Claire’s and they don’t hVe it. Walgreens I still have to check, but does anone know where else I can get this pack ?

  6. I found the villans pack at Claire’s and I love them! The whole collection is awesome! I just wish I wasn’t allergic to the devil’s food cake one.

  7. Heather T on September 19, 2014 at 12:14 PM said:

    They are very original which is why I love these so much. I can’t stop using them or looking at them!

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