lip-smacker-pretzelThe newest novelty arrivals, Buttered Popcorn, Red Licorice, Salted Pretzel, and Cherry Snow Cone, bring back a couple of old favorites and some new.

It’s a fun set, with Salted Pretzel being the most ambitious of the bunch. Unfortunately it misses the mark– it’s hard to describe exactly what it smells like, but it’s not good. Maybe a vaguely burnt scent? I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure this one out and I’m still not sure!


Buttered Popcorn is a throwback that everyone looks forward to (it was a 90’s staple after all) and this version is an OK redo of the classic smacker. However this one is very heavy on the butter and light on the popcorn which some people won’t like.

Red Licorice and Cherry Snow Cone both fall under the Cherry family tree, with neither of them being uniquely Smacker flavors. I was hoping for an in-your-face licorice formula but it’s actually a very light cherry Twizzler scent. Cherry Snow Cone is a sweeter version of the regular Cherry smacker, so if you like that you will love this.

So far these are the weakest of the novelty flavors, but at least their adorableness remains intact!



Soda, pop, whatever you call it… this collection is a standard classic in the Lip Smacker line-up 🙂 Rightfully so–the flavors are too spot on! These (and Dr P) are some of my default go-to flavors that I use again and again.

I’m partial to Coke, Barq’s, and Sprite. What about you?

Name your favorite soda flavor in the comments if you want a chance to win a party pack and matching Liquids courtesy of Bonne Bell!


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Confession time: I am a little bit in love with the new Summer Camp trio.

I think I’m leaning toward the sour-sweetness of Frozen Lemonade (I like lemon-anything), but Kettle Corn‘s sugar-y popcorn scent is pretty perfect. And Toasted S’mores brings me back a few years to previous flavors. If you think about it, they’re like the Snack Time and Halloween smackers combined. Too good!


I’m not sure what my favorite flavor from the set is, but that’s an OK problem to have 😀

Oh, and guess what? Bonne Bell wants to spread the summer love, so they’ve kindly offered to send the yummy trio to one lucky Bunnycookie reader! And as an extra sweet bonus, the winner will also be getting the retro biggy trio. Scroll down below for directions on how to enter!


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Contest starts June 6th and ends June 10th at 11:59PM EST. US residents only. Up to 5 entries per person. Please use a valid email address–the winner will receive notification via email and will have 24 hours to respond. Good luck!