Hi everyone! :] I finally got my hands on all 6 of the new Luscious Lip Smackers and I am pretty thrilled with them! I’ve been wishing for black tubed smackers so I was excited when these were announced.


Good things: I looove lovelove when BB does jelly textures; they’re nice and long lasting.
They’re SUPER shiny. They’d work well over lip color but are great on their own.
The scents are strong and amazing even before first use. Something about this particular formula really brings it out. And they taste so good (I’m talking 90’s good, if you remember that girl in 3rd grade who would eat Lip Smackers during class).


From left to right: Pomegranate Fizz, Raspberry Sparkler, Mango Fizz, Watermelon Spritzer, Pink Grapefruit Sparkler, Strawberry Lemonade

My current favorites are Pomegranate Fizz, Mango Fizz, and Pink Grapefruit Sparkler which I can’t stop using.

Bad things: Not too many.
The packaging gave me a lip tint vibe so I’m surprised they’re so colorless. That’s growing on me though; they’re versatile.
Unfortunately the tube design feels really wobbly like the balm could eventually snap off.

luscious-comparisonThey’re also smaller than expected at 0.11 oz  (versus the normal 0.14 oz size) which is significantly less product. However they’re super inexpensive and the balm is high quality.

This isn’t necessarily bad, but a few of them are really glittery. Some people might not like that.

Love these, recommend them, and I hope BB expands the family. This could be a really glam line if they wanted 🙂

460 Thoughts on “Luxuriously Luscious Lip Smackers!

  1. When u say jelly like…are I referring to consistency like the old jello lip smackers and brights collection?

  2. I always wondered why the jello/brights were really sticky 🙁 it’s sad cuz they smell good but I hate them!

  3. Mango Fizz and Strawberry Lemonade are really calling my name. I’m also surprised you said they were colorless, I thought they’d be tinted too. Either way, they sound really good.

  4. Your review is on point. My current go-to is Grapefruit.

    I really am enjoying these new balms, but there’s one glaring issue: they copy (design-wise) Maybelline’s Baby Lips. Which is fine, whatever, I like that style (don’t get me started on Baby Lips though, I don’t think the formula is all that, and the colors are gross/chalky).
    Anyway, to the point, the reason they have a lip tint vibe is BECAUSE they look like Baby Lips.
    If you’re gonna follow the trend, you have to keep in mind consumer expectations…

    There are going to be a few mad people lol.

  5. Which store did you buy these from? I’m curious, I collect lip smackers too and want all if em. C:

  6. I wasn’t sure I’d like these but I am! Pom Fizz is to die for!

  7. I occasionally stumble upon your blog every once in awhile I’m doing my routines, trying to find where lip smackers are sold in my area… and you finally posted about these! My gosh! I want two of these so bad, the pomegranate and the pink grapefruit.

    I happen to live in a horrible area, where stores never seem to restock lip smacker products… but I have to ask (just like the person two above me). Where did you find these? I’m guessing some northern store. That’s the only place anyone has seen them so far… but who knows!

    A reply would be great 🙂

  8. nicey on March 30, 2014 at 6:47 PM said:

    This is the most best lip stick ever I swear I have the raspberry one the hot pink and it leave my lips looking sexy as hell I love them if I can do a commercial on how great these lip stick are I would there awsome

  9. I love the Luscious and they are available at Target as well.

  10. Natalie on April 29, 2014 at 10:17 PM said:

    I live in Australia… would love to buy one of these! Any ideas on where to buy? Thanks in advance 🙂

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  12. I really don’t care for these. The flavors are good, but they’re very wobbly, and they do get damaged and break off with just light use.

    • I prefer the Luxe Lip Smackers myself. They’re kind of the border between the Lip Sparklers and Bonne Bell Lip Lites.

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