Italian beauty blog Beautydea has pulled through yet again! Read ahead.. things are looking fun for the rest of 2014 🙂

I’m really impressed by the new Coca Cola design


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I spy… a Chupa Chups party pack! 8 new flavors for us 😀


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Adorable candy cane lip glosses and Christmas balms-


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Lots of great pictures to browse at the source.

A reader asked to see more of the Barbie smackers! Part 1 of this post is available by clicking here.

The Dazzling Dream holiday collection featured the dolls in glamorous formal wear 🙂

The flavors were Vanilla Sugar Cookie Shimmer, Glamour Girl (haha), Sugar Celebration, and Peppermint Frost-


barbie-doll-smackersThere were also doll exclusive smackers that were included with the 2007 Birthday Barbies.

Teresa, Nikki, and Barbie all had a flavor that matched their dress. You can still find these sets on eBay/Amazon if you’re so inclined.






  Sprinkled Cupcake, Vanilla Frosting, Berry Sweet.


The toy rings are cute too