2013 retro trio - Sour Grapes, Orange Sherbet, Pina Colada

2013 retro trio – Sour Grapes, Orange Sherbet, Pina Colada

Psst… this limited edition set has already been spotted at various drugstores as well as Walmart, so make sure to stock up! Who knows when we will see some of these vintage flavors from Bonne Bell again… maybe in another decade?

If you have them: what flavor have you been enjoying the most? If you don’t: what flavor are you most excited about?  They’re all great but I’m really happy about Sour Grapes — I soo wish they’d bring back the whole sour collection!

I wonder if we will get more stuff like this throughout the year. I totally think they’re holding out on us, plus they owe us BIG time for axing Cinnamon Sugar!

I’m really late to the To-ki-o Treats train, mostly because I just wanted the balm and $10 a tin was pushing it. But my patience paid off and I was able to get them at a discount–so if you don’t have these yet, check the sales rack at your local drugstores. If that fails, eBay has some good prices.

Anyway, these are much, much cooler than I expected. I don’t know why but I wasn’t that excited for them when they were first announced last year. Maybe I was Disney’d out or something? I’m definitely a fan now though! You guys probably know this already but if not, three tins were released as well as several individually sold products like lip glosses and eye-shadows.  I think the tins are the only way to get the lip balm though!


To-ki-O - Night Out

To-ki-O – Night Out

Pictured to the left the green set called the Night Out collection. Don’t you love Minnie’s retro glasses?

Vanilla Ginger Cake

Vanilla Ginger Cake

Inside the tin there’s a glittery purple-red nail polish in Sweetie, a delicious wand lip-gloss in Strawberry Mochi Parfait, a Lip Smacker in Vanilla Ginger Cake, and an eye-shadow duo in First Love. The balm is a very light color and smells a bit like vanilla cake. Honestly it’s barely there and I can’t imagine it’ll hold a scent for long.




To-ki-o - BFF Fun

To-ki-o – BFF Fun

The pink tin has a cute dessert theme and is called the BFF Fun collection. It has two nail polishes this time–another Sweetie, as well as a glittery blue one called Cutie. The lip-gloss is called Passion Fruit Pie Tart and it really is a nice tarty fruit flavor.

Strawberry Mochi Parfait

Strawberry Mochi Parfait

Both lip-glosses are very good, I think they are probably the reason this has been such a popular collection. The balm is called Strawberry Mochi Parfait which as you can see matches the gloss flavor from the Night Out collection. It’s still subtle but definitely stronger than Vanilla Ginger Cake.




To-ki-o - Sweet Love

To-ki-o – Sweet Love

Last is the Sweet Love collection which has a cute blue theme going on.

Berry Jelly

Berry Jelly

There’s a repeat of the Cutie nail polish, a floral fragrance spray called Dream Girl, an eye-shadow duo called City Nights, and a lip balm in Berry Jelly. The balm is purple and is the strongest of the three. Berry Jelly has always been a really popular flavor, so I recommend picking up the tin if you’re a fan of it.




What did you guys think of the To-ki-o collection?

Eight flavors are being released for Spring and Easter this year. They are:

*Strawberry Vanilla Whip
*Chocolate Buttercream
*Creamy Caramel
*Mellow Mallow
*Pink Cake Pop
*Orange Vanilla Dream
*Juicy Jelly Bean
*Sweet Bubble Gum

As well as two more additions to the growing Brights collection in Lemon Drop and Cream Pop. I’m most excited for Lemon Drop, Chocolate Buttercream, and Orange Vanilla Dream. What about you guys?

Let me know if you see anything else!


Lip Smacker - Buttered Popcorn

Lip Smacker – Buttered Popcorn

Buttered Popcorn is one of those weird flavors that represents Lip Smackers for a lot of us. I say this because it’s quite possible I’ve now received more questions about this smacker than any other! It’s salty, extra buttery, and has juuust a hint of popcorn 🙂 You either loved it or hated it.

It could be found until the early 2000’s and then it was rebooted later on for the Snack Time back-to-school set. It had a lot of good flavors like Candy Apple, Berry Jelly Donut, Strawberry Cheesecake, Marshmallow S’more, and Vanilla Cupcake. Everything about this set was cute, cute, cute! Keep a look out because every so often you can find this collection on eBay.

If it’s just popcorn you’re after check out the Halloween set which has Popcorn Ball and a lot of other good ones. You can still find these in Bonne Bell’s web-store here.