Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas and received lots of smackers! I had a bit of a Christmas miracle because Markwins helped me acquire some of the recent flavors I’ve had trouble finding. I’ll be reviewing them this week starting with the very anticipated Tsum Tsums Lip Smackers.



I have to say, younger kids are going to go crazy for these. They’re essentially toys with built-in lip balms and the chunky design definitely lends to that idea. These are the perfect stocking stuffer or party favor.

They’re also fun to roll around on the floor for your cat. Not that I did that or anything…


The designs really are cool, though a few fans have pointed out there’s a bit less lip product than usual. I can see how that would be the case so keep that in mind with the higher price point.


Overall these are a great addition to the Lip Smacker lineup and a welcome change. There’s a lot to love here for us older fans and I think on some level these scratch a nostalgic itch I didn’t realize I had. They remind me a lot of those 80s/90s kid’s shampoo with the rubber character heads.

I’d love to see 4 more Tsum Tsum balms (for a full set of 8, please) and the same idea applied to other smacker products. Maybe some cute mini lotion bottles or body sprays. Holiday themed ones too! Since I’m probably getting ahead of myself, I’ll settle for a Piglet Bubblegum version  😛

So what do you guys think?



(PS: If you’re having trouble finding any of the new flavors, check out lipsmacker.com – many of the holiday smackers are there now, as well as the Tsum Tsums, Sriracha, and the Smoothie Chillerz, which I’ll also be reviewing soon)