After the small (but cute!) release last Valentine’s day,  I was happy to see six new ones this time around.


From left to right:

Berry in Love
Apple of My I
Candy Crush
Grape 4-Ever
Donut Forget Me
Cutie Pie


Like previous sets, the flavors are all similar to recent releases. In short, don’t expect the original 90’s Apple or Grape.


I like the names (Donut Forget Me!) and the packaging, which will make a nice addition to the growing Valentine’s day collections. Plus the balms themselves are consistently smooth and strong.

Definitely worth picking up before the holiday is over!

Remember the new Disney/Pixar Lip Smackers I mentioned awhile back? I’m 99% sure now that these are UK exclusives. Here are some better pics-

The Minnie trio-set has familiar flavors in Cupcake Cutie, Strawberry Fun, & Berry Sweet.











The Cars 2 flavors are Vroom Vroom Vanilla, Racin’ Raspberry, Grand Prix Kiwi. I’m not a Cars/Planes fan but I like the embossed tins.

















Bolt Rattlin’ Banana Split (haha), Barrel Roll Blueberry, and Soarin’ Strawberry.

Can you believe they snuck our beloved Blueberry into a random Planes trio?! Unsurprisingly it’s not the strong Blueberry we remember, but a subtle, non-tart version 🙁 Think Blueberry Muffin without the muffin. I guess those of us wanting the true-blue Blueberry we remember will have to keep waiting.




Since these are just a spin on the original flavors, I’d file these sets under For Fanatics; worth getting if you like collecting the new art, but are fairly standard otherwise.