Hey everyone,

I’m sorry about my extended absence the past couple of months! I know a lot of you have been wondering where I am and why I haven’t been reviewing new products or responding to comments.

After much thought, I’m sad to say I will no longer be reviewing new Lip Smackers on Bunnycookie. This brand means a lot to me but I am no longer passionate about it post-Bonne Bell’s ownership.

This is for a lot of reasons:

  • Expense: Lip Smackers no longer have shelf presence in my local stores and I know I’m not alone in that. I’ve had to rely on the internet and in turn pay a significant premium. It has seriously begun to add up, in part because of:


  • Quantity: The collections they’re churning out have gotten way too big. You may remember me complaining about the 20+ smacker Easter set this year. That’s far too much for most people and it discourages collecting. Instead of finding holiday releases exciting I started to dread them due to the sheer volume. Sure, I could be pickier about what I buy but I’m a completionist and I like to review the full set on the blog. I don’t want any more Disney products. I don’t want another Marshmallow Treat. I don’t want to pay for new art on old flavors.


  • Quality: Formula changes, loose caps, mismatched tubes, weak scents, the Peppermint/Cin Sugar debacle, Smoochie Club not fulfilling orders, flavor reveals that never happen (Pink Lemonade biggy, Oatmeal Cookie), the list goes on. The rotten cherry on top are the Chinese-made tinned balms and dollar store collections, both of which indicate declining quality. No thanks.


  • Mission: Bonne Bell didn’t just make lip balm, they were beacons of their community; they provided jobs (and to a demographic often ignored: senior citizens), supported health initiatives, and provided fantastic, small-town style customer service until the end. There was a ton of heart in that company, and growing up I always connected with and felt represented by the brand. Despite smackers insane popularity, the company never felt mass marketed. It paid off too; rarely do you see this type of brand loyalty. Rarer yet is honesty from a corporation.

That about sums it up. I don’t mean to bash Markwins, they’ve supported blog contests and sent me products in the past to review which I greatly appreciate. The truth is I would be saying this no matter what company acquired Lip Smackers, even if the transition was perfect and they were releasing flavors I’ve only dreamed of. Ultimately my passion for the brand stops with Bonne Bell, it just took me awhile to realize it.

As for the blog? There will be updates but it will only be older smackers from now on. The comment system will be the same as usual; everyone is welcome to discuss old and new smackers to their heart’s content. I’m so sorry BC won’t be your source for new reviews anymore. I’ve met a lot of collectors and made a lot of friends and I love you guys! Who knew something like lip balm could mean so much to so many people?