I’ve procrastinated posting about the spring smackers–there’s so many! This will not be an in-depth review because the sheer quantity is too much to be able to review fairly. There’s the regular Easter collection, Disney Princesses, Mickey and friends…

There are some good flavors here, I DO like Strawberry cream Frosting, Orange Creme, & Buttercream Chick.

That’s all there is to say about that. Truth is I’m mostly waiting impatiently to see what happens with the upcoming closure & webstore changes.


In the ongoing series of retro bring-backs, we now meet the new Chocolate Mint.  You can breathe easy, the formula is the real deal! Big brother is so proud 🙂


I’ve always thought that the vintage Chocolate Mint was one of Bonne Bell’s best designs. I have to admit I’m a bit sad it has gotten a makeover and dropped the chocolate font and balm color. Strangely it looks baby blue in some lighting. But I’m happy that it’s here and that the formula is so good.

Overall Bonne Bell has been nailing these retros. Keep them coming please! This collection is great.


I guess this trio has the same name as the last sundae collection. Don’t get excited though, that isn’t Cinnamon Sugar. Berry Pie is cute though.

cinammon-swirlVanilla Bean, Berry Pie, Cinnamon Swirl