calippo I’m happy to see that Lip Smacker + Walls are bringing us 3 new flavors, this time based on their freezie-pop (Calippo) line!


So far there is Strawberry Tropical, Orange, and Lemon Lime. Perfect for summer! Available now for £3.50 at and 3,99€ on

Also, Ice Cream Cake got a little makeover! Here’s a before and after shot:


chupachups-spicegirlsedit: I have confirmation that this partnership is happening overseas!

My only memory of Chupa Chups lollipops are begging my mom for the Spice Girls version that I absolutely had-to-have (and totally did get), so it’s exciting to see that they might be teaming up with our other 90’s favorite: Lip Smackers!

Now I don’t know how reliable this info is, but here’s what I found on a licensing website called LicenseMag:

Perfetti Van Melle and Aspire Brands are bringing together their brands Chupa Chups and Lip Smacker for a range of tasty lip glosses and beauty products.

The collection of flavored lip glosses was developed from the true essence and aroma of Chupa Chups lollipops flavors, and will be available soon in Europe, Australia, Asia and South Africa.

Additional branded cosmetics and accessories will be added to the range shortly

It looks like at the very least there is some concept art done-




The flavors look like Vanilla, Strawberry, Orange, Apple, Raspberry, ChocoVanilla, and Cherry.

It’d be cool if they eventually did some of the more unique flavors like Blackberry and Melon Soda.

What do you guys think of this pairing? Yay or nay?

easterrhinestonesThe Easter bunny came early and left us some presents in our basket! 🙂

Eight adorable springtime smackers are hopping into stores in egg capsules, box-sets, and little baggies…


A pile of goodies~


Mallow Chick, Sugar Cookie, Jelly Bean, Pink Chocolate, Carrot Cake, Bubblegum Egg, Strawberry Mints, and Butter Mints.

Love the two mint flavors! And the designs are so cute recently.



If you’ve been craving the glamorous biggy Lip Smackers from back in the day, you’re in luck! A new biggy trio was just released, with two brand new flavors never seen in modern jumbo form.


The beautiful box set features Dr Pepper, Vanilla Cream Soda, and Black Cherry.


The colors and old school fonts that Bonne Bell used on the labels are just perfect! Black Cherry in particular is probably one of the best things they’ve done in awhile; great scent and formula, and there’s even some lip color when you use it.


You can find these at Target right now, but they’re also available online if your local stores come up empty.