Closing in on the last of the Disney winter collections, here’s a cute gingerbread themed Mickey & Friends set called ‘Fab Friends!’


This set features Mickey Mouse in Gingerbread, Minnie in Gumdrop, Daisy Duck in Peppermint, and Donald Duck in Marshmallow.



Holiday sets still incoming…


The Frozen set is so beautiful you guys! I love this as much (maybe more) than the Disney villain’s collection, and that is saying a lot. The designs are lovely AND they included Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf with the girls 😀





From left to right:

*Cool Vanilla Mint [Elsa]
*Chilled Cranberry Grape [Elsa & Anna]
*Strawberry Shake [Anna]
*Ice Pop [Kristoff]
*Berry Slush [Sven]
*Coconut Snowball [Olaf]

disney-frozen-smackersChilled Cranberry Grape and Ice Pop are so good ahhh… I think I have an Ice Pop problem. These are must have


This is a very well done themed set–the flavor choice for each character is amazing. Kudos to whoever came up with Coconut Snowball for Olaf 😀

(more holiday stuff coming by the end of the week!)


Minnie Mouse looks bashfully cute in the new Minnie Mouse Cosmetic Collection, which features 3 smackers in Snowball Cookie, Bubble Gum, and Cranberry Jelly, alongside a re-appearance of the Cupcake glitter gloss & ‘Bubble Pink’ nail polish. 



I was a bit surprised at the flavors chosen since the design doesn’t seem to scream the holidays, and Bubble Gum is sort of the odd flavor out isn’t it? But it works, and I’m happy to say Cranberry Jelly is the star of the trio.

Cranberry-anything is a good one in my book 🙂



Gumdrop Pop and Peppermint Candy duo also pops up in a similarly designed set called Marvelous Minnie-



And Disney Princess fans will be pleased to see the Amazing Aurora 4-pack… it even manages to sneak in the fairy godmothers and another Maleficent smacker 😀



From left to right: Dream Pop, Strawberry Shortcake, Vanilla Cake, and Fruit Tart.

I love Fruit Tart, it proves how trend-aware BB’s flavor releases are. A lovely set, though you’re not hallucinating if some of the art seems familiar.


There are a lot more holiday goodies coming up this week, so check back to stay in the flavor loop. Also, if you don’t see these for sale locally don’t fret! They’re not supposed to hit stores until mid-October.

It really is crazy to think about just how many smackers have been released this year. Between the novelties, sundae sets, Calippo pops, retro biggies, the Luscious collection, and what feels like a million others, I did not expect to see a Halloween collection. Let alone two.

Behold, 8 lovely Disney smackers:




I apologize in advance for the lack of review– I was only able to get 1 of each set and I can’t bear to tear open the packaging yet!

Despite this, I just had to show everyone the second Mickey & Friends set: Minnie the Cotton Candy witch, Mickey the Red Licorice vampire, and Pluto the Bubble Gum skeleton puppy chowing down on some Halloween candy. Really, too cute for words. I quite like the re-imagining of Original flavors that we’re seeing during the holidays, too.

You know, I think the villains set will forever be one of my favorites themes. It has such a beautiful dark design and BB is absolutely spot on with it.