Lip Smacker - Buttercream Frosting

Lip Smacker – Buttercream Frosting

With all of the releases last year I forgot to update the Christmas post with the rest of the holiday smackers, and I also forgot to review the new Brights flavors. Oops. Better late than never, hopefully? 😀

Soo, in addition to the Candy Sweets collection I posted about, BB put out Buttercream Frosting. You can find this flavor in a tin paired with Candy Cane Cake and a glittery red nail polish named Confetti. Fans who can’t get enough of the frosting scent will like this one a lot.


Magical Marshmallow, Gleaming Gumball, Shimmering Sugar

Magical Marshmallow, Gleaming Gumball, Shimmering Sugar

BB likes to do metallic smackers for the holidays–this year they gave us Shimmering Sugar, Magical Marshmallow, and Gleaming Gumball. All three can be found in various tins, but you can also find the first two in a press-on nails set. They’re pretty standard flavors, but the balms are sparkly and you can’t go wrong with BB’s marshmallow 😀 These are easily found (and probably on steep clearance) at your local Walmart, Walgreens, Meijer, etc.

Brilliant Brights

Brilliant Brights

Lastly, the Brights duos released earlier this year (Confetti, Funnel Cake, Snowcone, Lollipop) got a few new delicious friends in Gumdrop Glitter Pop, Twinkling Twizzle Stick, and Glistening Cherry Glaze. These are sooo good! The six-piece bag comes with a couple of the original Brights scents, as well as a re-done Confetti now called Candy Confetti. I can’t pick a favorite, this is an all-around perfect collection.

Lip Smacker - Bubblegum Kisses

Lip Smacker – Bubblegum Kisses

Lip Smacker - Bubblegum Kisses

Lip Smacker – Bubblegum Kisses

It turns out that Bonne Bell is going low-key this year–Bubblegum Kisses will be the only smacker hitting shelves this Valentine’s Day.


You can find it in a trio with a hot pink nail polish and liquid smacker in Spun Sugar. The packaging is brighter and cuter than the past two years (cheetah print!) so I’m a little sad we won’t see more!

This limited edition flavor is only available at Target. Also, you might not find it in the regular makeup aisle but in the v-day holiday area like mine was.

Lip Smacker - Original Disney Princess Biggies

Lip Smacker – Original Disney Princess Biggies

I’ve posted before about the original Ariel, Cinderella, and Aurora releases, which everyone has seen by now, but I forgot to show pictures of the new princess biggies that were released this past fall. Sometimes Bonne Bell likes to change the format or design of a product, and they did exactly that with the new trios.

There was a total of four trios made. Each trio comes with 1 biggy, 1 ‘companion’, and 1 prince themed smacker. The companion smacker is only available in the trio, while the prince smackers are available in their own separate 6-piece pack (which includes a few other prince smackers that are not available in a trio set). Whew.


Lip Smacker - Ariel Biggy Trio

Lip Smacker – Ariel Biggy Trio

So first up is the Ariel trio from the Little Mermaid. The biggy is Calypso Berry–just like the original Ariel biggy–, and her companion Lip Smacker is Sebastian in flavor Tropical Treat. It’s hard to see, but on the far right is an Ariel & Prince Eric smacker in Strawberry Kiwi Kiss.  Also notice Ariel is in a gown this time!




Lip Smacker - Cinderella Biggy Trio

Lip Smacker – Cinderella Biggy Trio

The Cinderella biggy is Vanilla Sparkle like the original, and her adorable companion smacker features the mice Jaq & Gus in the flavor Best Buds Berry. I love it! The smacker to the far left features Cinderella and Prince Charming in Charming Cheesecake.





Lip Smacker - Belle Biggy Trio

Lip Smacker – Belle Biggy Trio

Belle was originally relegated to party pack status, but here she is with her own biggy!. And just like in the party pack, Belle’s flavor is Tea Time Treats. Sorry for the terrible picture, but on the far left are the characters Chip & Mrs. Potts in flavor Cream & Sugar. Belle is seen with Beast on the right in Butterscotch.





Lip Smacker - Jasmine Biggy Trio

Lip Smacker – Jasmine Biggy Trio

Last but not least is Jasmine’s trio, and my favorite one! It’s so pretty 😀 Like Belle, Jasmine did not have a biggy, but here she is in flavor Berry Magic. Her cute companion is Rajah in Sweet Coconut, while her and Aladdin are paired together for Romantic Raspberry.






Lip Smacker - Disney Princes

Lip Smacker – Disney Princes

Like I mentioned, you can get all of the prince smackers in a separate 6-pack except for Prince Charming’s Charming Cheesecake which is for some reason only available in the Cinderella trio. They come in an adorable repackaged design, too! The other three flavors are:

*Snow White & the Prince in Cake Frosting
*Tiana & Prince Naveen in Sugared Berry
*Aurora & Prince Philip in Lemon Cake (love it!)



Finally, there was the 6-piece princess Shimmers set which was redesigned to match the prince 6-piece set. The flavors are the same as the party pack. I hope that wasn’t too confusing! Was everyone able to get everything?

Lip Smacker - Princess Shimmers

Lip Smacker – Princess Shimmers

Lip Smacker - Bubble Gum Kisses

Lip Smacker – Bubble Gum Kisses

Reader Tanya has submitted a picture of a cute new Lip Smacker she spotted at her local Target called Bubble Gum Kisses. It looks like we’re getting another Valentine’s collection! BB also appears to have changed up the style a bit from the last sets.

If anyone sees the others please let me know 😀

Lip Smacker - Good and Plenty

Lip Smacker – Good and Plenty – bonus vintage Caboodles case!

The vintage Good & Plenty biggy Lip Smacker was yet another iconic brand pairing in smacker history.

If you’re not familiar with them, Good & Plenty’s are a spicy black licorice candy with a hard coating, making it a perfect match for Bonne Bell’s unique line. BB did great with it because its formula still smells strongly like the real thing.good-plenty

Lip Smacker - Good and Plenty

Lip Smacker – Good and Plenty

While it saw a few different design changes in its day, it always kept a similar scheme to match the candy box. What I like the most is that even though it’s black licorice flavored the balm is pale pink 😀 Too cute!


It seems that people either love or hate black licorice. I like it, what about you? Would you buy this flavor if it were available today?