I was really happy to hear that BB was partnering up with Disney this year – they’ve released a lot of Disney character sets which I will get through in later posts.

Lip Smacker - Disney Princesses

Lip Smacker - Disney Princesses

The Disney Princess ones are so pretty aren’t they? I’m happy they included Tiana from Princess and the Frog, which is also my favorite smacker from this set. There are some repeat flavors (Spun Sugar Shine) but for the most part they have unique or cutely named scents.

From left to right:


*Ariel – Calypso Berry
*Aurora – Spun Sugar Shine
*Tiana – Fresh Kiwi Pie
*Cinderella – Vanilla Sparkle (this one smells like cake frosting)
*Belle – Tea Party Treats (my second favorite)
*Snow White – Cherry Kiss
*Jasmine – Berry Magic
*Rapunzel – Magical Glow Berry

I’ve seen the party packs at Walmart and Target. I haven’t been able to find the tin anywhere, but BB’s store carries it online. I’ve also seen three Disney Biggys in total (Cinderella, Ariel, Aurora), and Cinderella/Ariel key chains.

Lip Smacker - Cinderella Biggy

Lip Smacker - Cinderella Biggy

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  3. silvia dias teodoro on February 16, 2014 at 3:05 PM said:

    adorei a coleção, gostaria de comprar o conjunto com as princesas , moro no Brasil como faço?

  4. Ariel’s “Calypso Berry” is a dead ringer for “Planetary Berry”, and Jasmine’s “Berry Magic” is the same as “Berry Heavenly”. Looks like they DID bring back Cosmics 🙂

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