The new Easter smackers are one of the cutest things BB has put out in a long time!

Lip Smacker - 2012 Easter

Lip Smacker - 2012 Easter

I’ve always loved their animal themed stuff the best (Pet Pals), but I think BB outdid themselves with the artwork on these :]

There’s a total of 8 flavors, I’ve seen them come in sets of threes in plastic Easter eggs and also in long tubes with key chains, which is what I have. I found mine at Justice.


From left to right:

*Baby bird – Bubble Gum Egg
*Puppy – S’more Treats
*Kitten – Purrfect Strawberry Creme
*Chick – Marshmallow Chick
*Lamb – Baaanilla Cake
*Caterpillar – Yummy Gummy
*Bee – Jelly Bean Buzz
*Bunny – Pink Bunny Cookie

I love that they made a caterpillar and bumblebee. And is it me or does the kitten look a little like Marie from Aristocats? Aww! 😀

What’s your favorite from this set?

Lip Smacker - Easter Key Chains

Lip Smacker - Easter Key Chains

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