Unfortunately we have arrived at the last smacker in the Disney World series, but at least we get to end it with a super cute one! 🙂

Lip Smacker - Tinkerbell - Vanilla Sparkle

Lip Smacker - Tinkerbell - Vanilla Sparkle

Tinkerbell comes packaged by itself like the Winnie the Pooh smacker, and the flavor is yummy Vanilla Sparkle. It smells like several other vanilla variants BB has released over the past few years, but if you’re a vanilla fanatic it’s a must have, and needless to say if you collect everything BB releases like I do, you gotta get it. And I just love the neon pink!

It’s limited edition and, like the others, available exclusively at Disney stores.

But this isn’t the end for the Disney smackers… they released a couple other sets at regular stores in addition to the Disney Princesses so stay tuned 😀

34 Thoughts on “Tinkerbell Vanilla Sparkle Disney Parks Lip Smacker

  1. Just curious I have the exact one in the photo but mine is called cupcake sprinkles? Do you know when it was released it was also a Disney Park Exclusive. Thank you

    • Sorry for the late response! This was just a flavor typo, not sure how or why I did that. Yours is the correct one. And the Parks collection is from ’12.

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