Around the time BB released the Disney Princess Lip Smackers, they snuck out an 8 piece party pack featuring Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck (I’ve seen them at Target) 😀 BB went with a really nice style too!

Lip Smacker - Minnie & Daisy Party Pack

Lip Smacker - Minnie & Daisy Party Pack

From left to right:

*Daisy Duck – Vanilla Twirl
*Daisy & Minnie – Berry BFF
*Minnie Mouse – Cupcake
*Minnie Mouse – Cotton Candy Cutie
*Daisy Duck – Grape Shimmy Shake
*Minnie Mouse –  Very Bow Berry
*Daisy Duck – Cutie Pie
*Minnie Mouse – Watermelon Whirl

I really like Grape Shimmy Shake, Watermelon Whirl, and Very Bow Berry.  I’ve also seen a Minnie biggy, key chain, and matching glitter glosses in Cupcake, Cutie Pie, and Peachy Cream (yum!!). What’s been your favorite from this set?

21 Thoughts on “Minnie Mouse & Daisy Party Pack

  1. Celeste on April 26, 2015 at 1:38 AM said:

    Does anyone have this set? I’m considering buying it. If so, do you like it?

    • Celeste on April 26, 2015 at 1:48 AM said:

      Is the cotton candy and watermelon ones here any different from the original ones? What about the vanilla one here?

      I thought Clancy’s Cotton Candy was going to be like the original cotton candy but its more like cotton candy clouds lip sparkler in a balm. I like Clancy’s better that the original. I got so much watermelon already. I have an extra biggy that I’m giving to a friend.

      • I had it about three years ago, and I didn’t really like it. The watermelon one smells kind of like the watermelon Starburst Lip Smacker and the vanilla one smells a little different than the original if I’m not mistaken. I recommend skipping this one or get the trio with cotton candy, cupcake, and cutie pie (that’s the best flavor out of the whole collection). I also had a glitter liquid Lip Smacker that had Minnie Mouse on it and was peach flavored. I really liked that one.

        • Celeste on April 26, 2015 at 11:55 AM said:

          Aw, I bought it before I saw your comment. lol But thanks for your insights. If anything, there will be a few good flavors and I can give the ones that are too similar to what I already have or not my cup of tea away to my friends. Plus the packaging is cute. My room when I was a baby was Minnie Mouse and Friends themed so I was socializes to like her, so I’ll always like her. lol 🙂

        • I have the trio with cotton candy, cupcake and cutie pie. I agree cutie pie is the best! It kind of reminds me of the original blueberry with a bakery note added. The cotton candy crush reminds me of the strawberry creme flavor from Yummy Yogurts but the cotton candy is much sweeter. The cupcake is one of those flavors thats hard to describe, a sweet bakery flavor. Unfortunately I’m kind of allergic to both the cotton candy crush and cupcake flavors.

          • Celeste on May 4, 2015 at 11:37 PM said:

            I like this party pack! It came in the mail today along with the princess party pack and my biggie PF cotton candy. I like cutie pie the best too. I also like very bow berry- its a unque berry scent and the berry bff reminds me of maybe a blue raspberry scent. Those are my favorites but the others are all nice too. The designs are so bright and cute.

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