Biggy Christmas Lip Smackers, 1981

Hi BC readers, it’s been a minute! Things have settled down here so I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things on the blog.

How is everyone doing in this dreary post-Lip Smackers world– are you slowly chipping away at your Lip Smacker stash dreaming of better days, hoarding them like a dragon hoards treasure? Or maybe you’ve succumbed to the new normal, an endless parade of Disney characters dancing before your eyes (well, honestly I haven’t checked on LS 2.0 in a couple of years but… it’s a safe assumption)?

Vintage Soldier Lip Smackers Christmas 81

Strawberry, Bubble Gum

I’m in the hoarding-and-still-mourning-but-reluctantly-trying-other-products phase just so I don’t go through my extras too quick. While I’m going to be bitter ’til the end of time about the brand being gone, I’m thankful there is such a massive back-catalog to continue discovering and collecting.

I hope everyone has a good holiday and I look forward to posting more regularly!

Vintage Soldier, Lip Smacker Christmas 1981

A little holiday throwback for us. These are over 15 years old now, aren’t they? They’re teenagers!  😛


  • Crystal Wintergreen
  • Golden Butter Cream
  • Kaleidoscope Candy
  • Strawberry Sequins
  • Silver Snowball Cookie
  • Berry Beads


The scents have turned on mine but I still remember loving Golden Butter Cream and Crystal Wintergreen. It’s a bit bittersweet thinking back to these old sets, isn’t it?




Celebrate the season with Lip Smacker, a Holiday tradition that girls look forward to year after year…

This description on the Ice Cream Dreams collection couldn’t be more true 😀 And one tradition I look forward to is the shimmer smackers! Yay!

Ice Cream Dreams features 4 shimmers in Cinnamon Swirl, Butter Brickle (!!!), Berry Pie, and Sugar Plum.



The shiny labels are pretty (better than last years), and the scents are fun and very strong. Butter Brickle is a nice salty dessert, while Berry Pie is all berry and no bakery filler scent–thank goodness. I’m also really happy that this is the sweet Sugar Plum formula; very light with no cloying floral notes to be found. Cinnamon Swirl is a heavy toast scent that will, again, be hit or miss with people.


Delectable Desserts is the non-shimmer counterpart that comes with White Chocolate, Angel Food Cake, Coconut Flake, and Sugar Plum Frosting


Some of these will be familiar (looking at you, White Chocolate), but this is also a good set. Sugar Plum Frosting is amazing! I normally don’t like Sugar Plum either.



(I was just thinking… I really miss the year stamps that were popular on Holiday smackers in the mid-2000s. Seeing ‘2015’ on next year’s labels would be so cool :D)



The last present underneath the tree is the 6-piece Cup of Holiday Cheer tin, with flavors such as Caramel Cider, Peppermint Frappe, Snowflake Cocoa, Holiday Punch, Whipped Eggnog, and Pumpkin Latte.




holiday-2014-smackersLet me just say this is one ambitious Holiday set. It would have been easy to axe the stranger formulas (Whipped Eggnog & Caramel Cider are something else!), but yet here they are. I love this collection for a few reasons–mainly because these are unexpected scents, but also because they wrap-up a year of smacker induced haze. One of the most memorable smacker years ever, too. Oh, and Peppermint Frappe rules, so there’s that.

When Bonne Bell gets weird, magic happens~


Closing in on the last of the Disney winter collections, here’s a cute gingerbread themed Mickey & Friends set called ‘Fab Friends!’


This set features Mickey Mouse in Gingerbread, Minnie in Gumdrop, Daisy Duck in Peppermint, and Donald Duck in Marshmallow.



Holiday sets still incoming…


Minnie Mouse looks bashfully cute in the new Minnie Mouse Cosmetic Collection, which features 3 smackers in Snowball Cookie, Bubble Gum, and Cranberry Jelly, alongside a re-appearance of the Cupcake glitter gloss & ‘Bubble Pink’ nail polish. 



I was a bit surprised at the flavors chosen since the design doesn’t seem to scream the holidays, and Bubble Gum is sort of the odd flavor out isn’t it? But it works, and I’m happy to say Cranberry Jelly is the star of the trio.

Cranberry-anything is a good one in my book 🙂



Gumdrop Pop and Peppermint Candy duo also pops up in a similarly designed set called Marvelous Minnie-



And Disney Princess fans will be pleased to see the Amazing Aurora 4-pack… it even manages to sneak in the fairy godmothers and another Maleficent smacker 😀



From left to right: Dream Pop, Strawberry Shortcake, Vanilla Cake, and Fruit Tart.

I love Fruit Tart, it proves how trend-aware BB’s flavor releases are. A lovely set, though you’re not hallucinating if some of the art seems familiar.


There are a lot more holiday goodies coming up this week, so check back to stay in the flavor loop. Also, if you don’t see these for sale locally don’t fret! They’re not supposed to hit stores until mid-October.