The birds are singing, the sun is out, everyone is in shorts… sure it’s only 59 degrees but it’s summer, darnit!  And I won’t let a little thing like temperature tell me otherwise. Which is why, drooling in the ice cream aisle at the grocery store earlier, I absentmindedly threw a pint of Haagen Daz Pineapple Coconut into my cart.

What a great flavor to celebrate summer with, I thought.  I totally didn’t grab this flavor because it subconsciously reminded me of a vintage Lip Smacker flavor, either. I independently chose this without any influence whatsoever! Oh boy.  😀

Well it took another 30 minutes before I figured that out, but here we are! And here are some pictures to document my delicious coincidence.

Say hello to these two screw-top 70’s cuties, Pineapple and Pineapple Cocoanut. Yes, that’s cocoanut with an A! Very vintage.


Pineapple smells very creamy and heavy and not nearly as tart as you’d expect, which is a nice twist on their fruity scents. Pineapple Cocoanut lays it extra heavy on the coconut, almost the sunscreen-y kind of coconut which defines summer for me. I like it!


And I must say, I’m pretty partial to that blindingly neon yellow tube and white lettering. 



This picture made me hungry.

Strawberry: fruity, delicious, refreshing but still luxe. Perfect for layering, combining and continues to be full of surprises with every reinvention. It’s the flavor that started it all, drawing in a generation of lip smackin’ lovers. And it’s hard to imagine anything else being more versatile isn’t it? Not only the the iconic lip balm, but the mama of all balms 🙂 So in celebration of National Strawberry Month I plan on revisiting my (slowly dwindling!) stockpile of Strawberry Cupcake which also happens to be one of my most used flavors of all time.


A family photo of my vintage strawberry patch eyeing up the newcomers.

What is everyone else’s favorite Strawberry flavor? Do you prefer it simple or with a twist?

Here are some fun 90’s Easter-related goodies I dug up that I thought I would share!


This cute little collection came with Easter themed tattoos! Flavors: Jelly Bean, Bubble Gum, Raspberry Chocolate, Passion Fruit


Check out the matching crayons! The back says “Have a hip-hoppity Happy Easter with SMACKS of fun flavored lip gloss. DON’T FORGET! Color and send in your cool kickin’ color creation. You could win tons of fun lip smackin’ stuff!” 🙂

Flavors: Jelly Bean, Pink Lemonade, Bubble Gum


These Friendship Collectibles are some of my favorite Smacker products <3 Check out Passion Fruit and her lovable doggy, Kiwi on this Pink Chocolate flavored lip gloss.

The back says “Kiwi is a silly dog who loves to make Passion Fruit laugh. Passion Fruit can’t help but giggle whenever she sees Kiwi wearing bunny ears.” Aww.


Here’s a yummy Wild Berry Jellybean lip gloss, featuring Starfruit and her pet monkey, Muffin.

Muffin the Monkey is adventurous and full of energy. Muffin loves to paint Easter eggs and give them to Starfruit as a special gift.


Bubble Gum and her pet bunny Sugar are too adorable with their Bubblegum Egg gloss.

Sugar the Bunny is sweet, kind, and very cuddly. Bubble Gum and Sugar both love pretty things, like flowers, butterflies, and Easter baskets.


Cupcake the kitty and her owner Candy Confetti are one of my favorites. This “fun flavored shiner” comes in Marshmallow Chick flavor. And just look at the wittle chicks at the bottom 🙂

Cupcake the cat is clever, curious, and loves attention. Cupcake loves to get into things. Once she broke one of Candy Confetti’s large Easter eggs.


IMG_20160408_173240049Have you heard the word? Lip Smacker’s Smoochie Club just launched and members who sign up throughout the month of April get this lovely lanyard and set of (just-in-time-for-summer!) key-ring smackers for free! If you were a Club Smackers kid then this is like music to your ears, and if you weren’t? Well now’s the time to set the record straight 🙂 As a VIP member of the club, you’ll get:

•        Three complimentary Lip Smackers + a limited edition Lip Smacker lanyard when you sign up
                        * April 8th – April 30th only *
•        Tons of discounts and exclusive offers!
•        Free gift on your birthday
•        Vote on your favorite flavor
•        Suggest NEW flavors of your own
•        “This is YOUR fan forum and we want to hear from YOU!”

Easter really has become such a big holiday for Lip Smacker. And not just for regular smackers, either; while we’ve been seeing a lot of Disney releases for awhile now, the number has really shot up. I’m talkin’ 12 Disney Lip Smackers alone this spring! Whether you’re a ‘purist’ or not ( 🙂 ) there’s some fun flavors to be found that’ll help us say bye-bye to winter (finally). I think I was able to get a hold of most everything, though it’s getting increasingly hard to keep track!

Markwins sent me one of the eggs with a few yummy smackers inside:


This egg features Sugared Marshmallow Treat, Cotton Candy Fun, and S’more Smores Please. I’m always happy with a good smores flavor, and marshmallow is one of the few shimmers this year. I noticed the labels had some really cute fonts this year, too.



It looks like most of the non-Easter smackers are available in tubes and plastic eggs as usual, while the Disney varieties are available in themed bags.

If you’re a key chain collector then you’ll definitely want to hunt stores for the little chick and bunny topper (I mean just look at those lil flowers and red cheeks)

Below is a list of flavors I’ve found so far. If I’ve missed something, please let me know!

Sugared Marshmallow Treat (shimmer)
Plumberry Melody (shimmer)
Chick-a-Dee Cream Puff (shimmer)
Bunny Mint Delight (shimmer)
Cotton Candy Fun
S’more Smores Please
Lemon Tart Surprise
Choco-Coco Whip
Caramel Apple-Hunt
Nutty Brittle
Yummy Mint-Hop
Peachy Cottontail
Creamy Chocolate Bunny
Grape Jelly Hop
Sweet Tweet


Sweets & Smiles
Scrumptious Cupcake
Say Cheese-Cake!
Yummy Bubble Kisses

Rambunctious Raspberry
Delectable Dynamic Duo
Icy Truffle Treat
Frozen Lemonade Slushy

Adventurous Jelly Bean
Buttercream Dream
Courageous Strawberry Swirl
Curious Raspberry

There is definitely a big mix of flavor types this time around, from bakery scents to fruit salads, and of course a lot of staple flavors re-imagined with an Easter design. I find myself reaching for Nutty Brittle, Plumberry Melody, Icy Truffle Treat, and Choco-Coco Whip a lot. Sweet Tweet and Peachy Cottontail win for cutest flavor names, though 😀

What are your spring-time favorites?