Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas and received lots of smackers! I had a bit of a Christmas miracle because Markwins helped me acquire some of the recent flavors I’ve had trouble finding. I’ll be reviewing them this week starting with the very anticipated Tsum Tsums Lip Smackers.



I have to say, younger kids are going to go crazy for these. They’re essentially toys with built-in lip balms and the chunky design definitely lends to that idea. These are the perfect stocking stuffer or party favor.

They’re also fun to roll around on the floor for your cat. Not that I did that or anything…


The designs really are cool, though a few fans have pointed out there’s a bit less lip product than usual. I can see how that would be the case so keep that in mind with the higher price point.


Overall these are a great addition to the Lip Smacker lineup and a welcome change. There’s a lot to love here for us older fans and I think on some level these scratch a nostalgic itch I didn’t realize I had. They remind me a lot of those 80s/90s kid’s shampoo with the rubber character heads.

I’d love to see 4 more Tsum Tsum balms (for a full set of 8, please) and the same idea applied to other smacker products. Maybe some cute mini lotion bottles or body sprays. Holiday themed ones too! Since I’m probably getting ahead of myself, I’ll settle for a Piglet Bubblegum version  😛

So what do you guys think?



(PS: If you’re having trouble finding any of the new flavors, check out lipsmacker.com – many of the holiday smackers are there now, as well as the Tsum Tsums, Sriracha, and the Smoothie Chillerz, which I’ll also be reviewing soon)

165 Thoughts on “Tsum Tsum Crazy

  1. I think these will do well and already are. The novelty of these are PERFECT for their Disney partnership, moreso than original Lip Smackers. I can support this. When I first found these I was surprised how BIG these are, definitely not for your pocket. Yeah there’s not a lot of balm but it’s not like it’s too little of an amount either. Not like you can tote these are in your pocket, anyway. The Pooh Honey Pot is like a honey with a berry blossom overtone. Wish it were just a sweet honey flavor. I’m SURE there will be more. I can see them rotate out and even possibly do a special edition duos or trios. I can even imagine the price $14.99. Anyway, these are great to bring old fans or new to Lip Smacker. How about a Dumbo with an elephant ear flavor? 😉

    Anyway, I got a lot of the new ones off the website as a Christmas gift. They’re actually all really good! Loving the Grapfruit Delight and the Teazy Breezy. They did really well. Also really love the uniqueness of Sriracha! Things are looking up, ya’ll! Now, on the hunt for Horchata!

  2. Great photos, Bunny Cookie! I can’t wait to see what your thoughts are on the tropical and Smoothie Chillerz collections! I hope they’ll actually be sold in stores. It’s cheaper than buying them on their website.

  3. This is my first time commenting,but I’ve read your blog alot.I really like it!anyway,I really like the tsum tsum smackers for the most part,other than the Winnie the Pooh one.it kind of reminds me of,well,medicine of some sort with a slight honey flavor.but I think they all look really cute.my favorite is the stitch one,I really enjoy the blueberry flavor.I think it’s very accurate (and I think he’s just so cute!).
    I received a bunch of the new ones for Christmas,and they’re all pretty good.sriracha’s actually surprisingly good.the flavor’s very on point but not overly spicy.I find myself using it quite a bit.the tropical ones are good too.by the way,your keyboard is really cool!

  4. I’ve seen the tropical flavors in a party pack on instagram. The person who got it said they got it from Harmon. Unfortunately, I don’t have that store in my area. I went to Target yesterday and I didn’t see them, but I did buy a 5 pack of holiday flavors on sale. It was in ornament packaging with the flavors holiday punch, caramel cider, snowflake cocoa, peppermint frappe, and whipped eggnog. They smell pretty good, but the caps were made wrong. If you look at the inside of a cap of a Lip Smacker, you can see some sort of grooves, right? The ones I got didn’t really have that, so the caps come off easily. Good thing I saved some caps from other Lip Smackers I’ve had!

  5. Mandie on January 2, 2016 at 12:06 PM said:

    Any word on when Lip Smackers is releasing the single from the 1990s trio? Most of the stores by me are no longer stocking Lip Smacker or Bonne Bell products. Was it ever released?

    Also, still waiting for them to get on the oatmeal cookie / comfort foods trio. Lip Smacker told me they released it but it was that quick to sell out. I have looked all over google, the store site, amazon and ebay- never seen pictures other than what their facebook page posted. Any one else seen/bought this trio?

    • Nobody has found the Comfort Foods trio from what I’ve read. They’re having the same problem as you are, myself included. I don’t think they actually released it.

  6. I can’t wait until I see reviews on these new collections! I really hope they’re good.

  7. I caved in and bought the Minnie Mouse one at Walgreens. I really like the lip balm and the scent is great, but the rest of the packaging has this weird plastic smell. It’s cute, but I still don’t get the hype.

  8. Shelley on January 16, 2016 at 2:18 PM said:

    Hey, the Lip Smacker facebook page just linked to you! :-O

    P.S. Has anyone tried the smoothie chillerz flavours? Are they worth getting?

    • I haven’t found them yet, but they sound really good! I’ve read positive. reviews on the new tropical collection though. I know they’re being sold in the US, but I’m not sure if they’re being sold in other countries.

  9. OMG! I saw these at my Walgreens today! I just stared for a few seconds with my mouth dropped because I could not believe that they were there! All of the Stich ones were sold and there were about 4 Mickey Mouse 3 Minnie Mouse and one Pooh Bear. I got Pooh because I like honey flavored stuff. I’m sure they will bring more in stock considering how they’ve been selling. I want to get another one at least

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