Just a heads up – I am no longer able to review new releases from LS on time. Stores that used to carry LS in my area have removed the brand entirely from shelves in the past 1-2 years. Sellers online are also price gouging since the Markwins sale, meaning I don’t have a reliable way to get new flavors quickly without spending a small fortune.

Of course I will continue to post my collection and new flavors as they come, but it might be much later in the season than useful.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

132 Thoughts on “Future Updates

  1. Bunnycookie, you wrote in A Smacker by any other flavor you would get in touch with Markwins about all the flavor mixups and mislabeling, have they contacted you back? I’ve sent out an e-mail from early November about the list AJ suggested, but haven’t heard back even as I type this out?

    Sad about the stores within your area aren’t carrying LS anymore. 🙁

  2. Bunnycookie, I understand your frustration as they have disappeared from many stores around me as well. I’ve still had pretty good luck though by making some “road trips”. If ever there is anything you are looking for that you can’t find please feel free to contact me and I will try and help. I love your blog and look to it for so much information, it’s the least I can do. Hopefully things will get better as far as availability goes as time goes on but if not, the offer is there 🙂

  3. heather t on December 2, 2015 at 8:09 AM said:

    Same thing here bunnycookie, I thought it was just me !

  4. I’m only really able to find Lip Smackers around holidays (Walgreen’s, Kmart, and Walmart tend to have some sort of Lip Smacker set sold around a holiday, especially Christmas and Easter), stores that mark down stuff (Big Lots, Bargain Hunt, and sometimes the Dollar Tree) Rite Aid (they tend to sell older stuff at my local one. I even saw some Lip Smackers with the old label!), and Target. Besides that, they’re practically nowhere in my area. I remember they used to be a lot more available when I was a kid. It’s frustrating when you have to go to a lot of stores to find just ONE set and you’re lucky to find anything new at all! I really don’t like how they don’t sell ALL of their flavors on their website. If they did, I bet people would buy them more. If you look on any type of social media website where someone is talking about Lip Smackers, they almost always ask where they bought it at or how they can’t find it. It’s even more frustrating on Lip Smacker’s Facebook page, where when someone says they can’t find a certain product in their stores, they just list the stores they’re sold (and usually they’re not). It makes it seem as if they’re treating their customers like they’re dumb.

  5. Well, I FINALLY got a reply from Markwins Bill George from himself and this is what he wrote:

    Dear Stef,

    Thanks for your message and thoughtful comments about Lip Smacker. As President of the company, I “own” many of the points you bring forward. Your care and passion for Lip Smacker are heartwarming and we all take a level of encouragement from your words.

    We’re actively working on many ideas outlined in your e-mail. We, like you, are a bit frustrated that our innovation has not moved as swiftly as we’d hoped, but hang in there, great things are coming. Don’t think we’re asleep at the wheel – we’re making great progress building support from a brand weary retail community, we need their support to connect to consumers like you. It’s Markwins appreciation for the Lip Smacker brand and passionate consumer base, that encouraged us to buy the business.

    I assure you we are not turning our backs on the loyal consumers who’ve loved the brand these last 40 years. If I led some to believe this, then my mistake, perhaps I misspoke or was misquoted. To the contrary, we believe Lip Smacker is a must-have for people ages 6 to 60, women and men alike. We’re actively working on a number of initiatives that will demonstrate this via;

    – New flavors, not Marshmallow but innovative ideas that appeal to adults.

    – New packaging

    – Line extensions

    – Exciting new partnerships

    – Expanded distribution

    Most concerning, of all your observations, was an implication of quality lapse. Quality in all product aspects is a priority of the company. I assure you we have made no change is source of supply, formulae or manufacturing. Having read your message I called an “all hands” meeting to assure the brand teams high standards remain intact. I’m confident of this!

    I am fortunate to have an incredible team of women and men who embrace the wonderful history of Lip Smacker. I am moved that you would take the time to write us with such thoughtfulness, care and eloquence. I’ve enjoyed meeting many similar Lip Smacker advocates over these past months, none as pointed as you. In closing, you’ve given me pause to think about our go-forward efforts. I know my team are highly capable, but as the saying goes … “It takes a village”. I’m contemplating a new Lip Smacker Beauty Advocate Advisory team and we would be honored to have your participation. Perhaps we can put a small group on Smacker Fans together using the latest technology to weigh in on new initiatives, from product, pricing, marketing and special events? I’s appreciate your feedback.

    Meanwhile, thanks for being a long time Lip Smacker fan. We appreciate your comments and ongoing support.

    Kind Regards,


    • wow ha sounds like they knew you were posting these emails publicly. that email reeks of PR

      • Janet, I didn’t post the e-mail publicly, it was only through the AJ’s idea that I sent it to them. I had to send them a lot to them because they weren’t responding to me.

        • sorry i meant you posted that you were emailing them:

          “I actually e-mailed my portion of my list (all my points) because I was so upset over what was happening and I included it in my e-mail. However, I haven’t heard back from them. I e-mailed it to them on Monday November 9th. I don’t except an answer right away, but it’s already the 22d and tomorrows the 23d which means it’s been 2 weeks.”

          its a good move on their part and im not convinced. they read this blog and knew a nice email would find its way here.

          • Oh, that’s what you were talking about, I see now.

            On the e-mail, I never really believed it. It seemed to reek of fake and like trying so hard to I don’t know accommodate what I wrote (like “Oh, we’re going to do all these things you listed” sort of thing) I’m not one to actually believe everything that I read.

            But yeah, on that note, with them trying to send something so fake just to please us (when really their not being sincere) as well as not even replying to Bunnycookie’s e-mail either AND as well as them knowing about this site and reading all the comments, they really DON’T care about us at all.

            I think we all should stop buying LS and BB products from now on, boycott them. With them reading this blog, they probably know we don’t like what Markwins is doing, yet we still buy the products. Look, we’re getting all excited about the new stuff coming out in 2016 and the tsum tsum, we HAVE to put our foot down on them and stop buying/supporting the brand. I don’t believe anything they say, until they actually show/do it, then I’ll believe.

            Instead of all this excitement and what not, Markwins knows they’ve hooked us. Really people, if we’re disgusted, stop buying. They say consumers have power and that’s true we do. We have the power to put our foot down and stop buying, stop supporting until action is taken. I’ve started doing it when the news hit about all the mislabeling.

            So who’s with me?

    • Honestly as much as I’ve been disappointed lately, that’s actually a nice reply. Since they haven’t had the company for even a year I think 2016 will tell us a lot. Yeah, there are some holiday mess-ups out there this year, that trust me, I was pissed about, but I did talk to someone and they assured me if absolutely was not done purposefully. Also, the correct batches that were done right ARE good flavors. I’ve noticed most of the single batches were all the correct/intended flavor. I don’t buy the Disney Smackers because the flavors are never really new and quite frankly they’re overdone now. The Tsum Tsums, however, I think are fitting for the brand and the era of EOS/ odd shaped lip balms. People are already going crazy on Instagram and eBay with them. This could mean more money for more of the products WE want, so look at it like that. MORE Biggys, MORE unique flavors, MORE money put into quality control and authenticity. I think the advisory board could be a GREAT thing! I’d say take him up on the offer. I’d personally love to be on it so please let me know if you want my email/info for it.

      • While, I don’t mind optimism, I have to point out that people are going crazy over the tsum tsum because it’s DISNEY, not Lip Smackers (all the tsum tsum stuff basically have people going crazy) and there only selling like twenty something of those balms in each store and it’s only being seen in stores easily because Disney is taking care of it, not Markwins.

        A, do you agree with Janet that the reply, while nice, appears to be a bit pleasing? I sent out the e-mail from early November and didn’t hear from him until December 1 and not too long ago, I mentioned it here on the blog and bam, they answered it. Is it just me or am I getting paranoid to think that their just doing it for PR like Janet said. What’s your opinion about that?

        • I have to agree. I didn’t get such answers at all! They didn’t really butter me up like they did with the reply to your email. I’m not sure about boycotting them just yet. While they did terrible on some of the regular holiday Lip Smackers, they did a great job on the shimmer ones. I will give them a little more time, and if they disappoint me any further, then they’re not getting my money.

          I do agree with you about the Tsum Tsum Lip Smackers, but I thought it was more because they’re EOS like than because they’re Tsum Tsums. I don’t see very many people caring about the Lip Smacker brand, and I unfortunately don’t think the Tsum Tsum ones are going to help them get loyal customers.

          And finally, WHY doesn’t Markwins sell more Lip Smackers in stores and ALL of their products on their website? How are you going to get people to buy your products if it’s like finding a needle in the haystack? I thought they would make Lip Smackers more available because of their other brands being in almost every store, but nope. They’re making it harder for us consumers to purchase their products. I think they just bought this brand just for money. I really don’t think they care whether it prospers or crashes and burns. Either way, they’re going to be getting more money.

          • I do agree it did take entirely too long, and will admit, if they mentioned they’re holiday fiasco, it’d be a lot for commendable, but it is the CEO who replied to you. Again, I think now that they’re getting more grip on the brand we really will see in 2016, especially with the newness coming very soon, that we will have our answers. Even if it is the Tsum Tsum name Lip Smacker is written all over it giving them lots of recognition. EOS hasn’t done anything interesting with their brand since its launch. They promote the same flavors ALL THE TIME, nothing never new, so this might shake up the market a bit, which is needed. Look at how many people are buying them, giving Markwins more money to make more Lip Smackers.

            I’d take him up on the offer and see what becomes of it. Most cosmetic companies have product test panels/advisory boards, so everything we always recommend will go DIRECTLY to them. YOU/ WE help with deciding what comes out! Even if he didn’t care beforehand I do believe NOW his eyes are opened. I’m glad you sent your email because it could open more doors for us fans. I think he might of eased some of your concerns but he, THE CEO, did write you and is made very aware now of what life-long fans are seeing and concerned with. A lot of times PR will have a generic response molded back based on your concerns, and it seems he actually read through yours and thought out a response. NOW…WRITE BACK AND GET THIS ADVISORY PANEL STARTED!!! 🙂 They do need to tell us what’s going on with Oatmeal Cookie…

  6. Hmmm

  7. Anastasia on December 5, 2015 at 8:59 AM said:

    I’ve been lurker here for a while now and as a big fan of LS since I was really young, I do have to sorta agree with Stef on this whole thing. I sent Markwins an e-mail asking about Oatmeal Cookie around November 1st and never heard back from them. Don’t really like or care about the new company taking over LS and BB.

  8. Amanda on December 9, 2015 at 2:34 PM said:

    I got the new releases as a Christmas gift- waiting to open on Christmas. But- I will admit- the new Sour Orange that came separate from the 1980 set is really good. It’s pretty much the Orange Juice Lip Smacker from the Breakfast Trio- but at least it isn’t screwed up. a g

    I am fully stocked up on the older LP and BB stuff to last me for a little while. I asked on Bonne Bell’s Facebook page about new products coming out and they don’t have anything planned for the holidays. It’s been pretty much removed from stores and even the website is out of stock for a lot of items I usually buy. Guess I will have to continue BB purchases on ebay.

    • I’ve found some Bonne Bell lipsticks and lip lacquers at the Dollar Tree. If you have one in your area, I suggest looking there.

  9. Sour Orange is like OJ? Hmm havent opened that yet. I got 2 Christmas sets. Both labelled correctly. The Butterscotch is good!

  10. I jus found “Sweet Bubble Gum, Strawberry Vanilla Whip, And Orange Vanilla Dream” for 4.00! More old school Lipsmackers PLUS bubblegum. Love ALL bubblegum.

    • I found a banged up Trolls Lip Smacker set for $2. I’m glad you’re finding deals on Lip Smackers too.

  11. Yea been looking. I really want a BONNE BELL made extra novelty set.

  12. Has anyone been able to find the Tsum Tsum Lip Smackers? I haven’t had a chance to go to Target, and I probably won’t be able to go in a while, so I’ll probably pass on these.

    • Nope, haven’t seen them at Target, but LS has updated their website and have included the tsum tsums, the smoothie, and the other tropical flavors on their website. But the tsum tsums are less expensive in store I believe (like 5.00). On the LS website i’s $5.50.

      • A lot of people are saying that there’s not much product even if it’s 0.26. Most of it is the packaging.

  13. You guys, check out the Lip Smacker website! They changed the appearance and added new products!


    • I don’t know. It’s as if everyone is hush hush about it. I was holding it would be sold on their website, but nope. What brand in their right mind mentions a collection that they said was going to be released months ago, but have no sign of it being sold ANYWHERE? I was also looking forward to apple pie and hot cocoa too!

      • Somethings up be have they’re clearing ignoring the question lots have asked about it. We’ve been waiting for over 3 months for its release. You’d think it’d at least show up on their updated website. I hope to see it SOON. SOON…as in ANY DAY NOW.

        • I hope they at least apologize and own up to what they’ve done. Many people have had their hopes up and have been looking for it since it was supposed to be released.

          • Well, they finally replied to someone’s query on Facebook with an answer of “it sold out quickly” and it was a small “batch.” That is totally bs. It was never sold on their website and neither in any stores. If it was sold in any stores, people would’ve mentioned it on their Facebook, twitter, and instagram. Heck, instagram users would’ve had the hashtag # lipsmacker with a picture of the product. Who are these people trying to fool here? I’m not that gullible and something is happening behind the scenes because all of this smells fishy. Neither of this adds up equally.

  15. I agree, Stef. People online will usually sell or show off new products, which hasn’t happened with the Comfort Foods trio. They can’t fool us in this day and age. It would be nice if they apologized to the fans rather than ignoring and lying about it.

    • Power is in the numbers! If we all get together and make sure we’re heard, hopefully we will see Oatmeal Cookie sooner than later! I feel like they are trying to sweep it under the rug as if we forgot about it, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

      Another thing, I just noticed that the image on the new Pomegranate Zing Chiller line has passion fruits on it. ????? How does that happen.

      • We can talk, beg, e-mail, call, comment on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram until we’re blue in the face, but I still think they’re not going to listen. Just look how long it took to get that stupid reply. They’re not the kind of company to apologize and say something like, “Look, we made a mistake. Our employee posted on Facebook and the other social media sites of the Comfort Foods Trio too early. However, because of the overwhelming support for this new balm, we will instead release it sooner (blank date and year) instead.”

        If they said something like that the day after, it would’ve been better. Markwins needs to produce a balm called humble pie, because that’s exactly what they need to eat: swallow their pride.

        In my opinion, I really think they don’t care and I’m not that naïve to believe just because we comment, e-mail, call 24/7 will we eventually wear them down and we’ll get our Comfort Foods Trio, then everything will be peachy. They just care about the dollar and making a profit and who cares if customers don’t get what they want or are not satisfied.

      • Probably just a lack of observation. I’ve noticed that one of the holiday flavors is called “whip cream” instead of “whipped cream.” I’m not surprised they screwed that up.

  16. Celeste on January 2, 2016 at 1:04 AM said:

    Eh I don’t mind being open minded and seeing what comes into play. They only had the company for less than a year and it takes time to bring a brand back up. I’d LOVE to be part of that advisory board if its created. I have over 120 smackers and have been a fan since 1994! I haven’t liked how the brand has been more recently but I use lip smackers daily. I keep them in my cubicle to moisturize my lips.

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