lemon-square-lip-smackerHas everyone seen this new Lip Smacker popping up at Target in the past few weeks? If not, keep checking because it is worth a buy (or three).

Lemon Square comes through 100% with its hint of tart lemon layered over the classic Bonne Bell bakery scent.  It pairs perfectly with Strawberry Shortcake, which was released exactly 1 year ago this month 🙂 Yum!






Bonus anniversary picture! 😀


calippo-lip-smackers1I think I’m a big fan of the Wall’s collections just because the partnership is so unique (who ever thought we’d see ‘Calippo’ smackers? 😀 ) so I’m glad that the smackers themselves are so fun.

They seem to be pretty popular too so it doesn’t surprise me that BB made more. This EU exclusive trio comes in Strawberry Tropical, Orange, and Lemon Lime.

The flavors seem to be slightly enhanced versions of their current counterparts: Lemon Lime is more lemon-y than Sprite, Strawberry Tropical is more strawberry-y than Tropical Punch, and Orange has a stronger citrus scent than Orange Juice.

The balms are smooth and the quality is comparable to the other Wall’s balms. Overall–worth a buy if you loved the Wall’s party pack. If not, pass.

Available for 3,99 € each on Claires.fr

A pretty rainbow~




Also, this new packaging is great (courtesy of Top Shop UK):

Courtesy of Top Shop UKcotton-candy-lip-smacker

mango-lip-smacker (1)


Italian beauty blog Beautydea has pulled through yet again! Read ahead.. things are looking fun for the rest of 2014 🙂

I’m really impressed by the new Coca Cola design


Photo courtesy Beautydea.it

I spy… a Chupa Chups party pack! 8 new flavors for us 😀


Photo courtesy Beautydea.it


Adorable candy cane lip glosses and Christmas balms-


Photo courtesy of Beautydea.it

Lots of great pictures to browse at the source.

calippo I’m happy to see that Lip Smacker + Walls are bringing us 3 new flavors, this time based on their freezie-pop (Calippo) line!


So far there is Strawberry Tropical, Orange, and Lemon Lime. Perfect for summer! Available now for £3.50 at www.claires.co.uk and 3,99€ on www.claires.fr.

Also, Ice Cream Cake got a little makeover! Here’s a before and after shot: