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Miscellaneous post incoming! Looks like there’s more Disney stuff than anticipated 😀 The pic on the left shows 6-piece Mickey & Princess sets, as well as the redesigned Skittles line.

I thought there was only four balms in each Disney set! Also, the LS website now confirms these are Walmart exclusives.

Speaking of Skittles, there’s now a Grape flavor and some new Starburst stuff including Cherry Kiwi:


And I wanted to post a pic of this new Coke tin you guys may have already seen-



No new flavors (6 soda balms) but it’s so cute I couldn’t pass it up!





25 Thoughts on “Some more new stuff!

  1. It’s weird when they say “Walmart” or “target” exclusives…I’ve definitely seen the pop bottle tin at Rite Aid as well!

  2. Cherry Kiwi sounds so good! And now I really want the Disney set. I wonder what the other two flavors are?

  3. grape, finally yes!!

  4. Hey bunny cookie…where are you from?! A lot of my stores don’t even have stuff out yet!

  5. Ps…I’ve been looking to start my own…everything blog. I love the layout of your site. Very user friendly. How did you make your site? I tried emailing you but I got a failure notice. 🙂

  6. Hanner Bananer on November 13, 2013 at 1:28 PM said:

    Gosh I love the disney stuff

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