I’ve gotten a few emails from readers that say they aren’t getting exactly what’s pictured on the label – that is to say, some of the new holiday smackers appear to be re-wrapped old flavors:



“Wanted to send these photos along to you. Markwins is putting different variations of holiday flavors out. There are 3 different versions of the same Ribbon Candy. They are taking old flavors and putting a holiday wrap on them.”


“The flavors don’t even resemble or mimic the said name. It was pure laziness. Here’s the ones I got and what they really are;


Marshmallow Crisp is Confetti Sprinkles
Butterscotch is Vanilla Bean
Candy Cane is a cake of some sort, can’t put my finger on it
Ribbon Candy is Fresh Strawberry (same one I got in cane)
Marshmallow Pop is Strawberry Sprinkles
this variation would be an …interesting… surprise:
“Dulce de Leche is in disguise as Ribbon Candy too. The thing is is there are actually correct versions out there with the right formula of each holiday flavor but say someone who doesn’t know any better picks these up are going to be really thrown off that the flavor names do not match the scent AT ALL. “
another email:
“Hey Bunnycookie! I bought the new Christmas smackers and they’re not even the right flavors! My new Butterscotch is a very distinct Strawberry and Candy Cane is Angel Food Cake. My Marshmallow has no hint of that flavor either and it honestly seems like Vanilla Cake but I’m not 100% sure……”
and finally:
“the new butterscotch Smacker is not butterscotch let’s put it that way! at least mine wasn’t, instead it was strawberry (shudder). please post about this! quality control is lacking since the transition. also so many of the other flavors are just butter mint re-named, i don’t know if that was intentional or not. i am so sad!”
Has anyone else experienced this? I’m curious how rampant this issue is. My guess is fairly common considering how many emails I’ve gotten so quickly from you guys.

I’ll be reaching out to Markwins & will update here if needed!

365 Thoughts on “A smacker by any other name…

  1. My first time posting here although I’ve been reading your blog for a while.

    The Ribbon Candy in the Holiday 8 Packs I picked up are in a brown tube and do not smell like candy. The balm is also a brown color. They smell like a caramel of some sort. The tubes have to be mis-labeled.

    The rest of the flavors seem to match their labels.

    • Mandie on January 2, 2016 at 12:08 PM said:

      I had that too! I wrote to them and they are sending me a brand new tube that’s correct free of charge 😀

  2. Yep, same thing happened to me! Can’t believe what has become of our beloved Lip Smacker brand since it was sold to Markwin’s. So sad 🙁

    • I agree- thankfully I have 100+ Lip Smackers from before the change of hands, so I’m set for a while.

  3. Heather Towry on November 6, 2015 at 8:34 PM said:

    I’ve experienced this as well. What is going on?! These need to be recalled.

    • Here’s hoping. No one has noted any issues of the quality of the facebook site yet.

      • It’s strange that we’re the only ones complaining and nobody else has. My guess is the “new” supposed fans of LS (after leaving the brand and then when the news of the sale hit the net and all on the social media sites, they came back) so they have no idea what the older flavors and tastes were. They probably don’t care.

        After all, look at EOS. They’re still surviving those moldy balms and people still buy them. Though, I find all the mislabeling, off flavors, change of formulas, ect.. a whole lot worse than those moldy balms from EOS.

        Still I’m disappointed in Markwins big time.

        • They need to at least address this. The ones that are done right are good, but they to rethink some flavors if they can’t execute the accuracy properly. Creamy Mint smells like those spearmint Starlight mints-not peppermint; fine but call it CREAMY SPEARMINT. Or slow your roll and focus on making them correctly and not coming out with so much if you can’t keep up with the increased variety you now offer. Trust me, I love getting over 20 flavors of holiday flavors but imagine if they were all on point like what we’ve come to expect from BB. I’d be in heaven. They did email about the concerns and are working to correct the problem so we will see… I will say, I’m LOVING Butterscotch, Marshmallow Pop and Pralines & Cream!

          • I remember a few years ago when Bonne Bell would release only about 12 holiday Lip Smacker flavors a year. Maybe downsizing the flavor variety might give them a better chance to get the flavors right.

        • It seems like a lot of people are nostalgic about them, but don’t use them. I’ve read a lot of blogs where people talk about “I used to collect them as a kid” and all that stuff, but I’m curious as to why they aren’t doing that now. You would think people that are nostalgic about something like that would buy it if it’s still around, but I guess I’m wrong.

          • My guess is that they used it as a kid, then when they were allowed by their mom’s to wear cosmetics and such, they stopped using them, grew up, and moved on. If they wanted to wear a lip balm, they probably bought Chapstick or maybe one LS balm perhaps Many of the comments I read were they would pretend the Dr. Pepper LS was lipstick (the famous red tint) because they were too young to wear red lipstick. It doesn’t help it’s in the “kid makeup section” where the cosmetics are too.

  4. My ribbon candy Lip Smacker was purple and smelled just like the 2013 one, but my marshmallow crisp smells like butter mints! My candy cane one smells heavily of plastic and barely like candy cane at all! I think Markwins doesn’t give a crap about this brand.

    • If this is the future of the Lip Smacker brand, then I’m giving up on collecting them. It seems like Chapstick has really upped their game and is coming out with flavors that are amazing, so I might collect those instead.

  5. Just bought 2 sets today.
    There is nothing special about these anymore. The flavors are inconsistent, the packaging seems cheap and the flavors were way off. None of mine were mis labelled but they are repackages from past years and I have a duplicate flavor within my 8 pack.
    I was hoping nothing would change. It changed. For the worse. Now they just seem like cheap nasty garbage balms. Really sad.

  6. Georgie on November 7, 2015 at 2:09 AM said:

    That’s really strange how there appears to be so many mix ups atm!
    Although I haven’t got my hands on any of the new Christmas Lip Smackers, because I live in NZ, i’ve noticed a lot of photos on instagram where people have received a donut 4 pack with ‘Strawberry Frosting’ for example, but it comes with a purple cap, which does not match the colour scheme of the balm at all!
    I’ve also seen holiday 8 packs with a mix of Holiday Smackers, and regular, run of the mill flavours too.
    Very odd!

  7. I think they could have handled this differently, especially if they’re trying to get rid of some other Lip Smackers. They could have a clearance section on their website, or they could come out with packs that have similar flavors and say on the packaging that they “have too much of them.” I’m not by any means a professional on this, but I even know this could have been handled a lot better.

  8. AJ, I think it’s time to send out that e-mail with the list of what we’d like to see improve for LS because I’m getting fed up with all of this happening. It’s beginning to become too much to list. We really need to get Markwins to sit up and pay attention of our (customers) needs. It’s like this company is a bunch of incompetent people who don’t know what to do with a company.

    I also have one last thing to add to the list: where is your quality control Markwins? Several people have been complaining about all this repackaging with fake scents and cheapness of packaging and flavors not equaling to what the flavor reads on the package (i.e. Marshmallow Crisp=butter mints. Like since when does marshmallow have mint in it?). Very disappointed in this Markwins.

    Renee that’s a great idea of putting a clearance section on the website. I think it would help sell the past LS to make room for new LS. After all, don’t we see a clearance section in clothing stores we shop at (Kohls for example)?

    • It’s common on websites that sell products to have a clearance section. Even the old Bonne Bell/Lip Smacker website had not only a “Great Deals” section, but also a “Buy 1 Get One Free” section! It wouldn’t be that hard to do and mamy people would be more willing to buy it if it was marked down. Actually, I think Lip Smackers on their website are marked up too much. Usually a single Lip Smacker in stores costs anywhere from $1.50- $2.00, but they’re selling them for $2.50! And their whole “6 for $12” deal actually isn’t a very good one. You can get a party pack in stores for about $8.00-$10.00. I think everything about the Lip Smacker brand is screwed up now.

  9. I bought 5 of the new holiday flavors: White Choco Cranberry, Peppermint Macaroon, Marshmallow Pop, Marshmallow Crisp and Pralines & Cream. I actually thought they all smelled good and accurate, but I did notice a bit of a mint scent in Marshmallow Pop. I actually thought it was just my imagination. If what some people are trying to say is they smell like existing flavors combined, I can see that. For example, Pralines & Cream smells like a mix of Butterscotch or Caramel and Vanilla. But As far as getting like an entirely wrong label, thankfully that hasn’t happened to me, but I’d be so mad if it did. I wouldn’t hesitate to call customer service.

    • Aren’t white choco cranberry and peppermint macaroon shimmers? Also, how do they smell?

    • Tanya- Where did you find the White Choco Cranberry and Peppermint Macaroon shimmers?!? Please tell!!! Also, is Peppermint Macaroon a peppermint coconut or cookie flavor? Is it strong?

      • I found White Choco Cranberry and Peppermint Macaroon shimmers at Kmart. They had a display with close to 20 individual flavors in it. To me, Peppermint Macaroon smells a lot like Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint which I believe is Peppermint, Vanilla and Buttercream. It smells really good, but I didn’t notice much minty tingle 🙁 And White Choco Cranberry smells a bit like a berry flavor they had years ago that I can’t remember the name of. I almost want to say Boysenberry Ruby, but I haven’t smelled that in over a decade to know for sure.

  10. Celeste on November 7, 2015 at 5:07 PM said:

    I don’t know if this is intentional or just another product of the incompetent company. I’m done with this company. Lip Smackers is now just another crappy brand of lip balm that’s on the market. I remember being excited when I was a child for the lip smacker flavors and the adorable Pet Pal’s now they can’t even lable their products accurately with no theme! I already have so many lip smackers and I have more sophisticated brands to spend my makeup on. Brands where the marketing team is competent and doesn’t seem to have Craig’s List degrees.

  11. Celeste on November 7, 2015 at 5:08 PM said:


  12. I just opened all eight tubes in my Holiday pack. Peppermint Frappe and Marshmallow Pop had the balm extended past the end of the tube up into the cap. At least 1/4 inch of balm is ABOVE the top of the tube. I cannot twist the balm down because the tube is already twisted to it’s lowest point. The excess balm didn’t get removed before the the tube was capped or the balm didn’t seat the whole way into the tube. It’s bad enough the tubes are mis-labeled but now they aren’t catching tubes that are filled incorrectly. Quality control must be non-existent. Makes you wonder if the balm itself is safe to use. If they messed up this bad at filling and labeling, I’m sure they weren’t much better when “cooking up” the actual balm.

    • Mine didn’t really have that problem but I’m sorry that you had such a bad batch. 🙁 I recommend trying to push the actual lip balm down with your finger or hand. I’ve had to do that with many lip balms, but that was because the balm didn’t stick well to the plastic piece at the bottom of it. If that doesn’t work, then they must have REALLY screwed up!

  13. I must say I FINALLY found the correct Butterscotch, after first getting a Vanilla Bean labelled Butterscotch with the creme colored cap and nozzle. I bought the wrong set that you have pictured and a lot of the comments are right, the flavors don’t even softly resemble the name. It was that bad of a mess-up. Needless to say I found another 8pc. set that has most flavors right besides the Dulce de Leche/ Creamy Caramel version of Ribbon Candy. I have two Ribbon Candy’s, one is the old Fresh Strawberry, the other the caramel version. There is a correct Ribbon Candy out there and it’s purple. Seems to be the one with the most mess-ups and thought it was the only one until I found the same 8pc. Party Pack. Most that were mentioned are messed up.
    Anyway, about BUTTERSCOTCH. I was SO nervous they were going to do the Beauty & the Beast version from holiday 2012 which was basically a soft caramel or feared they’d just repackage Salted Caramel but THANKFULLY it truly reminds me of the Butterscotch Topaz Jewel Lip Smacker which I LOVED! So happy to have a correct and authentic butterscotch flavor again, and basically Butterscotch Topaz; it really smells like a butterscotch disc candy. The correct one has a pink cap and nozzle. I would seriously buy a hundred of this!

    Marshmallow Pop is really good too! Don’t worry it’s not like the Easter Marshmallow Chick’s (you know, that more cotton candy than marshmallow flavor) and more accurate. Reminds me of holiday 2009’s Holiday Frosting which was a marshmallow frosting flavor.

    Marshmallow Crisp leaves much more to be desired…they need to improve this immediately. It’s basically a mix of Buttered Popcorn and Salted Pretzel (unless this version is wrong) but I’m pretty sure it’s what they were going for. There needs to be a butter element, sure, but no need to put Buttered Popcorn in to make that happen. There’s still a sugary marshmallow and rice cereal note desperately missing.

    Now, to find Pralines & Cream, the shimmers and single holiday flavors…

    • Please let me know how the shimmers smell! I’m really looking forward to those.

      • Finally found Pralines & Cream! I actually really like it! It reminds me of the Caramel Corn Lip Smacker. I definitely smell more than just caramel and vanilla like others have said. To me I do actually get a slight nuttiness from it. Almost like butter pecan ice cream, but more sweet like pralines and cream, hah!

        Funny enough, did anyone notice of the topper tag that’s comes on the plastic popcorn on top, that describes what you get in the trio? There is a misprint that says ‘Peppermint Popcorn’ instead of Creamy Peppermint. At first since Creamy Peppermint is a light flavor, I thought it was picking up on the Pralines & Cream and it almost smelled like the Kettle Corn Smacker with a hint of mint. To me, it smells more like a spearmint than a peppermint. But now I’m wondering if Creamy Peppermint was suppose to originally be Peppermint Popcorn. It seems weird but it’s actually good. On another note STOP LABELLING YOUR PEPPERMINTS WRONG, MARKWINS!!! Ugh! You’re right about this Marshmallow Crisp, it is a buttermint flavor. HOW were there so many oversights!?!

        There is also snowglobes collections that come with 5 Smackers. I got the one that has Peppermint Frappe, Holiday Punch, Whipped Eggnog, Caramel Cider and Snowflake Cocoa.All are the same flavor as last year however, this batch of Eggnog is very light in smell, almost none existent. What a shame as I love the Eggnog Lip Smackers. I also got the Dr Pepper globe and they changed 7UP 🙁 It smells more like Sprite now and I get it, they’re similar but still. Bonne Bell’s formula were both different and distinct. Renee-This Dr Pepper Cherry doesn’t smell like the original Dr Pepper to me at all, unfortunately. Nor does this Dr Pepper.

  14. Amanda on November 8, 2015 at 7:47 PM said:

    I’m glad I kept my receipt. I hope they offer to refund people’s money. I was hoping that when Lip Smackers was taken over by another company they’d keep up with quality control. So glad I was smart and stock piled before the switch. I was all excited about my new purchase too.

  15. Haven’t found any Holiday Smackers yet. Don’t want the shimmers.

  16. I just bought the Donut collection and Dr. Pepper tin set. For some reason, the Donit Collection has strawberry and vanilla instead of the other flavors. It does have raspberry jelly in it, which is my favorite.

    I’ve noticed something odd about the Dr. Pepper collection. While Dr. Pepper smells off, Cherry Dr. Pepper doesn’t smell any different than it used to. It smells closer to Dr. Pepper than Dr. Pepper does! I recommend getting it if you love how Dr. Pepper used to smell.

    • After taking a good whiff of the new raspberry jelly Lip Smacker I own, it doesn’t smell like raspberry jelly at all! It actually smells like wild raspberry with a slight pie note! You can’t even get Lip Smackers that are supposed to be the SAME EXACT FLAVOR to be the same!

  17. Seems like after all the mess-ups for holiday this year they really owe us an amazing collection next year. Maybe they should start fresh and keep a few holiday signatures like Sugar Plum since its been a holiday staple since the 70s. I wish they’d do a biggy cane like they did in the 70s- there were 5 Biggy’s in a cane, can you imagine?! I’d loved a roasted chestnut or nut flavor. Here are a few of my suggestions;

    Peach Citrus Bubbly
    Roasted Chestnut Butter
    Cotton Candy Cookie
    Peppermint Marshmallow
    Candy Cane Coconut
    Strawberry Licorice
    Cinnamon Sugared Donut
    Sugar Plum Bubble Gum
    Butter Cookie
    Toasted Marshmallow

    And a vintage trio with Butter Rum, Eggnog and a Spiced Apple Cider or Marshmallow Cocoa.

    • These sound amazing! They should also make the following:

      Bubble Gum Soda
      Pecan Pie
      Pumpkin Pie
      Fruit Salad
      Cranberry Sauce
      Roast Turkey
      Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
      White Chocolate Mocha
      Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

      I just realized I want a lot of pie flavors…. Any other suggestions?

      • How about around the world flavors? Like a collection of balms of desserts from England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Spain, Poland, Germany, Russia, Australia, ect …

  18. Sweet Tomato and Cantalope.

    • A good summer quad would be Cantaloupe, Sweet Tea, Raspberry Sherbet (retro revival), Sour Limes (retro revival)! There also needs to be a county fair foods quad that has Elephant Ear, Vanilla Cotton Candy, Caramel Corn, Salt Water Taffy. They’d come out in May to capitalize on summer!!!

  19. Found the 2 tube ones at target I forgot the flavors. I usually don’t open mine…until I use them but you guys got me nervous now. Has anyone posted stuff to lip smacker FB page?! I’m gunna go check now.

    • I’d defiantly open them and check them all if all of them are correct flavors as on the labels. If they’re all incorrect and what not, save your receipt and complain to the company either via e-mail or on Facebook. No one has complained about it, just someone mentioned it to a couple replies on Facebook about learning about via Bunnycookie’s website.

  20. Stef, the whole Disney-fying of the Lip Smacker brand also makes it seem more like a cosmetic brand for children, which is what Markwins wants, but what about teenagers and adults? They also buy and use makeup, so why not market to them too?

    • I know! I am disappointed that the Bonne Bell line is pretty much fading. They don’t create new items, a lot of the items have disappeared from stores, even the online store stuff is being pulled out. (My multi tone natural blush is off the site).

  21. Ps did anyone notice the caps they’re ever so slightly shaped a bit different and the snap on just a bit different. Idk if I got a fluke package or they changed it.

    • It’s been changed, Kacy. The trio canes have new tubes and caps. I have all three and they’re like that.

    • I noticed that too! I actually like how the whole tube is a color now rather than clear. I bought 2 Marshmallow Crisps (one individual and one from the cane trio) and one has the clear tube and the other has the solid pink tube.

  22. I just saw on Facebook that they’re showing some 2016 flavors every Friday! The flavor they showed today is horchata.

  23. I found a four pack of holiday flavors at my Target in an end cap labeled “stocking stuffers.” The flavors are: Gum Drop, Butterscotch, Candy Cane and Ribbon Candy. To me the gumdrop is similar to jelly bean, butterscotch is a true butterscotch not the caramel flavor, candy cane is similar to my old candy cane- minty with vanilla, and ribbon candy seems like a form of raspberry. I have to say I LOVE them all! I can’t compare them to any recent holiday flavors since the last time I found holiday flavors in store was around 2009. Seemingly for me the Markwins takeover has increased accessibility? Also I love the new tube the cap shape seems like it’s more rounded and snaps on very smoothly.

  24. I forgot to add in my previous post… Has anyone noticed that the flavor glossary is gone from the Lip Smackers website?! I really hope they are updating it and it’s not a permanent disappearance because my only way of finding unique flavors was really through online ordering

  25. Where did people find those 8 packs pictured??

  26. For any of you that prefers Bonne Bell Lip Smackers over the Markwins ones, have you been buying the last ones you can find in stores or online?

    • I got mine in some of the grocery stores since they haven’t ordered any more to put out.

      • I find them in discount stores. I just bought a pink lemonade Liquid Lip Smacker and a pack with a nail polish and two Easter 2014 Lip Smackers in carrot cake and bubble gum egg.

  27. I found the Lip Smackers Holiday Storybooks at Target. The tubes the lip balms were in looked so cheap, like the tubes you’d expect the cheap, off-brand balms to be in. I didn’t buy any of them. Good thing I still have a bunch of holiday flavors left over from previous years!

    • The new tubes remind me of some of Lotta Luv’s lip balms. You know, the ones in wacky flavors like bacon and popcorn. It seems like the Lip Smacker brand is blending more and more with other brands. Before you know it, the ingredients will be changed and they’ll be made in China just like other cheap lip balms.

  28. Wow I’m saddened to hear this news about the flavors and quality. I guess its a good thing I have 150+ extras of Bonne Bell made Smackers. I have to say I’m interested in Butterscotch. Are all the holiday flavors shimmers?? Which ones aren’t? I suppose I should’ve bought that back up set of novelties while I had the chance. *sigh*

    • I have a lot of Bonne Bell Lip Smackers too. There’s only about 5 shimmer holiday Lip Smackers, and they all have shimmery silver caps like last year’s collection. You could probably still buy Bonne Bell Lip Smackers, but they’ll probably soon phase out of stores. There’s always the internet!

  29. Well today I found the 1980s “Sour Orange” ….haven’t opened it yet. I’m def considering getting a second set of the novelties. Those were some real awesome flavors!

  30. Guess what you guys?! There’s going to be a new tropical Lip Smacker collection in 2016! Since there’s 8 flavors, I hope they sell them in a party pack.

  31. Renee, it looks like they will be in a party pack. There’s 8 of them! 🙂

    I will e-mail Smackers soon about that list we came up with about things we want them to fix. I kind of want to do it close to New Year’s. That way, they’ll have things to think about as the new year starts. I’m excited to see the rest of the “Wacky Flavors” (who says wacky anymore?) they’re coming up with, but we’ve got some great ideas too. I’ll run it by everyone before I send it. Maybe we could each send one of our own. We’re a (relatively) big group. If we all say something, they’ll have to listen.

    • Great idea! I’m also looking forward to the wacky flavors. Horchata looks pretty good, and I bet I’ll love the tropical flavors as long as they smell good. I’m glad they didn’t put guava or papaya in this collection because the Bonne Bell ones I used to have had a strange, almost black pepperish smell. I also really hope they make these more available in stores. Don’t forget the Comfort Foods trio! I have yet to see anyone finding these in stores or selling them online.

      • I have some other news! I just saw on ebay that a couple Disney Tsum Tsum Lip Smackers are being sold. They’re waaay overpriced, but I did take a glance at the photos. The Mickey Mouse one is marshmallow pop flavored and the Minnie Mouse one is strawberry lollipop flavored. I’m assuming they’re beginning to pop up in stores then.

        • I’m wondering if the Tsum Tsum’s are in toys or kids clothes like they did with Trolls and the Donut and Sundae quads when they first came out? I remember reading about Target doing a big Tsum Tsum collection for the holidays and that’s where they’ll be, when I read they were doing these. They better still be made in the USA. I understand the packaging will be made in China, as most packaging always is, but it better be filled/balm made in the USA. I looked at the ones on eBay and it doesn’t have the ‘Made in USA’ sticker on the front and it’s hard to read the back on the pics.

          Anyway, AJ, I’d recommend writing them ASAP. Cosmetic companies are planned years out. They need feedback right away. They are probably already done with next holiday. (Seriously)

          I’m glad all of the Tropicals are in original packaging! Also, I’m not giving up on the Oatmeal Cookie trio, I’m going to keep asking until we see it! I wonder if they’re going to do another vintage Biggy Trio? I’m ready for another now!

          • Also, Horchata could be everything Cinnamon Sugar was suppose to be, or at least great enough to hold us over until one is done correct.

        • The closest I could see is: made in USA from foreign and domestic parts.

          • You’re right Stef, the seller confirmed that. I’m really excited to try Pooh’s flavor, Honey Pot! Love honey. People are already going crazy over these on IG, especially Tsum Tsum collectors. Stitch is Blueberry (for all the blueberry lovers) and Mickey is Marshmallow Pop. Yum. As much as I’m over regular Disney Smackers, these intrigue me a little.

    • I actually e-mailed my portion of my list (all my points) because I was so upset over what was happening and I included it in my e-mail. However, I haven’t heard back from them. I e-mailed it to them on Monday November 9th. I don’t except an answer right away, but it’s already the 22d and tomorrows the 23d which means it’s been 2 weeks. Although, Markwins is opened 8 A.M-5 P.M Monday-Friday, I would think they’d check their e-mail every day of those 5 days.

      • I’m sorry that they didn’t answer. Which email did you use to send your concerns to?

        • I sent it from my Yahoo account to lipsmacker cares@ (just without the spaces. If I post it altogether, Bunnycookie has to verify my comment).

          • I don’t understand why they haven’t replied to your email yet. I usually get a reply within a couple days.

          • So they’re not responding to e-mails now.

            Oh man.

            I found out that Bonne Bell themselves aren’t doing a Christmas set this year at all. It’s not LIKE them to not do a Christmas series of Lip Lites or nail polishes or something.

            This is really bad, everyone. Should we start making phone calls? They have to pick up the phone sometime!

  32. Here’s my e-mail letter:

    Dear Markwins,

    As a long–time lover of Lip Smackers and a collector, I’ve been very displeased about how this new company is handling my beloved products. Down below you’ll see a list of complaints that’s been disheartening and fresh, new ideas from me because I really want the best for this company.

    (and then my list of points from my other post about it is written here. It stays mostly the same). 11 has to deal with all this mislabeling.

    11. Where is your quality control Markwins? Several people have been complaining about all this repackaging with fake scents and cheapness of packaging and flavors not equaling to what the flavor reads on the package (i.e. Marshmallow Crisp=butter mints. Like since when does marshmallow have mint in it?). Very disappointed in you Markwins.

    Lastly, if none of these things happen or conditions don’t improve, I will cease buying for good. No, I’m not lying, either and instead, you’ll have one less buyer because I’m highly dissatisfied over everything that’s been happening.

    Aj, I think it’s the points that I listed, whoever reads and answers for Markwins e-mail for Lip Smackers had to come up with a bunch of answers of what I was (well we) are concerned about with the company. But also how are they going to answer my statement why Bill George is more concerned with the 6-16 year olds than including everyone (that quote still gets me mad inside). How are they going to reply to something like that? My e-mail doesn’t mince words and I’m not scared or timid in my e-mail, it’s very direct and I guess the company doesn’t like it.

    I even included the whole if-nothing-changes-I’ll-cease-buying to make them sweat like “oh, gee this woman won’t support us anymore if we don’t take into consideration her changes.” I guess it didn’t make them sweat.

  33. Has anyone else bought any of the other Lip Smacker holiday sets? If so, what did you think of them? Did they have messed up flavors like the other ones?

    • Mandie on January 2, 2016 at 12:10 PM said:

      I had the “ribbon candy” that was like kettle corn. I wrote to them and they offered to replace it for free. The gumdrop is AMAZING! I have a couple of them in my storage jar.

      I also nabbed the “Naughty” “Nice” packages. They are sooo good!

      • I’ve never been able to find those. The only Christmas sets they sold in my area at Walmart were the 5-pack box sets.

  34. I Got two sets…all were labelled correctly. Loving the Butterscotch, White Choco Cranberry, Gingerbread Girl….

  35. PrincessPitaya on December 1, 2015 at 11:10 PM said:

    I recently bought the new Markwins Disney Elsa Cool Vanilla Mint Lip Smacker… and, it SMELLS LIKE the horrid Chilled Eggnog from years and years ago with the Snowman on it.

    I smelled it and was repulsed. It didn’t smell like vanilla, or mint… I thought it was just me! This is very disappointing news hearing that others are having this problem. 🙁 And poor Ribbon Candy, I enjoy that one (I guess I can’t anymore, luckily I have an unopened one.)

  36. If any of you are disappointed with the other Lip Smacker sets, I recommend the Cookie Jar Treats Collection. It has buttercream frosting, gingerbread girl, peppermint macaroon, sugar star cookie, and white choco cranberry. They’re all shimmers, and they all smell great! I got them at Walmart and I’m glad I did. 😀

  37. Thats the set I got Renee. I also got a set with Butterscotch (yum), Ribbon Candy, Candy Cane, Gumdrop…etc. All labelled correctly.

  38. Sparkina on January 27, 2016 at 10:35 PM said:

    My Fantasy Holiday Assortment (these would be shimmers). These flavors do not exist, but I wish they did

    Heavenly Hazelnut
    Sparkling Apple Punch
    Dandy Candied Fruits
    Merry-schino cherry
    Candy Cane Icing
    Cinnamon Candy

    • Those sound AMAZING! I would like to add a few holiday Lip Smacker ideas myself.

      Wintergreen Wonderland
      Sparkling Spearmint
      Orange Chocolate
      Pecan Pie
      Peppermint Pie
      Cheddar Popcorn

      • LOVE THESE! Don’t forget SNICKERDOODLE!!!

        Hot Buttered Rum
        Sugared Cinnamon Spice Drop
        Pistachio Macaron
        Roasted Chestnut Glaze
        Cinnamon Bun

        …To add onto the list.

  39. Candy Cane Icing sounds yummy.

  40. My fantasy flavors lol :
    Berry Bliss ( raspberry,blackberry,blueberry)
    Coconut cream almond
    Tropical sangria

  41. Ooo Sangria!

  42. I just do not buy the Kanye / KK bullshit about this Bel Air Crest house. Clearly Kimmy likes the noihhborgeod and wants to live there… when she got married last she wanted to buy Avril Lavigne’s house but the ex didn’t.She wanted to live there… they bought this ugly house bc its the best that was presently available there to her and now the whole we got hired offers is bullshit.The house was for sale for a long time, there were no other parties waiting in line for this dump.

  43. Jaeger on August 12, 2016 at 4:39 AM said:


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