For a large part of its history Bonne Bell had a lot of cool outdoorsy products, including this vintage Lip Proofer (which I estimate to be early 80’s). Specifically, you can find several old ads in skiing magazines!

I found this relevant excerpt from an article written in 1985:

Over the years Bonne Bell has also cultivated a national fitness image. In the 1960’s it became a sponsor of the U.S. Ski Team and the National Ski Patrol. This association helped the firm design a series of skin-care products for skiers, such as Suretan, Sun Block, High Altitude Cream, and Lip Proofer. – The Rotarian





Updates will be a bit sparse due to the time of year… for now here’s a Chanel Iman ad for Lip Smacker from 2005!


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Santa brought me the Chupa Chups smackers in Strawberry, Orange, Strawberry & Cream, Raspberry, Watermelon, Vanilla, Apple, & Cocoa Vanilla.



They took forever to get here but they made it! Unfortunately I only bought one set (shopping overseas is so expensive) so I won’t be using these. I did notice that Cocoa Vanilla smells like LS Chocolate, and Apple at least smells like it’s name…

If anyone else bought these and used them, please comment!


Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo! I just stumbled upon these new Cinderella Lip Smackers on the webstore! Bubble Gum Ball, Midnight Mint, Sweet Sugar Spell, Grape Goodness (yum), and Sparkly Strawberry.


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