CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. and WESTLAKE, Ohio β€” Markwins has entered into an agreement to acquire from Aspire Brands the Bonne Bell and Lip Smacker assets.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Markwins and Aspire Brands have agreed to aim to close the deal in February.

“Markwins has a proven track record of creating excitement and bringing innovation to the cosmetic category,” stated Jess “Buddy” Bell, Jr., founder of Aspire Brands. “They will bring the same excitement and innovation to the Lip Smacker and Bonne Bell brands. I am excited about the future of the Lip Smacker and Bonne Bell brands under Markwins ownership.” source


Information here & a videoΒ from WKYC here.

288 Thoughts on “Bonne Bell Co. Closing

  1. Well, as much as I dislike this news, maybe the new ownership will focus on something other than Disney. Don’t get me wrong, I have and like a lot of the Disney Lip Smackers, but I’m Disney’d out. I just looked at the Lip Smacker website’s new flavors for 2015 and it felt like at least 75% were Disney. But you know what I’ve wanted since I was a little kid? A Garfield Lip Smacker. I would be ecstatic! Maybe that will finally happen. Or I’m just too optimistic for my own good. πŸ™‚

    • Check out the Markwins website ( — a lot of Disney products, very similar style to current LS.

      I am really shocked by how many Disney Easter smackers there are right now! It’s getting hard to keep track.

      • I just hope they keep the same formulas for Lip Smackers. I don’t want them to be the same quality as Lotta Luv lip balms. I’d be so disappointed.

        • That’s exactly what’s going to happen. Markwins makes a majority of their shit, for a lack of a better term, in China. Quality is about to really go down. Grab any Lip Smacker or BB product you see on the shelf, it is now a collectors item. They are literally throwing the company in the garbage. This really explains the quality the last couple of years. They were probably preparing for this and cutting cost to keep more money in their pockets for the long-run.

      • Think about this…Bonne Bell is still keeping a few lines under what they’re going to call the Bell Family Brands. Maybe this has been planned for awhile and they knew it was coming and have other things up their sleeves. They changed the Dr Pepper flavor among countless others, what’s not to say they kept those flavor formulas and are going to introduce a new lip line for us, with the authentic flavor we all have grown use to. Just speculating… Maybe somewhere along the way they cornered the Lip Smacker brand into something they couldn’t make it grow from and came up with something new, that’s ageless, genderless in marketing that will touch everyone, something everyone could use. Just a thought…Or they are going to sell the Dr Pepper flavor formula to another cosmetic company (more well known) that will pay big bucks for it and are giving Markwins the short-end of the stick.

        This is so heart-breaking and truly the end of an American era. Bonne Bell was very much the All-American, wholesome cosmetics company that was affordable compared to Estee Lauder, it’s one time competitor, and more prestige player in the game. This whole era for me really ties into the Kennedy era, well into the 70s and on. Back when everything was a lot more simple and free. Not everyone wanted to look like a Kardashian and watch YouTube video’s on how to contour (when they hardly use make-up in the first place) and use multiple filters on Instagram. Bonne Bell came a long way when most companies were selling out long ago and have been distinct for ages now; they were much more pure.

        I’m honesty scared to see how Markwins is going to ruin this image and product. Although I have read about a majority of Physician’s Formula being made in the USA, the other brands they host are all ‘Made in China’, which I can see p.o.s. corporate big wigs not understanding the history and quality of the brand. Big sigh and tears.

      • Sorry if this is a double post, my computer is acting up, but Oh boy, I just checked the markwins site and you’re right, it looks like LS may have been under their ownership for a while now. And just like a lot of other people said, if it’s made in China, forget it! Other countries? I might give a chance to. But why would you take such an American brand and sell it to a non-American company?! Makes me want to start my own lip balm company lol, which has been one of my lifelong dreams anyway. πŸ™‚

        • Yeah, I completely agree with you Tanya. I was horrified looking at the products. Frozen? Disney? Barbie? Monster High? Hello Kitty? There’s nothing wrong with them, but that’s not what LS is about though all those brand partnerships.

          As much as I love nostalgia and am a kid at heart as the next person if it’s all going to be Disney, I don’t want to be forced into buying just that! It seems to me LS is really cornered into geared for the “kids.” I mean it always was, but I never felt like I was too old (at 21) or my mom (55) was for it. But now, it’s really for the children as young as 5-11/12 or mom’s who want to wear it because they have young daughters in that demographic or grandmothers with grandkids visiting them.

          I do find it odd though why would Jess Jr. would sell the company? Plus how much? Did the sales tank or something? Did he sell it because he wanted out of his job as CEO or something? Then if he wanted out, why didn’t he just step down and have someone take his place?

          I do want to ask everyone here who posted comments, do you notice if LS is still popular? Do the young kids like it? Do the tweens like it? Do the teens like it? What about the twenty to thirty year olds? What about the upper ages as well and so on and so forth? As I stated below, hardly anyone sells it here, except for my local Target and most of it on the racks, guess what, it’s Disney. There’s only like 2-3 LS balms and 2-3 glosses. While these 6 are different flavors, there’s not so much selection to choose from. So, what am I left with? Disney.

          • Okay, since you asked I will tell you my age πŸ˜‰ I’m 32 and have been using Lip Smackers since I was a kid (maybe like 7 or so), but I got really into collecting them when I was 15. It all started, or got reignited I should say, because I had chapped lips and didn’t want another boring Strawberry or Cherry Chapstick, so I got a Cotton Candy Lip Smacker. It worked good, it smelled great and it was only $1. From that point on, the appeal for me was always the variety of flavors. The more rare the better πŸ™‚ And of course the cool/cute themes like Pet Pals, Cosmic, Jewel etc. So for the last 17 years or more, I’ve always had a Lip Smacker on me, even as I started discovering other brands.

          • Stef you’re asking a lot of good questions I wish we knew the answers to.

  2. Oh my. Hope things don’t change for the worst. I live near Westlake yet have neverseen the store…:(

  3. Oh no, this is horrible news! I really hope Lip Smackers will stay the same – their flavor/quality, being made in the USA, and not tested on animals. *sigh* Bonne Bell and Lip Smackers have been part of my life for 40 years. :'(

  4. Noreen on January 31, 2015 at 8:31 AM said:

    Another family owned business selling out for corporate greed. Shame on them. How many hardworking folks are losing their jobs? I’ve been buying Bonne Bell products since the 1970s. No more. Good bye Bonne Bell. It was nice knowing you.

  5. i read on another website about the closing and i saw this:

    All hope is not lost though: The California-based Markwins International Corp. is set to acquire Lip Smackers (along with other Bonne Bell lines) upon the closing of Bonne Bell. The new company will continue distributions of Lip Smackers only in Asia, Australia, and Europe

    so if that is true i bet people will go nuts and go to stores and get there favorites before the stores stop selling them.since there closing i wonder if stores will clearance there remaining stock? IF thats the case i better stock up on my favorites then… Lol.

  6. Mandie B on January 31, 2015 at 9:16 AM said:

    I like being able to just buy what I need. Most of the Markwin products I saw were sold in kits. What is I only need/want 1-2 things? I won’t pay for a kit, take what I need and the rest at a yard sale or on ebay.

    Guess I’ll set aside some money to buy what I need for a looooooong while until I find a replacement I like.

  7. I’ve been watching your site for a while now, a lurker. Sorry. I do recommend getting what you like, cryo-pack them, and stick them in a cool, dry, place. Home made is possible, and the quality can be exceeded. All the same, if you ever write a book on iconic American pop-culture history, I’d love to buy a copy. Please email when you do!

  8. RIP Bonne Bell on January 31, 2015 at 11:04 AM said:

    I knew something fishy was going on with BB/Lip Smackers. Why else would they keep tight-lipped about the quality and telling us they are *working* on improving flavours when they clearly did not change or listen to their customers? And coming out with non-stop Disney stuff? Markwins is all about Disney (Frozen, Disney Princess and Minnie Mouse) right now. And what has Lip Smacker been giving us lately?! This sort of corporate sell-out is a long process, so BB was prepping for Markwins for a while now, I think. Contract. Markwins is the reason quality and scents have changed over the past few years. Once they own it, it’s only going to go downhill. I’m not staying this is true, but it does make a lot of sense now, does it not? Surely BB would never change their most popular scents (Dr.Pepper, cinnamon, strong mint), if they had no plans to sell. I wish LS or Bonne Bell would release a statement on their FB pages. Being true American and selling products since the 70s and now this? It really is an end to an era.

    LS hasn’t given us much original or party-packs lately and for the past few years it’s been hard finding them in stores.

    I am hoping what “A” said about the Bell Family Brands is true. It would be nice if they kept original formulas/flavours to make in the USA, even if it is small line.

    Markwins is for tweens who can’t have “real” makeup yet. The quality is soooo bad! I can’t even handle that BB sold to them. And China? China tests on animals. Our “Lip smackers” now will be made in China and tested on innocent animals.

    Stock up on LS right now, ladies. πŸ™

    • Yeah, I was getting that feeling too with the Disney and it kind of came off geared towards the younger children. I loved Lip Smackers because it helped bridge the gap between young children/tweens/young teens until they were ready for the much grown-up lip products which are opaque not sheer like lip smackers.

      I also don’t know, but I’m sure LS is popular after all these years, but when I saw them have the Swarovski bedazzled biggies at $250 (yes two hundred fifty dollars!) it kind of came off like maybe they were desperate for money or something. Their a company, but they don’t release their profits like companies like Ford, Apple, Microsoft, ect …. so we have no idea what their books are like.

      I’m just very sad it’s going to be made in China (not another! *shakes head*) and tested on animals?! Why would anyone test lip balm on a dog/rabbit/horses ect… why not on beta human testers, like us consumers? And if it becomes all Disney, no tween or teen, let alone an adult will ever wear it. At least I could go for the sparkler or liquid lines.

      • Forgot to add, I noticed something like where I live in the US, my state, places started not selling it anymore: CVS got rid of it (well, they didn’t have much to choose from. Very small section near the PF), Waldbaums used to have it and that sections now for Wet N’ Wild products. Walgreens used to have it by the face cleansers in a stand and it was either top or bottom that had the LS and then the Bonne Bell kind of lip products. That’s gone, too. King Kullen doesn’t have it, not even in other surrounding towns in various grocery or drug stores have it.

        Kmart used to have it with a cardboard stand and collection. I don’t see it anymore not even in the cosmetic section. The only place that sells it is Target which has the largest selection.

        All those places used to sell it with tons of selection usually in the early 2000’s and then it started dwindling in 2009-2010 when I was in high school. But I can’t say it dwindled everywhere in the US because it’s only one-two-three towns in my state, so has anyone else experienced this?

        • RIP Bonne Bell on February 2, 2015 at 2:01 PM said:

          Another piece of the clue was some department stores (depending management and location) we giving away the Lip Smacker display stands. Some where also for sale on eBay. Should have known! lol

          Jess Bell Jr (the one who is to blame for this Markwin disaster) founded Aspire Brands (Norway company) in 2010, around the same time the block logo changed and formulas changed and store shelves lacked with collections and originals.

          And I agree that Bonne Bell wanted to make quick money with the $250 biggies. Such a scam! Did/do people really buy them? Man-made glass covered in a plastic tube? lol wow…

          Markwin is with Wet n Wild, so no surprise they took over the Lip Smacker section.

          Meh, we will just have to wait and see what Markwin does with the brand. They might surprise us… but yea, the China thing is turning me off. It will never be the same.

          • I don’t think the crystal covered biggies were necessarily a ploy for money. Let’s look at a few things here. 1) BB is bringing back quite a few old classics, 2) they have become icons 3) the flavors of some of the new LS have dramatically improved (I really disliked the strawberry as a child, love it now) 4) they are hard pressed to make enough for ad campaigns selling the product as low end as they do, and 5) with the creative work they are doing with the labels, I’d say they have done a spectacular job sprinting this last leg of the race. It’s the end, they know it, and they have given 200% effort to their multi-generational customers. It looks like they are saying their bittersweet goodbye the best way they know how: great product. If the creative staff they have now continue to work for Bell Family Brands, I’m really excited to see what happens. Also, product is given away more than you think. Walmart buys overstocked product only from BB, there is no sales or consignment contract with them. Thats why they don’t get the awesome new stuff. Employing over 100 people by selling $1.00 tubes of LS is an amazing feat. It’s obvious they are as sad as we are about this.

        • Celeste on February 3, 2015 at 8:58 PM said:


          I experienced the same thing in my hometown of Houston Texas. When I was in high school, Walgreens had a great selection but in recent years they only had a little to choose from. HEB (a TX based grocery store chain) stopped carrying it. Most of the Walmarts don’t carry it anymore at all ( I used to always see a hug selection there). Target is about the only place that carries it, yet the selection is not big like it was in the 90s. I miss the 90s! lol

          I agree with you, in that they narrowed their target market too much to only little girls. If they didn’t do 90% Disney and other characters and had more age neutral themes (like cosmic smackers or Jeweled ones), then more people would have been interested in buying. They may have been able to tap into the older generations (ladies who grew up in the 70s and 80s), if they had marketed and released those 70s and 80s products a long time ago and perhaps kept a few as permanent smackers in the line. They should of kept doing bath and body lines as well like they did in the 90s.

          They got greedy and started using cheap material and lacked fresh ideas.

    • “[…]but it does make a lot of sense now, does it not?”

      You nailed it.

  9. Wow! So will it still be “lip smackers “? Or will the name change?

  10. It is definitely a hard news to digest but even if we are all somehow heartbroken, those who are touched the most by it are the family and the employers. It’s not easy to let go of a family business that has been running for so many years; not to mention the workers who will eventually lose their jobs. I am just hoping the whole Bell company will stay strong and won’t regret their decision. Let’s look at things the positive way; everything happens for a reason. I wish this deal will benefit the Bell family. All the best to them! Thank you Bonne Bell! πŸ™‚

    PS. I was born in the late 90’s so again, my time spent using LS is much less than many people on here. I can understand that the disappointment is much greater for the long time users but at the end of the day, life must go on.

    • I may have been born in the mid 90’s, but I still love Lip Smackers. I think I’ve been using them since I could remember.

    • Emily your post is a good reality check. At the end of the day it’s the local community & employees I feel for.

  11. Katera on January 31, 2015 at 2:32 PM said:

    I’m worried for the quality of the products and where they will be made because if a formula changes for me that i dislike, that will be the end of buying Lip Smackers as a collector. It was my dream to own to Bonne Bell Co. even though it was a family business. I hope nothing changes to the quality of any new Bonne Bell product. I hope it was the best choice for the both of them. Hopefully it will still be Made in the USA, so that I can be proud that America produces lovely, genuine products. I’m wishing for the best!

    • I hope they also sell the products that are already on the Lip Smacker website too.

      • Katera on January 31, 2015 at 6:49 PM said:

        I believe they will but I just read that they will no longer be selling Lip Smackers in the US anymore. Only to Asia, Europe, and Australia starting in March or so. πŸ™

        • Katera on February 2, 2015 at 9:56 PM said:

          * they said they will still sell in the us but im positive the formula will be not as good and made in china

    • Same! I love USA products… I’m trying really hard right now to only support makeup brands that make their products in the USA, and it’s been hard but Lip Smackers/Bonne Bell was always one I could count on to be low-price yet have good quality. And I love lip balms!!! UGGGHHHH. Why must this happen now??! Whyyy??! =(

  12. Celeste on January 31, 2015 at 3:18 PM said:

    I looked at their website and one of their brands is “The Color Workshop”, which is basically that really cheap/low quality makeup they sell in gift sets at drug stores. I take that as a sign that lip smackers (if they will keep that name) is really going to go down now, and I won’t make future purchases from it. The lip smackers that most of us have grown to love have been dead for years. Don’t get me wrong, I am a kid at heart and love Disney stuff, but I got tired of how they always kept the same Disney themes. I like how unique lip smackers was when I was a child: Pet Pals, Cosmic smackers, Jeweled smackers, Olympic smackers, etc), lately its been super basic and the quality has gone down. They did not continue being innovative may have resulted in the company closing down.

  13. RIP Bonne Bell on February 1, 2015 at 8:15 PM said:

    I forgot to mention that LiPSmacker will be releasing a “1970s” set with Peach, Peppermint and Piece-A-Cake soon. Ironic that Lip Smackers came out in the early 70s, huh? A goodbye to the brand sort of say? How sad. I think they should have made a bigger pack than 3 (or maybe they did)?, or a set with all the classics from each era would have been a good send off for collectors before Markwins takes over.

  14. Ooo Thanks for the info I was JUST looking for Peppermint on Ebay. I suppose I will hold off now. I jus bought 40$ in Smackers and intend on buying more. I’m so sad about this. I been using these since I was 9. Just Sucks.

  15. It’s a sad day. Lip Smackers have been my happy place since I was tiny… I don’t want them to go now… I know it’s not the end of the world but it still stinks. =(

  16. Can’t even believe this. What does this mean for the future of our beloved lip smackers? What will I do without my holiday packs?! Fishy about a month ago my local Wegmans d/c all their LS! I knew something was up. Guess I should go online and buy a bunch of the chocolate banana LS that I never was able to find in store πŸ™

  17. Ooo i just looked and they did have the Peach, piece a cake and peppermint on the website. Has anyone found them in a store in Ohio? Id rather buy in a store than online.

  18. I have been considering paying ALOT of money for a good caramel Lipsmacker, Does anyone have any suggestions?

  19. Sparkina on February 3, 2015 at 6:48 AM said:

    Holy Roman Emperors! Does this mean that Lip Smackers will be history soon? I love the dang things. They’ve been a beauty standby of mine since teenhood (80s)

  20. Very VERY sad news. One article I read said that Markwin’s would continue to make Lip Smackers but they would no longer be sold in the U.S. I hope this isn’t true. I should have known something was up when suddenly my local Walmarts quit carrying all Bonne Bell products about a month back. I’ve also noticed limited stock at other stores as if they weren’t refilling their displays any longer. I’m 47 and I’ve been buying these since I was about 12. Heartbroken πŸ™

  21. Peach K on February 4, 2015 at 1:07 AM said:

    Just bought six Dr Pepper LS, a soda set of eight, and the three biggie set of DP, black cherry, and whatever the cream soda one is. Those were at my local Target. Would have bought out all the DP, but didn’t want to be greedy. Then went online and ordered the peach, banana, and a few other flavors that are nostalgic to me like wild raspberry. The peppermint is sold out, but luckily I still have some. I am in my 40s–my first flavor was peach. It spanned the generation in my house. My 19 year old daughter grew up with them. I’m sure I pushed it a bit, but they made great party favors for her birthday parties. πŸ™‚ It’s sad news. We also loved their mascara, and I loved the original 10-0-6 growing up. I came here because I had looked at your blog before and had a great time reminiscing. I had a feeling the news would hit you the same way.

    • I loved Lip Smackers as a kid. I remember using Dr. Pepper and berry heavenly in elementary school. I even remember when they came out with the swirly Lip Smackers that came with a clip on cap (I had the blueberries n cream one). I remember loving the 2009 holiday collection. My aunt found all the shimmer flavors and got them for me for Christmas. She also got me Lotta Luv lip balms (I can’t stand them anymore) in these candy and gum themed tins that I use to put my Lip Smackers in even today. (By the way, I’m the same age as your daughter.) I recently counted my Lip Smacker collection, and I seem to have around 200 of them.

  22. Peach K on February 4, 2015 at 1:09 AM said:

    PS–Got a 50 cent discount on the website by clicking through on a coupon but ouch! The $10 shipping is painful.

    • I recommend seeing if there are any Lip Smackers in dollar and/or discount stores. That’s how I’ve found some older Lip Smackers. Last year I remember finding a 2011 Christmas trio at Big Lots, along with a 2011 Christmas Lip Smacker with two nail polishes. There might be hope to find Lip Smackers in those kind of stores if they’re not in regular stores.

  23. Well I missed Peppermint on the site but I got the 8 pack sodas, 6 Disney balms (set with blueberry muffin), 3 pack of easter balms (One with mallow chick), 6 Valentines smackers (set with Grape forever and apple of my I), Delectable desserts 3 pack, Tasty Tropicals 3 pack, Two 8 pack originals, Share a pear, and Dulce De Luche. Im going to check the drug stores tomorrow. Hopefully I can find some more…REALLY sad about this πŸ™

  24. Oh! and I got two Vanilla Frosting Sparklers. Anyone else like these?

  25. I also got the 3 pack of “Yummy Yogurts” …Has anyone had these? Haven’t seen a review, Unless I missed it. I am jus sooo sad about this πŸ™

    • I had them about five years ago. I preferred the tropical ones though (minus guava and papaya, they smelled horrible).

  26. Well, I found something interesting in this news article: the link here, the comments section is the most interesting:

    It seems like I and Celeste aren’t the only ones noticing the decline in LS shortages at grocery and drug stores.

  27. Which u have Renee? The Tasty Tropicals has Pineapple, Guava and coconut. I mostly wanted the Pineapple. Or were you talking about the Yogurts?

    • I had both, actually. I didn’t really like the yogurt ones very much, but I liked pineapple, banana, passion fruit, and coconut.

  28. Oh I see. I love the Pineapple. I got my Valentine ones today and Grape forever smells like a sweettart. Love it! Never had the yogurt ones.

  29. Heather T on February 8, 2015 at 10:37 AM said:

    The writing was on the wall. Doesn’t make it any easier to accept though πŸ™

  30. Peach K on February 9, 2015 at 4:10 PM said:

    I was so excited to see they still had peach when I ordered a week ago. Well, today they called and said peach was gone, and my order still hadn’t shipping. I know they are probably overwhelmed, but something tells me if they had processed my order when I actually placed it, I would have gotten the peach. I want peach!!! πŸ™

  31. Hey Bunny Cookie, I found an old 7up Lip Smacker on ebay!

  32. Today I hit some local drugstores to see what I could grab before they were gone-Walgreen, CVS and Kmart have removed their Bonnie Bell displays completely. As I said in my previous comment, Walmart’s was also taken down about a month ago. Meijer still had their display but everything was marked “clearance” which kind of just drove it home that it was really happening πŸ™

  33. Got my Delectable Desserts and Tasty Tropicals…The Strawberry Cheesecake is yummy!

  34. I just ordered my lip smackers. I got peach, piece of cake, strawberry cheesecake, holiday punch and many more! I even got double cheeseburger; I heard its a oniony smell, but wanted it because its a unique flavor to collect, not sure if I will use it much though. LOL I bought a lot but figure its going to be the last time I buy from them, so I might as well go all out and stock up.

  35. Double Cheeseburger is definitely an Onion smell. Not my cup of tea. I’m really sad the Pineapple in the “Tasty Tropicals” trio I bought seems to have no scent. The site is out of Pineapple and I REALLY want that one! πŸ™

    • I saw that they didn’t have pineapple too. I will brace myself for the cheeseburger one. lol They have creamy caramel on there and I bought that one.

      • Check ebay if you don’t mind shopping on line! A seller on their has the tropical trio (pineapple, coconut, and I think papaya) for a little under $5 shipped. I don’t think it’s a bad price since it’s pretty close to retail. Someone also has a desert trio with chocolate moose, coconut cake, I think strawberry cheesecake for a little under $6 shipped. I haven’t ordered them yet but I’m going to since I can’t find them in stores and I’m not ready for a big haul from lol

  36. Well, I just read a new article on what Markwins will do to LS and I found this certain line in it that makes me wonder:

    “But let’s face it. Women in their thirties and forties are not the consumers that will keep Bonne Bell and Lip Smacker alive. While Markwins seems to have every intention of keeping this demographic happy, they’re really after 6-16 year-olds, said George.

    It worked back then. And with Markwins’ marketing renovations, it will probably work again.”

    It seems like perhaps even before the takeover, LS catered too much to 6-16 age range and ignored the older consumers (like me at 21). But also, the younger ages like 13-16 they may’ve began slowly distancing and detaching themselves away from LS and go into the world of makeup (I’m sure not all) but it might’ve been the reason why LS was sold. It could’ve also been seeing Disney products and that teen could’ve put a stereotype on the brand that they’ve used for so long as “for kids” and distanced themselves away from it. As I’m 21 myself, I would’ve been ecstatic if I was 7 at a Cinderella Disney LS balm, but at my age, I wouldn’t wear it.

    After all, if sales were declining rapidly, then either the company would sell or try to reinvent it and if that didn’t work they’d file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. LS was probably (if they lasted another 3-4 more years) they might’ve had to went in that direction and the company probably be worth less at that stage than of 2014.

    • RIP Bonne Bell on February 13, 2015 at 1:05 PM said:

      “But lets face it. Women in their thirties and forties are not the consumers that will keep Bonne Bell and Lip Smacker alive.” WOW…way to offend the people from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s who still love and collect LiP Smackers today. Such a poor business/marketing statement.

      I hope people over the age of 20 STOP buying LiP Smackers once Markwins fully takes over….then when the brand crashes and burns, they’ll regret making that statement. Kids today are growing up too fast and they would rather shop at Sephora and ask mommy for a $60.00+ holiday palette (Too Faced, Urban Decay, ect). And I see a lot of teens EOS balms. They don’t get excited over Lip Smacker packs anymore…so I agree with you Stef. I don’t know why Lip Smacker got so-Disney crazy. Most of the comments on the FB page, and even on here included: bring back this from the 70s-90s!….yet all they did was spew out Disney, cakey, repetitive scents. I’m sure if they listened to the requests, Bonne Bell would still be here and successful. It’s a true shame due to its history and family brand from the USA.

      On the Lip Smacker FB page, they keep saying that Lip Smackers will be still made/available in the US/moved to California, but the “made in USA” is removed from the newer packaging (apparently) and LS products are on clearance or nowhere to be found. They also stated that the forumlas will remain the same. Yea right…with Markwins? Give it a year or 2. Then when people ask them about quality, they’ll lie…just like the whole Dr.Pepper and other noticable scent-changes when the Bell family lowered the quality.

      The whole situation sucks. We either have to get over it and enjoy the memories of the good old Lip Smacker days….or we continue to buy shitty Markwins LS products.

      BunnyCookie, can you please do a review on the Peach, Piece-A-Cake and Peppermint balms? I want to know if the Peach smells like the 90s one. And if the Peppermint is weak like the Candy Cane Christmas one. Worth buying? Meh…

      • I will review those shortly–Peach is great. As for Peppermint… avoid unless you’re in the mood to be disappointed.

        • MrsWelton on February 16, 2015 at 8:16 AM said:

          Oh no, this makes me sad, about the peppermint. :'( The candy cane from this past Christmas is disgusting – they should’ve stuck with the candy cane formula from Christmas ’98 – it was amazing!!

      • I don’t believe a CEO said that! What a foolish thing to say. I’ll never understand why some businesses don’t think they should be thankful for any customer they have. I know you can’t please everyone but there’s no need to single out your customers…maybe I’m too sensitive but I think that’s a shitty thing to say. I’m 19 and have been using LS since I was in third grade (about 9)…then when I was a pre-teen (middle school) I quit using them because as you said above, it’s the whole growing-up-too-fast thing, they were lame to use them…so I’m afraid they’re target group is getting smaller and smaller by the year I’m sure. I started using them again at about 17 (for nostalgia, and the fact that I quit going to public school, I went to cyber school through high school so I lost the need to be like everyone else) and to be honest, I spent more money on lip smackers in the past two years than I ever did when I was a kid, because I have my own money now. And the more looking I do on their Facebook page the more I see almost everyone on the page is a nostalgic adult. I understand most people under 13 aren’t on Facebook but I think their numbers are off…I can’t help but think us collectors (who buy 4 of the same damn flavor with different packaging but it’s in a set that has like two new flavors that we don’t have, don’t help their business at all. But honestly I’m to the point that if they just keep recycling the same scents/too similar variation I’m gonna quit collecting…I feel like a lot of the new scents just have the same base scent and it’s like if you’ve got one or two from each scent family, you might as well have them all. For instance it you have plain strawberry and one strawberry frosting/Cakey scent there’s practically no need for anymore…they all start to smell the same to me after a while πŸ™

    • That quote is probably the most disheartening thing I’ve read so far about this.

      • Yeah, I agree with everything you say RIP and bunnycookie, I think the new CEO really shot himself in his foot. *open mouth, insert foot*

        Honestly, I am disgusted with what he said. I looked at the FB comments and there are people way over the sixteen age limit and it just confirms that they don’t want to keep those people around.

        The only way I could see it working, is if they create lines under the LS name like one for the children (which they can have as much Disney as they want to), the regular LS balms, and then a line targeted for the teens, young women, and so on and so forth that way hopefully everyone could be happy and us older people won’t have Disney shoved down our throats. I don’t know if this idea is any good.

        • I’m really stunned to hear that statement too, as I actually always thought most of their customers were older. I understand wanting to get new generations interested, but to say women in 30’s and 40’s aren’t going to keep the brand alive!? Okay, then why have most of us on here been using Lip Smackers for 10 years or more? And does anyone remember just about a year ago the then owner saying how Lip Smacker customers are usually life long customers? So much for that I guess. πŸ™

  37. This Bill George guy sounds like a complete moron. Clearly he does not know the Lip Smacker/ Bonne Bell customer. Lip Smackers have been passed down from generation to generation, while the ones who got to see it from the beginning are still using it. This could go so many directions and it’s scary. Since Bonne Bell is closing March 29, I hoping we get a big APRIL FOOLS on April 1st. Wouldn’t that be nice. I feel like they have already branched the line in different segments, targeting different age groups. Disney-for kids, Original, Biggys, retro, seasonal collections- for older consumers/collectors, and Luxe, Luscious, Layer-It, Roll-It- for tweens, as these are the ones buying EOS/Baby Lips. We in our 20’s and beyond have all dabbled with other mass and prestige cosmetics and STILL comeback and use and purchase our beloved Lip Smackers, AND we also have more money to spend on this kind of stuff than tweens and kids. SUCH an ignorant statement Bill George! Idiot. Know your customer or you will lose them, ESPECIALLY if you alter the line too much. I give them 2 years before they really start altering where they’re made, etc. IF they’re smart, they will continue the originals and making them in the US for the rest of Lip Smackers existence otherwise, it’ll flop and hopefully someone MUCH MORE deserving acquires them. Something tells me they’ve had their hands in the business for a year or so, probably right when we started to see all the changes. If those are the only changes then it COULD work but they have A LOT of a*% kissing to do first, to us fellow, loyal customers.

  38. Peach K on February 13, 2015 at 8:06 PM said:

    Finally got my order today. Was secretly hoping they found one little peach container hidden somewhere and tucked it into my packaged. Nope. I will never smell the first lip smacker I ever owned in 1976. Sigh. Oh well I was able to get the second and third flavor I owned: tropical punch and wild raspberry.

    I must have an older peppermint, because it smells just like the peppermint from the 70s.

    • Wild raspberry was the first flavor I ever owned at the age of 5 years old! My next was blueberry then strawbery, I think. I am getting one in my order. I order a little over $50 in lip smackers and have some before that so I’m set. lol Maybe you can find a peach in the store. ULTA sells lip smackers so maybe you can look there or Target.

  39. Peach K. According to the Lipsmacker site the Peach is currently NOT sold out. Im secretly hoping the Pineapple gets stocked again. I really wanted one.

    • Celeste on February 14, 2015 at 3:26 PM said:

      Yeah, I emailed customer service to ask if they were going to get a new shipment and update the pineapple to being available, and they did last week.

  40. Bunny Cookie, Is the PF Pineapple Creme anything like the Original Pineapple??

    • Celeste on February 14, 2015 at 3:25 PM said:

      Maria, they have Fanta Pineapple on the website. I’m sure its good; I would have bought it if i saw it earlier when I placed my order. lol Maybe I will buy a few more in a few weeks.

  41. Celeste on February 14, 2015 at 3:20 PM said:

    Do you think the lip smacker webiste will still running after Markwins acquires the company?

  42. i’m done collecting, i can’t support them firing so many people and getting rid of a family company.

  43. Hmm I wonder if the Fanta Pineapple is anything like the Original Pineapple? This sucks they are outta Pineapple. If anyone sees it magically restock please let me kno.

    • Celeste on February 15, 2015 at 6:30 PM said:

      I can let you know if I see something pop up or you can email customer service. That’s what I did with peach and they let me know that it was coming back in and updated the website. lol The customer service is good,

  44. This was the writing on the wall for me. You couldn’t even find them in stores if you wanted to.

    • Celeste on February 15, 2015 at 8:08 PM said:

      That’s why I am ordered online because I barely find them in stores now and after Markwins takes over they may be harder to find. πŸ™ I know its just flavored lip balm, but lip smackers have been part of my childhood which is why its special to me. I bought a few more including some of the sun smackers and the Easter ones, its more a collectible for me than just lip balm.

      • Celeste on February 15, 2015 at 8:14 PM said:

        *I ordered* ugh, typos. lol :p

      • MrsWelton on February 16, 2015 at 8:24 AM said:

        Haha, in my mind, I’m saying it’s NOT “just flavored lip balm”!!! :'( LOL!!

        They’re part of my childhood, too – going on 40 years now. I feel a little ridiculous because of how torn up I am over this, but I can’t help it. :'(

        We’re snowed in, but as soon as our plow guy comes, I’m going Lip Smacker hunting again. Gotta stockpile my favorites.

        • Aw, I’m with you. I’ve long ago stopped trying to justify it and embraced the love of the brand and my mourning of it! I don’t care that it’s a company or just lip balm, darnit. πŸ˜€

  45. If you guys are looking for the pineapple (is it that good? I never had it! But I love pineapple!) search for lip smackers on ebay, on the first page you’ll see a seller that has the tasty tropicals trio (it’s not me or anything lol just passing on a good deal that I’m gonna get on too) with pineapple, papaya, and coconut for a little under $5 shipped and they have a deserts trio with chocolate mousse, coconut cake, and strawberry cheesecake I think for a little under $6 shipped…I didn’t think the price was too bad since it’s not far from retail. Has anyone tried the chocolate mousse flavor? I haven’t tried it but it’s the only flavor of the trio I don’t have in one packaging or another andi wanna know if it’s worth it, or is it a generic chocolate flavor. Thanks to anyone that knows πŸ™‚

  46. I bought from that same seller Ashley and the Tasty Tropicals Trio hardly had a scent. Was very sad about it. The Delectable Desserts was a lil better but not by much.

    • Oh really? What a bummer…I’m glad I haven’t bought them yet…I’m sorry for suggesting that seller then πŸ™

  47. Oh its not the sellers fault. They have a scent its jus very faint…

  48. Sparkina on February 22, 2015 at 4:30 AM said:

    It’s NOT just lip gloss to me — it’s part of my adolescence!!!!

    • MrsWelton on February 22, 2015 at 7:12 AM said:

      No, it’s definitely not just lip gloss to me, either, Sparkina – it’s been part of my life since 3rd grade!!

      • Agreed with you two!

        • Celeste on March 1, 2015 at 10:37 PM said:

          It’s a childhood memory. If it was any other lip balm, I would never collect them. It’s been in my life since I was 5 years old, now I’m in my early 20s. Maybe all is not doom and gloom. I read that Markwins took over Physicans Formula in 2012, which is a fun/good brand of drug store make up in my opinion. PLUS, its EASY to find in stores. I see it in all drug stores, Wal-mart and Target! Maybe Markwins can make Lip Smackers more accessible like they used to be so I can pick a one or two up whenever I go grocery shopping. They are going to add new flavors soon, I heard. Maybe there’s hope, either way I am glad I already added to my collection. πŸ™‚

          • MrsWelton on March 2, 2015 at 9:01 AM said:

            Same for me, Celeste – not only is it a childhood memory, but a lifelong memory. I discovered LS in third grade – I’ll be 46 this year.

            I’m hoping you’re right and all hope is not lost. I still wish they’d bring back the Biggy ones with the lanyards – that’s how they were when I first discovered them. It was so fun to be able to wear them as necklaces. πŸ˜€

            No matter what happens, I will continue to hunt and buy them whenever I’m out and about, adding to my ever-growing hoard, lol.

  49. I know this is a super late post since we already know about the company being sold and all, however, I’ve been thinking and been doing research as to why would they sell the company and I think it’s because, well the obvious: losing money.

    Take a look at these yearly reports from (which posts the Top 50 Report of the top 50 cosmetic companies of their earnings. The dates won’t be in order, sorry for that. The search results when I typed in Bonne Bell came out that way).

    This one came out in July 13, 2010:

    This one came out July 7, 2006:

    This one came out November 14, 2005:

    Then this one December 9, 2005:

    Now, at the top of your page, you’ll see a sections to click on. When you see the words Top Companies, hover your mouse over it (don’t click) and click on Top 50 Report.
    Next you’ll see a list of years, click on 2008. You’ll note BB isn’t on there. Go to 2009, it came back. 2010, BB was 50, last place. Do the same thing for the other years. You’ll find BB isn’t on there for 2011, 2012, 2013, or 2014 and these are the lowest numbers for each year:
    2011: 105 million
    2012,2013 tied: 110 million
    2014: 117 million
    I’m not quite sure, but maybe perhaps, BB could’ve fallen out of making 100 million. They didn’t make the list in 2008, but rebounded.

    Also, check out this site, where two workers rate BB as a company. The most recent one was listed 1 year and 3 months later before we knew the sellout:

    Here’s another, this is viewable only on PDF form and it lists for 2009. I was able to view it, so no viruses (It’s rank is 92 so scroll all the way down, then up):

    There’s more, but I can’t find it on Google. Share your thoughts by replying to me.

    • Celeste on April 12, 2015 at 6:46 PM said:

      Interesting research, Stef. With these links I can see that things were kind of rocky at Bonnebell. Management is usually the biggest reasons companies have issues ( I know from experience LOL), and they always try to shift the blame on the workers. Its true what they said on Glassdoor about the company not trying to do new things and copying other products. That’s part of the reason it went down, especially since they are not open to new ideas of doing things.

      This has already been brought up, but they were a lot more creative back then. Also, now even 13 year olds and older teens think they are too grown up for Lip Smackers. They are more into stuff like Baby Lips and EOS. When I was in high school, Lip Smackers were loved by all the girls.

      But anywhoo, hopefully things go well. I like their recent stuff like the vintage smackers (LOVE black cherry biggie and the Vanilla Cream Soda biggie). I also look forward to which smackers I have coming in. I got the Paul Frank party pack with the Biscotti one in it; I already have the other party pack. Everyone says good things about them.

      • You’re right Celeste that even the 13 year olds thought they were too grown up for LS.

        Part of the companies reasoning to aim it at the “tweens” and teens was I read in articles that the company was the first to aim it at that market and no other company at that time thought of aiming products at those age ranges. They must’ve looked at the demographics and saw how popular it was for so-and-so age to blank age and said “that’s what we’re going to aim our products to.”

        Basically, they dug their own hole. I believe other companies (such as Covergirl, Maybelline, Revlon, ect…) didn’t go there for maybe either of these reasons: A: they didn’t think of it. B. It wouldn’t work because you’re limiting it to a certain age group. C. They may’ve known it would backfire.

        If you look at the other lip balm companies like Blistex, Carmex, Chapstick, Burts Bees, Softlips, EOS, ect…. they don’t aim at a target demographic. They aim at everyone.

        I didn’t understand their reasoning behind it. This isn’t like books, magazines, TV shows, or movies where you have some dedicated to young kids, tweens, teens, and adults. But making flavored lip balm in a certain age range is beyond stupid. It probably worked back in the ’70’s because it was something new and exciting. That era was way, way before I was born and flavored lip balm was introduced. Now, anyone and any company can make it that smells and tastes great. I’m sure you can make lip balm at home.

        Like I said before, they dug their own grave.

        • Celeste on April 13, 2015 at 10:39 PM said:

          Everything your’e saying is so true, Stef. EVERYONE needs balm, not just 7 year old baby girls. They had a great produt with strong brand recognition and the niche factor of having so many flavors that were also more creative than EOS or the others.

          I think the fact that about 80% of thier stuff is non stop Disney made tweens and teens shy away from the balm because it seemed too childish for them. This made young adults (like my age) who didn’t really bond strongly with the brand, not want to buy it, so they wouldn’t seem childish either. I think they would have done better with having a base of more age neutral lines (like the cupcake collection and cosmic collection) and just did the really childish lines more sparingly (like how MAC used Archie’s Girls).

          Also girls now are different from the 70s. Kids just want to grow up too fast and are acting in ways that speed up thier childhood. They don’t want to feel like children, and using Donald Duck lip balm is associated with that.

          I’m in my 20s and am a kid at heart. I always have lip smackers on me. I love when they use animals in thier balms, like in the Paul Frank collection with the cute worry bear and others. πŸ™‚

          I wonder how the brand will change now, only time can tell.

  50. Sparkina on June 19, 2017 at 3:05 AM said:

    LS’s do indeed still exist but I can no longer wear them, because since the shift in ownership, they cause a horrible stinging, smarting itchy rash on my lips! (must have changed the formulation). These are NOT the soothing, gentle Bonne Bell Lip Smacker pomades from my 80s teenhood

    • That’s so terrible Sparkina! I’ve always loved hearing your Lip Smacker nostalgia and really enjoy your reviews! I hope it was just the batch. Markwins Lip Smackers are definitely different than Bonne Bell’s but not enough where I have had any problems. I did notice they no longer use sodium saccharin and instead use Stevia as a sweetener now.

  51. Cant believe we wont be able to get the Biggy Lip Smackers. Been using them since I was a kid. I’m in my 50’s now. Qhat I would give for a Tropical Fruit Punch Biggy or one in Dr. Pepper!!! =(

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