Remember the new Disney/Pixar Lip Smackers I mentioned awhile back? I’m 99% sure now that these are UK exclusives. Here are some better pics-

The Minnie trio-set has familiar flavors in Cupcake Cutie, Strawberry Fun, & Berry Sweet.











The Cars 2 flavors are Vroom Vroom Vanilla, Racin’ Raspberry, Grand Prix Kiwi. I’m not a Cars/Planes fan but I like the embossed tins.

















Bolt Rattlin’ Banana Split (haha), Barrel Roll Blueberry, and Soarin’ Strawberry.

Can you believe they snuck our beloved Blueberry into a random Planes trio?! Unsurprisingly it’s not the strong Blueberry we remember, but a subtle, non-tart version 🙁 Think Blueberry Muffin without the muffin. I guess those of us wanting the true-blue Blueberry we remember will have to keep waiting.




Since these are just a spin on the original flavors, I’d file these sets under For Fanatics; worth getting if you like collecting the new art, but are fairly standard otherwise.

473 Thoughts on “Vroom Vroom

  1. PrincessPea on January 10, 2014 at 5:31 AM said:

    ive followed your blog closely and i love it! i do love these tins, especially miss minnie, but goodness to i have a bone to pick 😛

    is it just me, or are the retro redo’s missing the point? they aren’t the right flavors! for example: the spf 24 mickey set had starfruit except, it wasn’t actually starfruit but something else entirely! what the heck? then there was the cinnamon sugar debacle [which i am still displeased about], the boring mint which isn’t mint at all, the never quite right sugarplums, and now blueberry…..a flavor ive been waiting for for over a decade. i know i’ve forgotten more, too.

    what’s going on?! who do i complain to?

    • PrincessPea on January 10, 2014 at 5:32 AM said:

      whoops submitted too quickly. anyway thanks again. i’m trying to stay positive but i just had to say something about the recent stuff.

  2. GAAAAAH!!!! You’re right, they’re exclusive to the UK. *sigh* What a CROCK! I have a little boy who’s turning five in less than a month and these would be an awesome birthday gift for him!!

    I’m gonna complain to the company, this is unfair. 🙁

  3. *sigh* I found them on eBay, and my dear, sweet husband doesn’t think shipping costs are unreasonable, so it looks like I may get lucky!! YAY!! 😀

  4. That Minnie tin is too cute! I’m not crazy about Cars or Planes either, but Grand Prix Kiwi does sound pretty good.

  5. Where did you buy all of these?!
    Especially the minnie mouse one!
    The tins are absolutely fab!!!!!!!

  6. i found it on the french amazon, but im not sure if they deliver to america.

  7. got mine today!! great formula on everything which i guess is normal since theyre reg. flavs. love them though. but yeah whats up with blueberry? that was not a cool surprise

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