Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas and received lots of smackers! I had a bit of a Christmas miracle because Markwins helped me acquire some of the recent flavors I’ve had trouble finding. I’ll be reviewing them this week starting with the very anticipated Tsum Tsums Lip Smackers.



I have to say, younger kids are going to go crazy for these. They’re essentially toys with built-in lip balms and the chunky design definitely lends to that idea. These are the perfect stocking stuffer or party favor.

They’re also fun to roll around on the floor for your cat. Not that I did that or anything…


The designs really are cool, though a few fans have pointed out there’s a bit less lip product than usual. I can see how that would be the case so keep that in mind with the higher price point.


Overall these are a great addition to the Lip Smacker lineup and a welcome change. There’s a lot to love here for us older fans and I think on some level these scratch a nostalgic itch I didn’t realize I had. They remind me a lot of those 80s/90s kid’s shampoo with the rubber character heads.

I’d love to see 4 more Tsum Tsum balms (for a full set of 8, please) and the same idea applied to other smacker products. Maybe some cute mini lotion bottles or body sprays. Holiday themed ones too! Since I’m probably getting ahead of myself, I’ll settle for a Piglet Bubblegum version  😛

So what do you guys think?



(PS: If you’re having trouble finding any of the new flavors, check out lipsmacker.com – many of the holiday smackers are there now, as well as the Tsum Tsums, Sriracha, and the Smoothie Chillerz, which I’ll also be reviewing soon)

Just a heads up – I am no longer able to review new releases from LS on time. Stores that used to carry LS in my area have removed the brand entirely from shelves in the past 1-2 years. Sellers online are also price gouging since the Markwins sale, meaning I don’t have a reliable way to get new flavors quickly without spending a small fortune.

Of course I will continue to post my collection and new flavors as they come, but it might be much later in the season than useful.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!



I’ve gotten a few emails from readers that say they aren’t getting exactly what’s pictured on the label – that is to say, some of the new holiday smackers appear to be re-wrapped old flavors:



“Wanted to send these photos along to you. Markwins is putting different variations of holiday flavors out. There are 3 different versions of the same Ribbon Candy. They are taking old flavors and putting a holiday wrap on them.”


“The flavors don’t even resemble or mimic the said name. It was pure laziness. Here’s the ones I got and what they really are;


Marshmallow Crisp is Confetti Sprinkles
Butterscotch is Vanilla Bean
Candy Cane is a cake of some sort, can’t put my finger on it
Ribbon Candy is Fresh Strawberry (same one I got in cane)
Marshmallow Pop is Strawberry Sprinkles
this variation would be an …interesting… surprise:
“Dulce de Leche is in disguise as Ribbon Candy too. The thing is is there are actually correct versions out there with the right formula of each holiday flavor but say someone who doesn’t know any better picks these up are going to be really thrown off that the flavor names do not match the scent AT ALL. “
another email:
“Hey Bunnycookie! I bought the new Christmas smackers and they’re not even the right flavors! My new Butterscotch is a very distinct Strawberry and Candy Cane is Angel Food Cake. My Marshmallow has no hint of that flavor either and it honestly seems like Vanilla Cake but I’m not 100% sure……”
and finally:
“the new butterscotch Smacker is not butterscotch let’s put it that way! at least mine wasn’t, instead it was strawberry (shudder). please post about this! quality control is lacking since the transition. also so many of the other flavors are just butter mint re-named, i don’t know if that was intentional or not. i am so sad!”
Has anyone else experienced this? I’m curious how rampant this issue is. My guess is fairly common considering how many emails I’ve gotten so quickly from you guys.

I’ll be reaching out to Markwins & will update here if needed!


It’s that spoOoky time of year again, though you might find that this year’s Halloween Lip Smackers are too cute to leave you shaking in your boots. At least your lips will be moisturized, right?

Many of you will recognize some familiar designs/flavors from last year, but there are a couple new characters making an appearance that are worth picking up. On the left are the new designs and below you’ll find a picture of the full collection. I’m especially loving Sweet Sugar Spell from the villains set, which is that very light sugary cotton candy flavor many of us like so much. Ursula’s formula has also magically transformed from Wicked Sour Grape to Wicked Sour Apple.

There is a new Mickey & Friends trio too featuring Caramel Apple Fun, Strawberry Jelly Macaroon, and Brewing Up Halloween Punch (I love when LS does flavor names like this). A fun way to stock up on some classics while bringing in the holidays.

And hey, maybe some of that Halloween magic will find you extra lucky this year? There’s an awesome giveaway happening over on Lip Smacker’s facebook pageclick here to check it out. 5 winners will receive the complete 2015 Halloween collection (make sure to read the full rules), which is a pretty fun way to go trick or treating 🙂 

(that actually gives me an idea. Remember those houses that gave out full sized candy bars? I’m totally gonna give out biggy Lip Smackers. Past-me would have loved future-me 😎 )




Sorry guys, no sign of the comfort foods trio over here either! I’ll let everyone know if I hear or see anything.

I was however surprised to find these sports themed smackers, especially at this time of year.  I really like the tube design but I’m not a fan of the packaging itself. Flavor wise there is nothing new here for collectors (these are mostly redone novelties), but it’s a cute idea.



* Cotton Candy
* Root Beer
* Buttered Popcorn
* Frozen Lemonade
* Salted Pretzel
* Tropical Punch




Stay tuned for a couple more updates soon!