Strawberry Lip Smacker Family

Strawberry Lip Smacker Family

Strawberry is the original Lip Smacker, going all the way back to 1973.Β  Everyone loves this iconic flavor, and Bonne Bell knows it! If you’re a super Strawberry fan, they have you covered – you can find it in countless variations such as: Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry Vanilla, Strawberry Cupcake, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Watermelon, Strawberry Cheesecake, Strawberry Starfruit, and on and on πŸ™‚


For those of us who can’t get enough, there have been lots of Strawberry biggys over the years. At 4x the normal size, these jumbo smackers should sustain your addiction for awhile. Check out how cool the vintage Strawberry Lip Smacker looked in the 70’s and 80’s! I am still holding out hope that BB will bring back the rope necklaces someday.

Vintage Lip Smacker - Strawberry 1970s

Vintage Lip Smacker – Strawberry 1970s

Vintage Lip Smacker - Strawberry 1980s

Vintage Lip Smacker – Strawberry 1980s

10 Thoughts on “Vintage Spotlight: Strawberry Lip Smacker

  1. lindsay on August 11, 2012 at 4:30 PM said:

    lipsmackers rock! i’ve been wearing them for years and i more than likely will still be using them even when i’m 80! they are super cheap, moisturizing and come in a ton of fun flavors and scents. i remember all the awesome flavors that they had in the 80’s (and early 90’s) like root beer float, cinnamon and sugar, gooey fruits, chocolate milk, starfruit, pink chocolate, jelly bean, sugar plum, coconut cake (not the one they have now but a completely different one) ect. it seemed like they stopped making yummy new flavors and just had the basic ones but recently, theyv’e started making awesome flavors again. at any rate, no matter what flavor-i absolutely love lip smackers! i also collect vintage cosmetics and have a ton of old school 70’s and 80’s lipglosses- village lip lickers, kissing potions, kissing koolers and would LOVE to have a vintage lip smacker to go in my collection but it seems like noone has any. and if they do, they sure don’t wanna sell them because i’ve NEVER seen 1 on ebay or anywhere else! they ones in the pic look way cool! i knew they were big and you could wear them around your neck on a string. i’m not gonna stop looking for one of the vintage ones but until then, i’m more than happy with the chapstick-sized ones!

    • I agree, they’re the best lip balm hands down. 80’s/90’s Lip Smackers were my favorite too; their flavors have been pretty tame this decade. I think Bonne Bell are realizing the demand is there and we’re starting to see some weirder stuff again.
      Village Lip Lickers always seemed really cool to me from what I’ve seen online, and has a pretty dedicated fanbase. I haven’t seen them in person, unfortunately.
      And you’re right, people definitely keep a tight lid on their vintage Smackers. They are one of the toughest collections, I think. I’ve made a few posts showing some of my vintages, and I’ll be doing more in the future, so keep an eye out πŸ™‚

      Thanks for commenting!

      • lindsay on August 15, 2012 at 7:59 PM said:

        you wouldn’t wanna sell one of your vintage ones, would you? i would pay you accordingly.

        • Sorry for the late response! I’ll go through my collection and see what duplicates I have and let you know πŸ™‚

          • oh man, that would be so cool! like i said, i’ll pay you a good amount for it just because they are so rare. let me know!

          • I haven’t forgotten about this! Trying to go through everything πŸ™‚

  2. m'lissa munoz on January 11, 2013 at 11:05 PM said:

    i saw a vintage original jumbo strawberry lipsmacker on string awhile back n couldnt find it again for 150.00, im very much interested in buying one.i wouldnt even care much what flavor,i remember green one was nice.anyways plz get back with me.and do u think it will still have original color n smell,it was still in package.thanks.if u have one u could sale plz let me know. sincerely, m’lissa

  3. Abbey on May 23, 2013 at 9:29 PM said:

    Hello from New Zealand! I am jealous of these! xx

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