Lip Smackers - Valentines 2012

Lip Smacker - Valentine's 2012

Did you realize that BB released Valentine’s Day Lip Smackers again this year? Personally, I had a lot of trouble finding them, and the usual places online were lacking them too.





From left to right:

*2 Cute Cotton Candy
*Wild About U Raspberry
*Pink Lemonade Kisses
*I Love You Strawberry
*B Mine Bubble Gum
*Cherry Hearts

They follow the same theme and style as last year’s, making a super cute matching set of 12 🙂  It looks like they only rolled out in certain locations, so I’m not really sure about what other Valentine’s stuff they released, if any. I do know there’s a key chain that came with the 3-pack tube. Anything else?

Lip Smacker - Valentine's 2012 Key Chain

Lip Smacker - Valentine's 2012 Key Chain

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