This collection sorta came out of nowhere huh? Quicker than the holiday stuff, even.

Found @ Target in late September. Love!







30 Thoughts on “Tasty Cake Pops!

  1. I wish Lip Smacker would stop making so many red velvet flavors. They all smell similar and have been allergic to every version I’ve gotten.

    • Agh frustrating, I think I remember you mentioning that with their last red velvet. Is that the only formula/flavor that you’re allergic to?

      • I’m allergic to a few other kinds of flavors too. Starburst (the ones that are out now, not the jelly bean or squared-shaped one from the 2000’s), certain strawberry flavors (strawberry vanilla, strawberry cheesecake, Skittles original strawberry), all the Fanta flavors, and Strawberry Crush.

        • The interesting thing about the strawberry flavors is that I know which ones I’m allergic to by their smell. If they smell more like the original strawberry Lip Smacker, then I’m not allergic, but if it smells more like Strawberry Fanta, then I’m allergic (I’d say I’m allergic to Strawberry Fanta the most out of all the Lip Smackers I’ve ever used. It makes my lips feel sooooo numb.)

          • Must be the red pigment they use. A lot of people are allergic to “Red Lake 40” pigment that is in some lip and a ton of eye cosmetics. It can be used in a lot of purple colors, too. That really stinks since they do fantastic strawberry flavors.

          • Haha, that’s sort of fascinating.

  2. Went to Target today on my lunch and decided to look for these even though I didn’t think I find them. There was ONE left, so of course I got it! 🙂 So glad I saw this post before I went! Can’t wait to try them, especially the white chocolate lemon.

  3. I love that they keep doing these sets and that there are new flavors in original packaging! It’s always such a nice surprise! Hope they keep these going for 2015! The Vanilla Buttercream is utterly delicious!!! I really like the uniqueness of White Chocolate Lemon. I wish they would of used the lemon type of flavor that they used for Lemon Drop and Lemon Square. This is the more sharp lemon that is the same one used for Frozen Lemonade, which smells exactly like Italian Ice. I notice they also used this same lemon flavor in the Luscious line as well as the latest Frozen Ice Pop and Evilly Delicious Punch. Not a bad lemon, but not one you pair with a sweet flavor.

    How cute would a ‘candy shop’ theme be in this packaging? Strawberry Licorice, Gummy Bears, Gumball and Peach Rings?

    • To me, ice pop and evilly delicious punch smells just like the pink grapefruit sparkler luscious Lip Smacker.

    • PEACH RINGS. I just love their peach/pear smackers. Now I’m mad this isn’t a thing 😛

    • Celeste on April 5, 2015 at 8:45 PM said:

      Rock candy, like in the cosmic collection would be a nice addition to a candy shop collection. Maybe sour gummy worms and rainbow lollipop too.

  4. Ugh!! Just bough these off ebay cuz for some reason, no target in my area has these. I still have been unable to locate the donut or sundae collection with this packaging at any of my local targets. I am in buffalo NY

    • Whenever I have this problem a couple months later they’ll be everywhere, haha. I remember I couldn’t find the Girl Scouts smackers for awhile and then boom, a million wherever I looked.

      I think we live in locations that see a lot of these much later than everyone else.

  5. Katera on October 10, 2014 at 5:51 PM said:

    I need to go to target for these delicious flavours!

  6. I got these as an early birthday present the other day and I LOVE them! Vanilla Buttercream is my favorite, but they’re all good. I also love the simple/original labels. Sure, the Disney and designs are cute and all, but sometimes I just want sleek or simple.

    • Celeste on April 5, 2015 at 8:43 PM said:

      I agree. I love the original labels too. I love Disney, but sometimes less is more.

  7. Celeste on April 5, 2015 at 12:36 AM said:

    I went with my friend to Target today and got excited when I saw these. I didn’t even know this set existed. Even though I got so many smackers, I just had to have these! All the flavors are lovely. I also got chocolate hazelnut, which smells like Nutella. Vanilla Buttercream is so rich, maybe richer than French Vanilla. White chocolate lemon is really unique. Strawberries n Cream smells a bit like strawberry frosting, minus the mint note in the background, but its distinct from the frosting, it definitley smells like its name. Red Velvet is like its name, I have red velvet from the cupcake collection too. Its a nice scent, but not one of my favorite smackers.

    • Joanna on April 5, 2015 at 10:11 PM said:

      I hope to find these too! You are lucky! 🙂 how do you like the chocolate hazelnut? I am surprised how much I like it… realistic chocolate scents are hard to come by for my nose 😉

      • Celeste on April 5, 2015 at 11:21 PM said:

        I hope you find them too! I would check whichever Targets in your area that are not too out of the way for you to stop by. Mine was less than $5.00. The buttercream is close to French Vanilla but is not the same. I love the chocolate hazelnut, its such a rich chocolate nutty smell! 🙂 I like it better than the Paul Frank chocolate fudge, that is less rich and a little more artificial smelling. I do hope they make more honey smackers. I have 2 Worry Bear’s Honey Sweet from the Paul collection and its one of my top favorite smackers ever.

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