Here it is, the long-awaited 70’s trio! There are things to love about this set, and it’s great that Bonne Bell released something we’ve been asking for: decade flavors. I’m really happy about the matching tubes, too.


The flavor choices are playing it safe, but Peach is a home-run. I have been using Peach non-stop and I firmly believe it’s one of their best flavors. As for Piece-a-Cake, well we’ve been deluged with bakery type scents for way too long now but this particular flavor has always been an exception. This is a very good effort–I think the 70’s version has just a bit more citrus, but it’s not glaringly obvious. BB did these two classics justice.

OK, now I have to talk about Peppermint. I hate talking about Peppermint. It keeps breaking our hearts and yet we keep going back hoping this time it will change. Look, this was the perfect time to reintroduce the lovely, biting formula we miss so much. It didn’t happen, so now I say let Peppermint retire in peace. Peppermint is tired of youngins like Vanilla Mint stealing its iconic name and tube.

Jokes aside, the new formula isn’t even vaguely reminiscent of the original. It’s misleading to keep putting the Peppermint label on it.

Despite that mishap this is a good collection and a must have. The tubes, fonts, and 2 of the flavors are amazing. Plus I support innovative releases like this, I hope there are more in the near future!

For a large part of its history Bonne Bell had a lot of cool outdoorsy products, including this vintage Lip Proofer (which I estimate to be early 80’s). Specifically, you can find several old ads in skiing magazines!

I found this relevant excerpt from an article written in 1985:

Over the years Bonne Bell has also cultivated a national fitness image. In the 1960’s it became a sponsor of the U.S. Ski Team and the National Ski Patrol. This association helped the firm design a series of skin-care products for skiers, such as Suretan, Sun Block, High Altitude Cream, and Lip Proofer. – The Rotarian





Ahah, I love this late 90’s smackers ad!


shazzam! atomic nails
millenium flavored mouth
spaced out sparkle

Even as a kid I liked these ads because the girls in them felt ultra relatable 😀

1998-christmasHope everyone is having/had a great holiday!

I thought it was time to dig out a set that I’m sure a lot of people have heavy nostalgia about; the 1998 Christmas set!

It was old-school perfection, right? Charms, chains, and that awesome, unbridled cosmic glitter. Even the caps had a light dusting of shimmer 😀



On left from top to bottom there is Cranberry, the lovely Golden Pear, and Grape Gum Drop. On right, Sugar Plum, Merry Berry, and the yummy Candy Cane formula that eludes their similar scents today.

I was always a bit partial to Golden Pear, though.