The birds are singing, the sun is out, everyone is in shorts… sure it’s only 59 degrees but it’s summer, darnit!  And I won’t let a little thing like temperature tell me otherwise. Which is why, drooling in the ice cream aisle at the grocery store earlier, I absentmindedly threw a pint of Haagen Daz Pineapple Coconut into my cart.

What a great flavor to celebrate summer with, I thought.  I totally didn’t grab this flavor because it subconsciously reminded me of a vintage Lip Smacker flavor, either. I independently chose this without any influence whatsoever! Oh boy.  😀

Well it took another 30 minutes before I figured that out, but here we are! And here are some pictures to document my delicious coincidence.

Say hello to these two screw-top 70’s cuties, Pineapple and Pineapple Cocoanut. Yes, that’s cocoanut with an A! Very vintage.


Pineapple smells very creamy and heavy and not nearly as tart as you’d expect, which is a nice twist on their fruity scents. Pineapple Cocoanut lays it extra heavy on the coconut, almost the sunscreen-y kind of coconut which defines summer for me. I like it!


And I must say, I’m pretty partial to that blindingly neon yellow tube and white lettering. 


I figured Bonne Bell had more than exceeded their surprise quota this year with the introduction of the amazing novelty smackers, but after finding these at Target consider me educated… and happily shocked.

Eight new smackers, each set delightfully themed with ice cream and donuts in mind:

Presenting the Sensational Sundae collection:


and the Delectable Donuts collection:


Where did these come from?! Who do I have to blame / thank?! 😀

Toppings that make you go mmm: Creamy Caramel, French Vanilla, Hot Fudge, and Strawberry Glaze


Donuts for every meal: Confetti Sprinkles, Raspberry Jelly, Cake Donut, and Strawberry Frosting


hot-fudge-smackerSo pretty 🙂 Bonne Bell really perfected these in a few ways; the packaging is a perfect balance between old-school and new, and the tube colors are gorgeous! I love Strawberry Frosting’s retro milkshake pink, and the Hot Fudge/Strawberry Glaze pairing. I’ve been dreaming about a black tube for awhile and this comes close enough…



A rainbow of treats


They all have lovely scents that really come out after first use. The richness of Creamy Caramel and French Vanilla are sooo nice. Hot Fudge is very reminiscent of the 90’s Strawberry/Raspberry Chocolate duo (and M&M) smackers. Strawberry Glaze is super tart (yum) and has mild color, while Raspberry Jelly is super sweet. Interestingly, Strawberry Frosting has a mild minty note that keeps reminding me of mid-2000 flavors… maybe it’s just me.

I can’t comment on Cake Donut and Confetti Sprinkles because I can never tell with those types of balms 😛 They’re all the same to me!

So, this release gets a high grade from me. What do you guys think?

Also can anyone tell me if Strawberry Glaze is similar to the jewel capped Strawberry Garnet Glaze? I don’t have an open one to test and I can’t remember!

calippo I’m happy to see that Lip Smacker + Walls are bringing us 3 new flavors, this time based on their freezie-pop (Calippo) line!


So far there is Strawberry Tropical, Orange, and Lemon Lime. Perfect for summer! Available now for £3.50 at and 3,99€ on

Also, Ice Cream Cake got a little makeover! Here’s a before and after shot:


Lip Smcker - SPF 24

Lip Smcker - SPF 24

I looove Lip Smacker’s SPF series; I’m so glad BB has made it a standard set that’s carried everywhere 🙂 Maybe I’m a little biased, but any other SPF lip balms I’ve tried (like Burt’s Bees) have been lacking. The textures on the SPF smackers are awesome and smell great.


Oh, and you can’t beat the clip ‘n go cap 😀

From left to right:

*Cherry Berry Ball
*Power Punch
*Vanilla Ice
*Strawberry Scoop
*Melon Extreme
*Kiwi Berry Crush
*Cool Strawberry Orange
*Lemon Lime Rush
*Strawberry Splash

It looks like Strawberry Splash & Watermelon Wave (not pictured) were replaced by Cherry Berry Ball and Strawberry Scoop in a recent update to the 8 piece party pack. My personal favorite is Cool Strawberry Orange, what’s your summertime must-have?