Something new to share finally!

A reader kindly emailed me a link to a post on an Italian beauty blog called BeautYdea that has pictures of the Lip Smacker booth from a beauty trade-show event! It looks like Lip Smacker has partnered with Wall’s Ice Cream to bring us some new frozen flavors:

Wall's Ice Cream

Wall’s Lip Smackers courtesy of

Go check out their blog post here, there are lots of pictures! – and if you look closely you will spot a handful of other new flavors including a Wall’s flavor called Funny Feet, which from what I can gather from this vintage ad below is Strawberry:


Is anyone here familiar with this brand?

Lip Smacker - Bubble Gum Kisses

Lip Smacker – Bubble Gum Kisses

Reader Tanya has submitted a picture of a cute new Lip Smacker she spotted at her local Target called Bubble Gum Kisses. It looks like we’re getting another Valentine’s collection! BB also appears to have changed up the style a bit from the last sets.

If anyone sees the others please let me know 😀

The new Lover’s sets are too cute for words! And they also have several unique flavors that you just have to pick up.

Lip Smacker - Strawberry Lovers

Lip Smacker – Strawberry Lovers

Lip Smacker - Cupcake Lovers

Lip Smacker – Cupcake Lovers








From left to right:lip-smacker-strawberry-lovers2

*Strawberry Coconut
*Strawberry Watermelon
*Strawberry Cotton Candy
*Strawberry Vanilla
*Strawberry Cheesecake


I really like Strawberry Coconut–it smells like coconut fruit salad. Strawberry Watermelon is very strong and would be perfect for the summer-time. Strawberry Cheescake can be found in the Delectable Desserts trio (with Chocolate Mousse and Coconut Cake).

I also like Strawberry Cotton Candy which is a very sweet smelling strawberry; it reminds me of cotton candy Bubble Yum!








From left to right:

*Red Velvet
*Berry Buttercream
*Strawberry Sprinkle
*Salted Caramel
*Birthday Cake
*Vanilla Coconut



Berry Buttercream and Vanilla Coconut get their scents exactly right, I think you guys will like them a lot. Salted Caramel has a nutty caramel scent like a candy-bar, making it one of the more unique additions to Bonne Bell’s line this year. Red Velvet and Birthday Cake have the classic bakery smell, and Strawberry Sprinkle smells a bit like strawberry frosting.

Both sets have really great flavors and they’re proving to be very popular. Check your Walgreens!

2013 will bring us a lot of yummy goodies from our favorite company 🙂 Have a good new years eve!

Lip Smacker has updated their website with some more info regarding the 40th anniversary products coming out next year! 😀 Scroll down for pictures.

We’ve seen most of these new flavors in the Strawberry Lovers and Cupcake Lovers collections, so the most exciting development is Vanilla Milkshake and the vintage styled four-pack which includes Orange Sherbet, Pina Colada, Cherry Cream Soda, and Sour Grapes.

I think this is just a preview of some things to come–they’re supposed to be releasing a Root Beer Float and new Dr. Pepper as well!

Lip Smacker - 40th Anniversary Preview

Lip Smacker – 40th Anniversary Preview






Lip Smacker - 40th Anniversary Preview

Lip Smacker – 40th Anniversary Preview