Here are some fun 90’s Easter-related goodies I dug up that I thought I would share!


This cute little collection came with Easter themed tattoos! Flavors: Jelly Bean, Bubble Gum, Raspberry Chocolate, Passion Fruit


Check out the matching crayons! The back says “Have a hip-hoppity Happy Easter with SMACKS of fun flavored lip gloss. DON’T FORGET! Color and send in your cool kickin’ color creation. You could win tons of fun lip smackin’ stuff!” šŸ™‚

Flavors: Jelly Bean, Pink Lemonade, Bubble Gum


These Friendship Collectibles are some of my favorite Smacker productsĀ <3Ā Check outĀ Passion Fruit and her lovable doggy, Kiwi on this Pink Chocolate flavored lip gloss.

The back says “Kiwi is a silly dog who loves to make Passion Fruit laugh. Passion Fruit can’t help but giggle whenever she sees Kiwi wearing bunny ears.” Aww.


Here’s a yummy Wild Berry Jellybean lip gloss, featuring Starfruit and her pet monkey, Muffin.

Muffin the Monkey is adventurous and full of energy. Muffin loves to paint Easter eggs and give them to Starfruit as a special gift.


BubbleĀ Gum and her pet bunny Sugar are too adorable with their Bubblegum Egg gloss.

Sugar the Bunny is sweet, kind, and very cuddly. Bubble Gum and Sugar both love pretty things, like flowers, butterflies, and Easter baskets.


Cupcake the kitty and her owner Candy Confetti are oneĀ of my favorites. This “fun flavored shiner” comes in Marshmallow Chick flavor. And just look at the wittle chicks at the bottom šŸ™‚

Cupcake the cat is clever, curious, and loves attention. Cupcake loves to get into things. Once she broke one of Candy Confetti’s large Easter eggs.

easterrhinestonesThe Easter bunny came early and left us some presents in our basket! šŸ™‚

Eight adorable springtime smackers are hopping into stores in egg capsules, box-sets, and little baggies…


A pile of goodies~


Mallow Chick, Sugar Cookie, Jelly Bean, Pink Chocolate, Carrot Cake, Bubblegum Egg, Strawberry Mints, and Butter Mints.

Love the two mint flavors! And the designs are so cute recently.



Paul Frank party pack 2013

Paul Frank Lip Smacker party pack 2013

Paul Frank came through again with a new 8-piece party pack that features some yummy ice-cream flavors and a really hilarious design (like seriously, Julius the Monkey as an ice cream cone, could it get any better?).



From left to right:

*Chocolate Fudge
*Ice Cream Cake
*Strawberry Ice Cream
*Rainbow Sherbet
*Cookies and Cream
*Caramel Creme
*Pineapple Creme
*Mint Chip

Caramel seems to be a popular go-to for BB right now. My favorites from this collection are Chocolate Fudge, Rainbow Sherbet, and Pineapple Creme. What about you guys?

If you remember awhile back I posted about the new flavors found in the Lip Smacker Checklist, and if it’s accurate than we’re missing Vanilla Creme, Angel Food Cake, Devil’s Food Cake, and the axed Cinnamon Sugar (may it rest in peace).Ā  Also I don’t see Pineapple Creme on the list–perhaps it replaced Cin. Sugar at the last second?

It makes sense that the Angel/Devil cakes are MIA since this is an ice-cream themed set, but I wonder if we will see them ever? So many questions!

Lip Smacker Vintage Beverage Trio

Lip Smacker Vintage Beverage Trio

And to pair with your retro trio, here’s a pic of the vintage milkshake trio that everyone knows about by now.

Cherry Cream Soda, Root Beer Float, and Vanilla Malt Shake.




Easter Brights Duo

Spring Lip Smacker Brights: Lemon Drop, Cream Pop

Can’t forget the two new addition to the perfection that is the Brights family–Lemon Drop and Cream Pop.

You can find them paired with Springtime themed press-on nails. They smell exactly like lemon candy and orange dreamsicles. Love, love, love. The Brights stuff is a new-classic collection for sure, right?




Vintage Minnie Lip Smackers

Vintage Minnie Lip Smackers

And BB is also selling a re-done vintage Minnie duo in Cotton Candy and Cupcake for Spring! Even though they’re repeat flavors, they’re worth a buy. Their Lip Smacker Disney stuff is expanding really fast.



Ā That’s all for now!



Easter Lip Smackers 2013

Easter 2013

Here’s a picture of some of the new Easter stuff from the last blog post!

Creamy Caramel, Chocolate Buttercream, and Orange Vanilla Dream are the stars this holiday and they will not disappoint!

Several of the other flavors are reused from Easter 2012 but this is a solid collection — everything has a strong scent and the design is pretty cute. It’s definitely worth stocking up on your favorites while they’re available.

I’ll be updating soon with more info on the other Easter stuff.

From left to right:

*Creamy Caramel
*Pink Cake Pop
*Strawberry Vanilla Whip
*Sweet Bubble Gum
*Orange Vanilla Dream
*Chocolate Buttercream
*Mellow Mallow
*Juicy Jelly Bean

Eight flavors are being released for Spring and Easter this year. They are:

*Strawberry Vanilla Whip
*Chocolate Buttercream
*Creamy Caramel
*Mellow Mallow
*Pink Cake Pop
*Orange Vanilla Dream
*Juicy Jelly Bean
*Sweet Bubble Gum

As well as two more additions to the growing Brights collection in Lemon Drop and Cream Pop. I’m most excited for Lemon Drop, Chocolate Buttercream, and Orange Vanilla Dream. What about you guys?

Let me know if you see anything else!