The Frozen set is so beautiful you guys! I love this as much (maybe more) than the Disney villain’s collection, and that is saying a lot. The designs are lovely AND they included Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf with the girls 😀





From left to right:

*Cool Vanilla Mint [Elsa]
*Chilled Cranberry Grape [Elsa & Anna]
*Strawberry Shake [Anna]
*Ice Pop [Kristoff]
*Berry Slush [Sven]
*Coconut Snowball [Olaf]

disney-frozen-smackersChilled Cranberry Grape and Ice Pop are so good ahhh… I think I have an Ice Pop problem. These are must have smackers.ice-pop-cranberry-grape


This is a very well done themed set–the flavor choice for each character is amazing. Kudos to whoever came up with Coconut Snowball for Olaf 😀

(more holiday stuff coming by the end of the week!)

Here are some photos of the gorgeous ‘Utterly Ariel’ shimmer collection!










6 shimmer Smackers are included. They are classic flavors though a couple have a cute spin on the name:

* Calypso Berry
* Cotton Candy Castle (aww)
* Bubble Gum
* Marshmallow Wish
* Vanilla Lights
* Strawberry Stars

If you like their glittery balms then you will definitely like this set. I think Marshmallow Wish is my favorite this time around, though it’s impossible to ignore their Strawberry stuff 😀


The new artwork is lovely. I really like the details on Marshmallow and Vanilla’s designs–


lip-smacker-ariel-2013I mentioned in an older post that there are a few Holiday tins. I think a Daisy/Minnie tin and a Milkshake themed tin paired with the new retro smackers.

If you bought them please feel free to share pics! The tins alone are worth having, they’re well made and look cute with everything.

I can’t say for sure where these are available since I bought them online buuut hopefully they’ll be on the webstore with the other Holiday stuff.

Paul Frank party pack 2013

Paul Frank Lip Smacker party pack 2013

Paul Frank came through again with a new 8-piece party pack that features some yummy ice-cream flavors and a really hilarious design (like seriously, Julius the Monkey as an ice cream cone, could it get any better?).



From left to right:

*Chocolate Fudge
*Ice Cream Cake
*Strawberry Ice Cream
*Rainbow Sherbet
*Cookies and Cream
*Caramel Creme
*Pineapple Creme
*Mint Chip

Caramel seems to be a popular go-to for BB right now. My favorites from this collection are Chocolate Fudge, Rainbow Sherbet, and Pineapple Creme. What about you guys?

If you remember awhile back I posted about the new flavors found in the Lip Smacker Checklist, and if it’s accurate than we’re missing Vanilla Creme, Angel Food Cake, Devil’s Food Cake, and the axed Cinnamon Sugar (may it rest in peace).  Also I don’t see Pineapple Creme on the list–perhaps it replaced Cin. Sugar at the last second?

It makes sense that the Angel/Devil cakes are MIA since this is an ice-cream themed set, but I wonder if we will see them ever? So many questions!

Lip Smacker Vintage Beverage Trio

Lip Smacker Vintage Beverage Trio

And to pair with your retro trio, here’s a pic of the vintage milkshake trio that everyone knows about by now.

Cherry Cream Soda, Root Beer Float, and Vanilla Malt Shake.




Easter Brights Duo

Spring Lip Smacker Brights: Lemon Drop, Cream Pop

Can’t forget the two new addition to the perfection that is the Brights family–Lemon Drop and Cream Pop.

You can find them paired with Springtime themed press-on nails. They smell exactly like lemon candy and orange dreamsicles. Love, love, love. The Brights stuff is a new-classic collection for sure, right?




Vintage Minnie Lip Smackers

Vintage Minnie Lip Smackers

And BB is also selling a re-done vintage Minnie duo in Cotton Candy and Cupcake for Spring! Even though they’re repeat flavors, they’re worth a buy. Their Lip Smacker Disney stuff is expanding really fast.



 That’s all for now!



Lip Smacker - Original Disney Princess Biggies

Lip Smacker – Original Disney Princess Biggies

I’ve posted before about the original Ariel, Cinderella, and Aurora releases, which everyone has seen by now, but I forgot to show pictures of the new princess biggies that were released this past fall. Sometimes Bonne Bell likes to change the format or design of a product, and they did exactly that with the new trios.

There was a total of four trios made. Each trio comes with 1 biggy, 1 ‘companion’, and 1 prince themed smacker. The companion smacker is only available in the trio, while the prince smackers are available in their own separate 6-piece pack (which includes a few other prince smackers that are not available in a trio set). Whew.


Lip Smacker - Ariel Biggy Trio

Lip Smacker – Ariel Biggy Trio

So first up is the Ariel trio from the Little Mermaid. The biggy is Calypso Berry–just like the original Ariel biggy–, and her companion Lip Smacker is Sebastian in flavor Tropical Treat. It’s hard to see, but on the far right is an Ariel & Prince Eric smacker in Strawberry Kiwi Kiss.  Also notice Ariel is in a gown this time!




Lip Smacker - Cinderella Biggy Trio

Lip Smacker – Cinderella Biggy Trio

The Cinderella biggy is Vanilla Sparkle like the original, and her adorable companion smacker features the mice Jaq & Gus in the flavor Best Buds Berry. I love it! The smacker to the far left features Cinderella and Prince Charming in Charming Cheesecake.





Lip Smacker - Belle Biggy Trio

Lip Smacker – Belle Biggy Trio

Belle was originally relegated to party pack status, but here she is with her own biggy!. And just like in the party pack, Belle’s flavor is Tea Time Treats. Sorry for the terrible picture, but on the far left are the characters Chip & Mrs. Potts in flavor Cream & Sugar. Belle is seen with Beast on the right in Butterscotch.





Lip Smacker - Jasmine Biggy Trio

Lip Smacker – Jasmine Biggy Trio

Last but not least is Jasmine’s trio, and my favorite one! It’s so pretty 😀 Like Belle, Jasmine did not have a biggy, but here she is in flavor Berry Magic. Her cute companion is Rajah in Sweet Coconut, while her and Aladdin are paired together for Romantic Raspberry.






Lip Smacker - Disney Princes

Lip Smacker – Disney Princes

Like I mentioned, you can get all of the prince smackers in a separate 6-pack except for Prince Charming’s Charming Cheesecake which is for some reason only available in the Cinderella trio. They come in an adorable repackaged design, too! The other three flavors are:

*Snow White & the Prince in Cake Frosting
*Tiana & Prince Naveen in Sugared Berry
*Aurora & Prince Philip in Lemon Cake (love it!)



Finally, there was the 6-piece princess Shimmers set which was redesigned to match the prince 6-piece set. The flavors are the same as the party pack. I hope that wasn’t too confusing! Was everyone able to get everything?

Lip Smacker - Princess Shimmers

Lip Smacker – Princess Shimmers

New Disney/Pixar Sun Smackers are finally available at Toys r Us and on the virtual Bonne Bell store! The collection is much bigger than I thought it would be 🙂

The Little Mermaid - Watermelon Wave, Strawberry Kiss, Calypso Berry Beat

The Little Mermaid – Watermelon Wave, Strawberry Kiss, Calypso Berry Beat










Pixar's Cars - Tow-tally Orange, Revved  Up Raspberry, Vroom Vroom Vanilla

Pixar’s Cars – Tow-tally Orange, Revved Up Raspberry, Vroom Vroom Vanilla










Mickey and Friends - Berry Goal, Tropical Touchdown, Home Run Star Fruit

Mickey and Friends – Berry Goal, Tropical Touchdown, Home Run Starfruit










Mickey - Classic Vanilla

Mickey – Classic Vanilla










What flavors are you most looking forward to? I can’t wait to see Tow-tally Orange and Home Run Starfruit. I know a lot of fans will be excited for Starfruit’s long overdue return!