This Christmas set should shake things up–





The So Chic lip collection comes with 3 redone flavors & 2 Luscious smackers (repeats in Pomegranate Fizz & and Raspberry Sparkler).


French Vanilla, Glaze, and Strawberry Macaroon



The Luscious choices don’t work with the flavor theme but it’s an OK sacrifice for the A+ packaging. Saaassy + shamelessly neon = can’t get enough.


Available mid-October.

54 Thoughts on “Chic-mas

  1. Heather T. on October 2, 2014 at 4:30 PM said:

    I’m with you on the black and neon smackers. I’ll always buy them just because they’re so darn nice to look at. But it helps that I’m a huge French Vanilla fan.

  2. Love the black tubes and theme and love that they finally did a macaron flavor! People always get macaron and macaroon confused. Surprised at the spelling they gave it but the flavor is delicious, none-the-less! Let’s hope they got the memo on making a Pistachio Macaron soon!

  3. Yes! I am so excited about this. As much as I love the French Vanilla Lip Smacker from the Sundae Collection, I haven’t been using it for fear of using it up. Now I can wear it with reckless abandon 🙂

  4. this is what i’m talking about!!

  5. Celeste on March 21, 2015 at 11:56 PM said:

    They had this set of the French Vanilla and the Macaroon flavor at my Walgreen’s for half off-only $2.50 because it was holiday item. I happily picked it up! I already had a french vanilla, but thought another one would be good so I wouldn’t run out. I thought the macaroon was going to be a strawberry coconut flavor (macaroons are made with coconut), but it smells just like the french macaron (made of almond powder). Love it! The black and neon packaging is so cute! I hope they come up with a macaron theme smacker set. They could do so much with that and I would buy it. I love macarons! ????

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