Bonne Bell is spoiling us fans with lots and lots of limited edition Disney store smackers! In addition to Pooh’s Honey Dip Donut & Minnie’s Spun Sugar Shine, BB also made an adorable Mickey & Friends trio 😀 You get a Minnie, Mickey, and Goofy themed smacker.

Lip Smacker - Mickey & Friends Trio

Lip Smacker - Mickey & Friends Trio

I just love the packaging, they did such a good job. Minnie’s has such pretty colors and I love the purple/yellow on Goofy’s 🙂 They’re all standard flavors, but the amazing pairing between Bonne Bell & Disney makes it a must have for any die-hard smacker collector.

From left to right:

*Minnie Mouse – Cotton Candy
*Mickey Mouse – Strawberry
*Goofy – Wild Raspberry



The trios retail for $7.95 and I know for sure that you can find them at Disney World in Orlando, FL. There’s also a second trio which is, amazingly enough, even cuter, so stay tuned!

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