christmas-4-packThe Holiday stuff I ordered from the webstore arrived today!

I think I’ve mentioned before how much I love the new carton packaging. It’s perfect because you can open the smackers without ruining the cute art.

Overall the presentation is just higher quality. I’d love to see everything smacker-related get this treatment 😀

The 4-pack snowman pictured on left is called the Cookie Lover’s collection, and it comes with Buttercream Frosting, Sprinkle Cookie, White Chocolate, and Snowball Cookie.


I think everyone has been looking forward to White Chocolate– it’s a shimmery low-key vanilla cream with just a hint of chocolate. It’s a bit different than I expected but I like that it is mild enough to wear a lot without it being too sickly-sweet. What do you guys think?

Snowball Cookie is the other shimmer balm and it reminds me of a vanilla cookie. But there’s another flavor in there that I can’t quite place. Any ideas?

Everyone is already familiar with Sprinkle Cookie & Buttercream Frosting so I won’t go into those, but I am glad they brought b.cream back.


There’s also Sugar Plum, Ribbon Candy, and Candy Cane which came in the regular packaging.

sugar-plum-ribbon-candyI think Ribbon Candy is the highlight of this trio with its super sweet raspberry candy flavor. Sugar Plum leans more toward the floral formula that we’re familiar with from past versions, while Candy Cane is the softer mint flavor. I wish Candy Cane was just a bit stronger.

I’m hoping that Cherry Chocolate, Candied Cranberry, Pomegranate Punch, Gumdrop, and Peppermint Cream will be available soon. Maybe those are a store exclusive?

I’ll cover the new Disney stuff in another post this week!


30 Thoughts on “I’m dreaming of a White Chocolate…

  1. Bonne_fan on October 9, 2013 at 12:09 AM said:

    i got them today. i like them alot especially ribbon candy like you said. i wish candy cane were more..cane lol.

  2. they all look very good. im starting to look forward to the yearly sprinkle cookie lol. its growing on me

  3. Oh wow, I didn’t know White Chocolate and Snowball Cookie were shimmers. I still want them and I agree the packaging is super cute!

  4. oh i just love the snowmen package

  5. Franny on October 11, 2013 at 5:10 AM said:

    I have been waiting for a White Chocolate for years. It is my favorite Hershey’s candy bar and I cannot wait to walk around smelling that all day! They never stop amazing me…. 🙂

  6. Do don’t think the holiday stuff is out in stores yet it typically doesn’t come out til after Halloween…I just don’t wanna pay shipping and stuff when I can go to the store and get it. Where are you from? I’m in NY

    • Surprisingly they are in stores already, so you’ll probably see something soon 😀 I know a friend has seen some trios with matching key chain toppers.

  7. I’m probably a little late on this, but wanted to let you know that Target has a set available with Sugar Plum, Ribbon Candy, Candy Cane AND Chocolate Cherry! Just got mine yesterday. I was super excited to see the Chocolate Cherry included as I have not seen it in any other sets or, well actually, ANYWHERE until now. I think this must be a target exclusive. Makes me think I better watch Target more closely because, come to think of it, that is where I also found my Caramel Apple smacker a month or so back. There was another variation of this 4 pack and while I don’t remember which 4 were in it, they were nothing new so I only picked up the one with Chocolate Cherry.

    • I really appreciate you posting this, people do read the comments on older posts for this kind of info 🙂

      You’re right, it seems like Target is definitely confirmed as a go-to place this season. Hopefully the same will apply when the vintage trio (with Black Cherry) comes out.

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