Miniaturized anything is too cute for words,  so when I saw the cupcake shaped potted glosses I just had to have them!

Has anyone else seen these? I know for sure that at least some Target stores are selling them.


They match their Cupcake Lovers counterparts & weigh in 0.35 oz 🙂



Yummy Strawberry Sprinkle






Birthday Cake!






And my favorite, Berry Buttercream. Great scent and colors.

296 Thoughts on “Mini Sweet Treats

  1. Cute! Are these a set, or sold seperetlly?

  2. I saw these at target! I typically don’t buy them though cuz I don’t like applying with my fingers.

  3. Cute. I haven’t seen these yet. I’m not big on lip balm/gloss in a tin, but these are pretty cute :). Berry Buttercream is my favorite too out of all the cupcake flavors.

  4. those are super cute!
    i can’t wait for there arrival near my area!

  5. Sparkina on December 20, 2013 at 2:57 PM said:

    There is something so glamorous about applying lip gloss from a canister. In the ’80s, there used to be Lip Smackers in heart-shaped canisters with bears on them. They came in Raspberry, Strawberry, and Root Beer. I wore the Raspberry one to my Sweet 16

  6. Abby gay on December 29, 2013 at 9:45 PM said:

    I love your blog and your lip smacker collection. I have a pretty awesome collection myself. Id love to show u…

  7. Could you say where you buy all of these balms?

  8. Amazing tins, love it so much!!! And u can also get them at CVS, Rite Aid, and also Walgreens. I saw them a couple of weeks ago, might still be there. I got mine at my local Walgreens a month ago.

  9. So cute, amazing!!! U can also get them at Walgreens, Rite aid, or even CVS. I saw there a couple weeks ago, might still be there. I got mine at Walgreens a month ago. I love it!!!!

  10. Sorry sent two replays like exactly the same!!! Lol

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