For the completionists out there, all of the Barbie Lip Smackers are pretty hard to track down…

There’s the set of 5 Barbie smackers from 2008 that are still easy to find online (not so much in stores though)…

Lip Smacker - Barbie

Lip Smacker – Barbie #1







Lip Smacker - Barbie #2

Lip Smacker – Barbie #2







From left to right:

*Barbie Berry
*Barbie Sugar
*Barbie Pink
*Barbie Sweet
*Barbie Treat

…the very elusive Barbie Biggy from Holiday in Frosty Sweet

Lip Smacker - Barbie Biggy - Frosty Sweet #1

Lip Smacker – Barbie Biggy – Frosty Sweet #1





Lip Smacker - Barbie Biggy - Frosty Sweet #2

Lip Smacker – Barbie Biggy – Frosty Sweet #2





…the Sugar Celebration Lip Smacker from the Frosty Wishes Holiday Collection

Lip Smacker - Barbie Sugar Celebration

Lip Smacker – Barbie Sugar Celebration








…and of course, the individual flavors that came with the actual Barbie & Teresa Birthday dolls in 2007. Everything smells vaguely minty to me, except for Berry and Sugar Celebration, which remind me of yogurt 🙂 My favorite is the biggy, it’s too cute.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there were several that I missed, so please leave a comment if you know of any!


It has been a good year for Bonne Bell (and in turn, us!). They’ve released a lot of popular sets, the most popular of which is probably the Girl Scout Cookies Lip Smackers. There’s a total of 5 flavored lip balms, and they are a great supplement to those of us who miss the unique flavors of the 90’s.

Lip Smacker - Girl Scout Cookies

Lip Smacker - Girl Scout Cookies

I’ve seen them sold in every way imaginable: party packs, singles, duos (with a liquid lip gloss), trios, pencil bags, and cute sets with a potted tin gloss. Lots of choice for the Girl Scout cookie fans 🙂 They’re widely available everywhere, so check the usual places if you’ve somehow missed this fantastic set!




From left to right:

*Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie
*Coconut Caramel Stripes
*Peanut Butter
*Thin Mints

Bonne Bell released the four Brights Duos earlier this year; they have a cute fireworks design with carnival themed scents, making it perfect for the upcoming 4th of July. The balms have the neat transparency that I love (like the Jell-o Lip Smackers) with clear caps, and each one comes paired with a matching mini nail polish that smells like candy when it dries 🙂 The nail polish is surprisingly good too!

Lip Smacker - Brights Duo

Lip Smacker - Brights Duo

From left to right:

*Kaleidoscope Collection – Confetti Lip Smacker
*Carnival Collection – Funnel Cake Lip Smacker
*Ferris Wheel Collection – Snow Cone Lip Smacker
*Fireworks Collection – Lollipop Lip Smacker


The scents smell exactly like their namesake, though I suppose Confetti is up for interpretation 🙂 My favorite is probably Lollipop or Snow Cone. I’m sad there wasn’t a party pack!

Lip Smackers - Valentines 2012

Lip Smacker - Valentine's 2012

Did you realize that BB released Valentine’s Day Lip Smackers again this year? Personally, I had a lot of trouble finding them, and the usual places online were lacking them too.





From left to right:

*2 Cute Cotton Candy
*Wild About U Raspberry
*Pink Lemonade Kisses
*I Love You Strawberry
*B Mine Bubble Gum
*Cherry Hearts

They follow the same theme and style as last year’s, making a super cute matching set of 12 🙂  It looks like they only rolled out in certain locations, so I’m not really sure about what other Valentine’s stuff they released, if any. I do know there’s a key chain that came with the 3-pack tube. Anything else?

Lip Smacker - Valentine's 2012 Key Chain

Lip Smacker - Valentine's 2012 Key Chain

The 2011 Valentine’s Day Lip Smackers are your standard flavors repackaged with a holiday themed design and names. I love it when they do best friend smackers, like their 90’s BFF Forever set which you might remember. They just reminds me of the best friend broken-heart necklaces we had as kids, and wondering who would be lucky enough to receive the other half 😀

Lip Smackers - Valentines 2011

Lip Smacker - Valentine's 2011


This set is a must have for Lip Smacker collectors, but casual users should know they can find these flavors in the Originals line. Strawberry seemed to be the popular flavor this time around.




From left to right:

*Cotton Candy Cutie
*Bubble Gum Goodie
*B Mine Raspberry
*Strawberry Kiwi Kiss
*Strawberry Vanilla 4-Ever
*Sweetest Strawberry

BB also released a 6-piece Valentine’s set in 2012, which I will talk about in my next post.