lip-smacker-pretzelThe newest novelty arrivals, Buttered Popcorn, Red Licorice, Salted Pretzel, and Cherry Snow Cone, bring back a couple of old favorites and some new.

It’s a fun set, with Salted Pretzel being the most ambitious of the bunch. Unfortunately it misses the mark– it’s hard to describe exactly what it smells like, but it’s not good. Maybe a vaguely burnt scent? I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure this one out and I’m still not sure!


Buttered Popcorn is a throwback that everyone looks forward to (it was a 90’s staple after all) and this version is an OK redo of the classic smacker. However this one is very heavy on the butter and light on the popcorn which some people won’t like.

Red Licorice and Cherry Snow Cone both fall under the Cherry family tree, with neither of them being uniquely Smacker flavors. I was hoping for an in-your-face licorice formula but it’s actually a very light cherry Twizzler scent. Cherry Snow Cone is a sweeter version of the regular Cherry smacker, so if you like that you will love this.

So far these are the weakest of the novelty flavors, but at least their adorableness remains intact!


32 Thoughts on “Summer snacks

  1. Katera on June 30, 2014 at 10:03 PM said:

    These flavors sound interesting, but even if they’re not amazing tasting, i’ll buy them as a collector. They are bringing back many older flavors but reinventing them which is fun to try so i’ll give it a go.

  2. I couldn’t agree more! I’ve been waiting since last Halloween when they teased us on Facebook about Red Licorice, and to me it reminds me of the original Cherry Smacker. Reminds me of red licorice flavored jelly beans. They could of made this SO MUCH BETTER! I have a red licorice lip gloss from both Bath & Body Works and philosophy from 4 or so years back that is literally a strawberry Twizzler in a tube. HOW DID THEY NOT CAPTURE THAT? Correct me if I’m wrong but the picture on the tube looks just like regular Twizzlers. Cherry Twizzlers don’t look like that, they’re the flat, short ones- I digress. Either way, waiting for this for almost 9 months, it’s rather disappointing. It’s not completely horrible, but with technology today, it could of been SO much truer. They need to hire their old chemist back, SERIOUSLY. The first year where they’re releasing SO MANY good flavors and they are doing terrible at getting them accurate.

    You are right about the others as well; Buttered Popcorn smells like butter, and very light on the popcorn, not like the original. Cherry Snow Cone has a weird undertone, it reminds me of the cherry Chapstick scent on steroids. I would’ve loved a more sour scent. This is border lining a cherry cough drop flavor. I really expected more from Salted Pretzel, I smell the bread undertone after it sits on the lips for a minute, but the first whiff smells a little weird. If they can make bread scented candles that are more than accurate, pretzel hand sanitizer, how did they not get this down? Pretzels have a very distinct smell and this is not it.

    They really need to wake up from this. Their new flavor supplier is terrible and is ruining EVERYTHING. Seriously, how can you ruin the Dr Pepper Smacker that’s been around for 35+ years?!?

  3. Sarah Kate on July 1, 2014 at 2:35 PM said:

    Funny, I just placed an order last night. Must have been right before you posted this review! Oh well, I think I would have ordered the same anyhow… The pretzel flavor has piqued my interest! I haven’t been able to eat for years, but pretzels used to be my favorite snack! I am really hoping that I will love the Lip Smacker.

  4. Tanya on July 2, 2014 at 1:55 PM said:

    I got the Salted Pretzel Lip Smacker the other day and my friend said it smelled more like Salted Peanuts. I think she’s right 🙁 I haven’t got Buttered Popcorn yet, but I’m kind of excited about it smelling like butter. I’m weird, I know 🙂

  5. alicia donovan on July 2, 2014 at 9:38 PM said:

    i agree, something is way way way off with the pretzel smacker……im really loving buttered popcorn tanya so i think you will like it if you want that buttery smell. its good and unique

  6. Heather on July 7, 2014 at 4:13 PM said:

    i got mine today they are iffy but i do like popcorn

  7. jbax on July 23, 2014 at 1:55 PM said:

    I haven’t been able to find these flavors in the Albany, NY area. I’m an avid collector so if u know where I can order them (not the lipsmacker site, because they sell them individually not as the packaged item on your page) let me know.

  8. I absolutely LOVE all of these! Buttered Popcorn reminds me of when I was younger and I adore Cherry Snow cone. I dont see why no one likes the Salted Pretzel? I can smell the bread scent….And I agree, the Licorice couldve been more strong but I like it just the same..

  9. Celeste on April 2, 2015 at 11:51 PM said:

    I already have the popcorn and sno cone, but I ordered the pretzel and licorice. They are too cute not to have, and I’m a collector. Sno cone is awesome! Popcorn is buttery and I like it too.

  10. Renee on April 3, 2015 at 8:29 AM said:

    Do you have berry slush too? I really like that one myself. It reminds me of this one berry flavor that was in the 2009 Christmas collection. I can’t compare the two because I already used it up and threw it away, but I think they smell similar.

    • Wow, good memory Renee, you’re right it’s just like Berry Fun! The main difference between them is Berry Fun is purple wax and Sven Berry Slush is blue otherwise pretty much the same flavor/smell

  11. Maria on April 19, 2015 at 7:22 AM said:

    Berry Slush smells like the Sven Frozen Smacker. Its still good all the same.

    • It’s the same flavor. Just like how the red licorice novelty Lip Smacker is just like the Maleficent one in the Disney Villans collection.
      I thought it was interesting that they came out with TWO popcorn flavors rather than just one. I’m not complaining though. I love both kettle corn and buttered popcorn.

  12. Maria on July 14, 2016 at 8:07 AM said:

    Wasnt there a movie time trio with Buttered Popcorn, Red Licorice and Berry Slush??? Im on the hunt for that trio. If anyone has it to trade or sell or even sees it on Ebay PLEASE let me know!

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