I have some cool news! Last summer I posted a preview of what the new retro Dr Pepper biggy Lip Smacker might look like and it turned out to be pretty accurate–

Dr Pepper 2013 Retro Lip Smacker





It should be available in Target veeeeery soon

Dr Pepper Retro Smacker




Here it is next to the other recent Dr Pepper biggy


(sorry for the bad pictures, it’s a super shiny tube and it was really hard to photograph!)


Pretty sure I have this logo on a t-shirt somewhere, ha 😀

vintage-dr-pepper-logo-t-shirt-galleryI won’t comment on the formula since we all know it is perfection, so I’ll just say I’m liking the design a lot especially the darker red color and worn look.

The retro styles BB have done this year are FUN & I’m happy they decided to go through with this one!

21 Thoughts on “The Dr Is In!

  1. Great Ive been waiting for this. Was worried they decided not to do it. Thanks bunny!

  2. what a cute design, ill check my target in a couple of weeks since it takes awhile to get anything new.i think i have that shirt too lol 🙂

  3. woohoo i always get dr pepper anything of theirs!

  4. I wish they made this without the shine tube.

  5. Their Doctor Pepper is HANDS DOWN the best gloss ever made.

  6. Lil'Princess on September 15, 2013 at 12:58 PM said:

    i didn’t know they still made the big ones, now im going to order a bunch……i had them growing up.

  7. oh theres dr pepper, i was wondering what the deal was. thx!

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