Yeees, Green Apple is finally showing up in new Skittles sets 😀 If you’re an Apple/tropical smacker fan this is everything… unique scent & strong formula. I’m 99% sure this flavor was on my wish-list in an early blog post, so yay!


(hmm, I should bring out my vintage Green Apple for a celebratory picture session…)

Also, I totally forgot Blackberry Cream in the holiday posts. Oops!



This comes in the ‘Cupcake Crazy’ trio set, along with Sugar Plum Frosting and Angel Food Cake. Reader Renee mentioned it smells similar to Wild Raspberry, which I agree with. It does lean slightly more toward a raspberry sherbet scent though.

Lip Smacker - Skittles Party Pack

Lip Smacker - Skittles Party Pack

Skittles have been a staple of the smacker line for quite some time now, and they’re almost always available with the standard flavors at Target, Walmart, etc. Though they’re not one of my favorites sets (I’m more of a Starburst fan), it’s a really cute pairing that I like a lot.

Super cute packaging 🙂


From left to right:

*Tropical – Strawberry Starfruit
*Tropical – Banana Berry
*Tropical Strawberry Watermelon
*Tropical – Mango Tangelo
*Original – Lime
*Original – Strawberry
*Wild Berry – Raspberry
*Wild Berry – Berry Punch

BB likes to rotate Skittles flavors in and out, so there’s a few more than the usual party pack. Other flavors include: Fresh Mint Freeze, Mango Peach, Lemon, & Wild Berry Strawberry.