Lots of rarer smackers are popping up on eBay, a few that I’ve seen are:

Lip Shox, Lip Squeezy, Rolly, Juicees, Vanilla Creams, Ice Creamies (liquid and balm), some older SPFs, Cosmics (search keyword “Twinkle Shine”), Flip glosses, Travel minis & more.

And the LS website has some new Minnie redo’s and a Pink Lemonade biggy which are sold out but, yay for hopefully seeing more of Pink Lemonade soon!

I’ve noticed a lot of us like to sell or trade smackers in the blog comments, so I created a more organized classifieds section which can be found in the above menu by clicking Smacker Swap.

There’s a for sale/trade section as well as a wishlist section! No fees & your email address is hidden. I do not moderate transactions–this is just a nice way to connect fans. Feel free to use it!

Click here to go to the classifieds


Hi readers!

One lucky winner is going to have an extra hop in their step this Easter weekend! Bonne Bell (or should I say, Bunny Bell) has generously put together an amazing basket worth over $100 USD.

For a chance to win this amazing gift basket… tell me, what’s your favorite Lip Smacker flavor?

Make sure to leave a comment and enter the raffle form below!


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Contest starts April 3rd and ends April 5th at 12 AM EST. US & CA residents only. One entry per person. Please use a valid email address–the winner will receive notification via email and will have 24 hours to respond. Good luck!

I’ve procrastinated posting about the spring smackers–there’s so many! This will not be an in-depth review because the sheer quantity is too much to be able to review fairly. There’s the regular Easter collection, Disney Princesses, Mickey and friends…

There are some good flavors here, I DO like Strawberry cream Frosting, Orange Creme, & Buttercream Chick.

That’s all there is to say about that. Truth is I’m mostly waiting impatiently to see what happens with the upcoming closure & webstore changes.