Lip Smacker - Easter Jellybean Starbursts

Lip Smacker - Easter Jellybean Starbursts

Bonne Bell released 8 Jellybean Starburst Lip Smackers for the holidays, but I haven’t seen much about them. There’s a re-released set of 4 originals with slightly altered packaging, and 4 new Tropical Jellybeans.



From left to right:
*Originals – Strawberry
*Originals – Orange
*Originals – Grape
*Originals – Cherry
*Tropical – Strawberry Banana
*Tropical – Tropical Punch
*Tropical – Kiwi Strawberry
*Tropical – Mango Melon

They all smell great like their other Starburst smackers, my favorites this time around are probably Strawberry Banana and Tropical Punch, yum yum 🙂

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  2. i luv these send me sum

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