Hmm what are these~


Ooo…two new Fanta smackers in Lemon & Tropical!  😎  These are pretty cute; Tropical is a citrus fruit mix, while Lemon uses the sugary sweet formula we’ve come to know.

These seem to be available overseas only. I ordered mine from Claires UK.

calippo-lip-smackers1I think I’m a big fan of the Wall’s collections just because the partnership is so unique (who ever thought we’d see ‘Calippo’ smackers? 😀 ) so I’m glad that the smackers themselves are so fun.

They seem to be pretty popular too so it doesn’t surprise me that BB made more. This EU exclusive trio comes in Strawberry Tropical, Orange, and Lemon Lime.

The flavors seem to be slightly enhanced versions of their current counterparts: Lemon Lime is more lemon-y than Sprite, Strawberry Tropical is more strawberry-y than Tropical Punch, and Orange has a stronger citrus scent than Orange Juice.

The balms are smooth and the quality is comparable to the other Wall’s balms. Overall–worth a buy if you loved the Wall’s party pack. If not, pass.

Available for 3,99 € each on

A pretty rainbow~




Also, this new packaging is great (courtesy of Top Shop UK):

Courtesy of Top Shop UKcotton-candy-lip-smacker

mango-lip-smacker (1)


chupachups-spicegirlsedit: I have confirmation that this partnership is happening overseas!

My only memory of Chupa Chups lollipops are begging my mom for the Spice Girls version that I absolutely had-to-have (and totally did get), so it’s exciting to see that they might be teaming up with our other 90’s favorite: Lip Smackers!

Now I don’t know how reliable this info is, but here’s what I found on a licensing website called LicenseMag:

Perfetti Van Melle and Aspire Brands are bringing together their brands Chupa Chups and Lip Smacker for a range of tasty lip glosses and beauty products.

The collection of flavored lip glosses was developed from the true essence and aroma of Chupa Chups lollipops flavors, and will be available soon in Europe, Australia, Asia and South Africa.

Additional branded cosmetics and accessories will be added to the range shortly

It looks like at the very least there is some concept art done-




The flavors look like Vanilla, Strawberry, Orange, Apple, Raspberry, ChocoVanilla, and Cherry.

It’d be cool if they eventually did some of the more unique flavors like Blackberry and Melon Soda.

What do you guys think of this pairing? Yay or nay?