The 2011 Valentine’s Day Lip Smackers are your standard flavors repackaged with a holiday themed design and names. I love it when they do best friend smackers, like their 90’s BFF Forever set which you might remember. They just reminds me of the best friend broken-heart necklaces we had as kids, and wondering who would be lucky enough to receive the other half 😀

Lip Smackers - Valentines 2011

Lip Smacker - Valentine's 2011


This set is a must have for Lip Smacker collectors, but casual users should know they can find these flavors in the Originals line. Strawberry seemed to be the popular flavor this time around.




From left to right:

*Cotton Candy Cutie
*Bubble Gum Goodie
*B Mine Raspberry
*Strawberry Kiwi Kiss
*Strawberry Vanilla 4-Ever
*Sweetest Strawberry

BB also released a 6-piece Valentine’s set in 2012, which I will talk about in my next post.