Lip Smacker - Vanilla Creams

Lip Smacker - Vanilla Creams

2004 was a fun year for Lip Smackers – they released the delicious Vanilla Creams party pack and Swirl Glosses, both of which had really cool transparent tubes and swirly, multi-colored balms. I really hope Bonne Bell brings this style back in the future; fruit + cream is a great combination and they smell crazy good!


From left to right:

*Strawberries ‘n Cream
*Whipped Cream
*Watermelon ‘n Cream
*Cookies ‘n Cream
*Raspberry ‘n Cream
*Bubblegum Vanilla
*Berries ‘n Cream
*Cherry Vanilla

Look how pretty! :)

Look how pretty! 🙂

Berries and Raspberry are probably my favorite, but it’s really hard to pick. What’s your favorite smacker from this set?