Long overdue but here they are, the 2015 Valentines smackers! I had to order online once I realized the chance of them being found locally went from unlikely to impossible.



Vanilla & Mine, 2 Sweet Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum XOXO.

I like the art on these more than last year’s though I still stand by 2013 being the cutest yet.

Yeees, Green Apple is finally showing up in new Skittles sets ūüėĬ†If you’re an Apple/tropical smacker fan this is everything… unique scent & strong formula. I’m 99% sure this¬†flavor was¬†on my wish-list in an early blog post, so yay!


(hmm, I should¬†bring out my vintage Green Apple for a celebratory¬†picture session…)

Also, I totally forgot Blackberry Cream in the holiday posts. Oops!



This comes in the ‘Cupcake Crazy’ trio set, along with Sugar Plum Frosting and Angel Food Cake. Reader Renee mentioned it smells¬†similar to Wild Raspberry, which¬†I agree with.¬†It¬†does lean slightly more toward a raspberry sherbet scent though.

This Christmas set should shake things up–





The So Chic lip collection comes with 3 redone flavors & 2 Luscious smackers (repeats in Pomegranate Fizz & and Raspberry Sparkler).


French Vanilla, Glaze, and Strawberry Macaroon



The Luscious choices don’t work with the¬†flavor theme but¬†it’s an OK sacrifice for the A+ packaging. Saaassy¬†+ shamelessly neon = can’t get enough.


Available mid-October.


Minnie Mouse looks bashfully cute¬†in the new Minnie Mouse Cosmetic Collection, which features¬†3 smackers in Snowball Cookie, Bubble Gum, and Cranberry Jelly, alongside a re-appearance of the Cupcake glitter gloss & ‘Bubble Pink’ nail polish.¬†



I was a bit surprised at the flavors chosen since the design doesn’t seem to scream the holidays, and¬†Bubble Gum is sort of the odd flavor out isn’t it?¬†But it works, and I’m happy to say Cranberry Jelly is the star of the trio.

Cranberry-anything is a good one in my book ūüôā



A Gumdrop Pop and Peppermint Candy duo also pops up in a similarly designed set called Marvelous Minnie-



And Disney Princess fans will be pleased to see the Amazing Aurora 4-pack… it even manages to sneak in the fairy godmothers and another Maleficent smacker ūüėÄ



From left to right: Dream Pop, Strawberry Shortcake, Vanilla Cake, and Fruit Tart.

I love¬†Fruit Tart,¬†it proves¬†how trend-aware BB’s flavor releases are. A lovely set, though you’re not hallucinating if some of the art seems familiar.


There are a lot more holiday goodies coming up this week, so check back to stay in the flavor¬†loop. Also, if you don’t see these for sale locally don’t fret! They’re not supposed to hit stores until mid-October.

I’ve been wanting to post a few older Holiday sets, starting with a very early 90’s collection featuring the original Cherry, Pina Colada, Blueberry, and Bubble Gum.


This little reindeer stocking was sold with many different flavors (e.g. Grape, Watermelon, Luscious Lemon etc.), letting you choose which set you liked the most. I suppose having fewer flavors in general meant they did things a bit different back then ūüėõ

Cute little Christmas-y string:


‘How to Wear’ on the back made me smile. We totally need to bring back the ponytail-smacker: